How to Market Painting Services in Singapore

How to Market Painting Services in Singapore

Homes, businesses and apartment owners regularly seek the services of an experienced painter once in a while. These services are more in demand than ever considering the booming real estate industry. There are so many factors to consider as you market painting services in Singapore.

If you are just starting out or are already in the business, you must know how to stand out. You could do this by polishing your skills and offering the best services. The problem is, hundreds pf other painters are probably doing the same. How you market your business will differentiate your company from others.

There are many good painters out there but they fail to land clients because they suck at marketing. As you market your service to prospective clients, consider the following factors.

  • Define your specialty

When you’ve already set up your painting company, you can’t just start marketing like everyone in the industry. You have to make a thorough analysis of the market in order to find out which methods really work. What exactly do you offer your clients?

There are painting companies that only work with business premises. Others only paint new homes. Some only do apartments. Some larger companies do all of the above. When you are starting out, you can focus on a specific niche to make it easier for you to grow.

  • Dealing with competitors

If you don’t run your business in a smart way, you will definitely end up with only a small number of clients.

Before you start marketing, look at what other painting companies are doing. Study how they run their business and find out which marketing techniques they use to land clients. When you have all these information with you can start developing your own strategies.

Ask yourself what you can do that your competitors aren’t doing. Something that will make a potential customer choose you over them. During pricing, look at their rates in order to determine how much to charge for your services.

Wrong marketing techniques

You may have the best painters in town but with the wrong marketing techniques, you will find it difficult to attract customers. That is why many companies nowadays spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on marketing alone. There are so many changes in the marketing world. You need to understand the best ways to promote your business.

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If you want to successfully market painting services in Singapore, you can use the following methods.

  • Display/lawn signs

Display signs are quickly becoming a great way to market your painting services. When you finish painting a building, you can ask for permission to put a display sign in the front yard. Smart painting companies use this method because most homes accept the request.

If you are planning to use display signs to promote your business, ensure you do a thorough job. If the painting was great, most clients will allow you to advertise yourself this way. You can place a sign for a couple of months. People will see your sign and contact you.

Remember to keep the design simple. Do not include too many details because most people won’t stand more than a few seconds to read it. Include a logo of your company, contacts and a call to action.

  • Door-to-door marketing

Door to door marketing seems a little old fashioned but it’s still relevant. If you are new in the business, this is the best way to start marketing. Many entrepreneurs overlook door to door marketing because it seems hectic and inefficient.

Most people fear getting rejected. Rejection happens but when you keep doing it cheerfully you’ll land a client once in a while. The success rate is higher in upper class neighbourhoods. You could carry a business card with you so that potential customers can contact you later when they require your services.

  • Flyer, business cards and other print ads

Print advertising is one of the cheapest ways to market your paintings. You only need to print once and distribute to the public. You can place an ad on a popular local newspaper for a certain period.

Flyers are also vital. You can drop flyers at business premises or institutions. Ensure that your flyer looks attractive and isn’t cluttered. People should easily find out what your services are and how to contact you. Have business cards with you and hand them to a potential client whenever an opportunity presents itself.

  • Partnerships

Smart business people usually master the art of building partnerships with other people/organizations. You can partner with business in the property management, housing and construction sectors.

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One way to grow your business is to build these relationships early enough. If these businesses come across someone looking for painting services, they will direct them to you. The relationship is usually mutual because you also help them find clients.

In most areas in Singapore, industry expos are held once in a while. You can attend such events and interact with other business owners. It is one of the best ways to get clients through referrals.

  • Digital marketing

This is one marketing technique you don’t want to ignore. You have access to millions of clients on the internet. A few years back, traditional forms of communication such as print and radio were popular. Most painting companies would use them to reach out to their potential customers.

Nowadays, it’s the internet. There is a large part of the population that uses the internet on a daily basis. How can you reach out to your target audience on the internet?

  • Facebook and Instagram

Internet users spend a large part of their time browsing their social media handles. You can create a Facebook and Instagram profile for your company. To attract the attention of the target audience, post regularly and engage users. Show that you genuinely want to help them.

There are also other social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter that you can use to promote your business. When you are starting out, focus on one or two platforms.

  • Company website

Digital marketing is never complete without a company website. Building a website isn’t as complicated as it was a few years ago. You can learn how to build one online within a few minutes. Your site should contain details such as your services, contacts and the areas you cover.

Keep the sight simple and visually appealing. Visitors should easily find their way around it. You can employ SEO strategies to increase organic traffic and gain more customers. Search engine marketing (SEM) techniques will help increase you visibility online.

Building a successful painting company in Singapore shouldn’t be a problem if your marketing is top-notch. If you need help with digital marketing techniques such as SEO and SEM, you can contact MediaOne.

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