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How to Market Printing and Publishing Services in Singapore



With more than 927 printing and publishing businesses in the country, it is evident why Singapore is considered the printing hub in Asia. All the establishments combined pump in more than SGD 1,196 million to the economy per year. Quality, reliability, solid intellectual property protection, easy access to major markets and efficiency are some of the primary factors that support this industry. It is also important to note that renowned international publishing firms have their main offices in the country.

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Here are smart tips for marketing printing and publishing services in Singapore.

Understand the Target Customers Persona

Jot down the target customers characteristics, printing preferences and needs. This information will provide ideas on how to come up with ideal products and publishing packages as well as the best marketing campaigns. The more you understand your target audience, the easier it will be for your brand to set camp in Jurong East and other cities around the country.

Product Packaging

Word of mouth is no doubt one of the most robust marketing strategies, but you cannot buy it. You have to deliver nothing but top-notch products to your customers. Quality packaging will motivate the customers to refer you to other potential customers thereby promoting your print and publishing business for free. For instance, come up with a unique and professional packaging for mini business cards and present it to potential customers such as company executives.

Attend Industry Conferences

Surround yourself with industry leaders by participating in conferences and trade fairs. In the process, you will learn new technology, skills, and best practices that you can incorporate in your publishing business to win over more customers. The conferences will also give you a rare opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs in the printing industry whom you might partner with in future. Join Print & Media Association, Singapore to network with executives of other print companies. Visit get insights about the various upcoming conferences and trade shows relevant to these industries that are scheduled to be held in the country as well as abroad.

Finally, make maximum use of search engine marketing and search engine optimization services for printing companies. MediaOne specializes in helping local and international business market their print and publishing services using advanced SEO and SEM strategies. This agency has helped a client: get 1st page ranking on Google – enabling it to receive up to 50 enquiries per day without requiring to spend a cent on advertising.

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