How Do I Market My Personal Fitness Training Services in Singapore


Singapore evolving urban lifestyle forces most of the citizens to adopt unhealthy lifestyles. The realization that most of the prevalent diseases such as high blood pressure and excess body weight are as a result of unhealthy lifestyles has led to a sharp increase in demand for personal fitness training services.

If you a professional and certified physical fitness trainer, you can start offering your services in the country. Some of the prominent professionals in this niche charge up to S$150 per hour. Here is a brief guide on how to market your personal fitness training services in Singapore.

Offer Online Training Courses

Busy schedules leave most Singaporeans with little time to go to a gym. Offering online training courses that the customers can download and use to workout at home will help you save money that you would have spent renting a facility and purchasing training equipment.

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Live Videos on Social Media Platforms

There are more than two million active Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat users in the country. A live video showing how various exercises should be done will help you to connect with the customers better. With the high-speed internet connection in all parts of the country, rest assured that your video will reach thousands of potential clients.

Have a Personal Blog and Website

Post informative articles about various physical fitness programs on your blog to educate the target audience about the need to stay fit and health. On the other hand use your website to highlight your skills, expertise, and physical fitness programs that you offer.

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