How to Market Online Phone Repair Services in Singapore

How to market Online phone repair services singapore

Singapore is among the countries with a smartphone penetration rate that exceeds 100%. Forecasts reveal that by 2021, smartphone subscription will exceed 130%. In this light, the phone repair services industry is one of the booming businesses in the island-state and entrepreneurs are looking for alternative and innovative ways to market their phone repair services businesses.

Here are the best marketing strategies for your phone repair services in Singapore.

Online Business Directories

With the high smartphone penetration rate, Singapore also leads the world in internet connectivity with mobile data subscriptions exceeding 140%. Many of the residents find it easier to search for a business online. Sign up for the various online business directories to increase your chances of clients finding your business. Search engines will also give your phone repair services business more visibility by ranking higher on search engines results pages (SERPs).

Consider directories such as Yelu, Yellow Pages, ThunderQuote, Kompass, Google Places, et al.

Use Bulletin Boards

You will be amazed by the number of business prospects you can get by putting up posters, fliers, and business cards on bulletin boards in high traffic areas. Many of the new phone repair services entrepreneurs put a lot of effort on digital marketing at the expense of proven traditional marketing strategies. Places like libraries, local government building, restaurants, et. al. have high traffic every day. Placing posters and billboards around these areas will increase your local visibility to your potential clients.

Customer Testimonials

There is already high competition in the phone repair services industry, and one of the ways you can ensure that clients come to you is using your happy clients to attract new clients. Post their testimonials on your blog, and website. Upload photos of repaired phones on your social media platforms and encourage the clients to share the posts on their social media profiles. Behind the scene footage can also help you to connect with potential customers better.

In conclusion, you must consistently participate in professional business clubs to network with other entrepreneurs. Sites such as can help you identify networking events in your region. They will be the source of referrals for your phone repair services business. Try to keep your marketing campaigns simple and cheap, being too complex is a counterproductive measure that could push away your customers.

Merge these marketing strategies with quality digital marketing services like blogging, e-mail marketing and SEO to increase the number of people who view your campaigns. MediaOne helps phone repair business to reap maximum profits by offering SEO and digital marketing services. Call (65) 6789 9852 to speak to one of our team of experts.




What are the online marketing suitable for Mobile Phone Repair Services

– Online Business Directories
– Use Bulletin Boards
– Customer Testimonials
– Digital Marketing: SEO, SEM, Social Media Ads

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