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How to Market Private School in Singapore

According to a report by the Department of Statistics and Spring Singapore in 2013, there are 6,182 private learning facilities in the country. They contributed 0.8% to the country’s annual GDP, and they were estimated to be worth 2.7 billion Singapore dollars in 2013. By 2025, the state is projected to have more than 7.2 million international students owing to the high demand for international diploma and degree courses.

The recent increase in the number of private learning facilities has resulted in stiff competition. There is a need for not only the new but also the established institutions to have a robust marketing plan. Here are tips on how to market a private learning institution in Singapore.

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Information Management

As a private education institution, your primary product is the courses that you offer to the students. It is imperative to provide the potential students all the necessary information such as the mode of delivery, curriculum, module outline, course intake, fees and the list continues. Provide enough information at each stage of the student research and decision-making process.

Build Trust and Demonstrate Authority

The importance of displaying your business as an authority and building trust is one of the primary reasons why content marketing has taken off in a big way in Singapore. The change in consumer behaviors has made it mandatory for private learning institution to come up with new marketing strategies.

The primary objective of an education system is to convey knowledge to the students and empowering them with education. Educating them through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter that have millions of active Singapore users as well as through useful blog articles will make you more trustworthy to them.

A recent research done on LinkedIn showed that 72% of higher education student develop a short list of potential learning institutions that they would love to join in contacting the school representative. If you want to reach out to a large pool of students, you have to make it to the top of search engines and be proactive online. MediaOne offers quality digital marketing services to new and existing private learning institutions in Singapore. Some of our clients include Comat, MDIS, BMC, Marshall Cavendish, Stansfield, Barclyne, ThePhysicsCafe, etc. We are probably the best SEO for the education sector with our vast experience. Call (65) 6789 9852 to speak to one of our SEM & SEO consultants today.


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