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How to Market Medical Care Products in Singapore

Medical Care Products

Singapore is well known for having the most competitive and world-class healthcare industry in the world. The current status of the industry is as a result of unrelenting efforts by the private Medical Care Products service providers and government to regulate and promote the industry. In 2010, the World Health Organization ranked the country number 2. It was also ranked number 3 out of 55 countries by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD).

Here are regulations that govern the marketing of medical care products in Singapore.

Issuance of Samples

It is illegal to offer potential clients samples of products as a motivation or inducement to make a purchase. However, samples such as patient starter packs can be sent to healthcare professionals to give them first-hand experience of the products before they start prescribing them to their clients. You also need to have robust quality control and accountability systems to ensure that the samples sent to the healthcare professionals meet the set standards.

Provide Educational Materials

In the process of marketing medical care services and products in Singapore, you can provide reference books, online journals and other forms of education materials to the public. These materials will empower them with all the information that they need to make an informed shopping decision. You can also offer medical utility items to the customers for free as long as the items are of modest value and are relevant to the service to be rendered. As per the current guidelines, the value of such items should be factual, tested and proven before you can make claims in your sales literature either printed or online.

Printed Promotional Materials

All promotional materials that you intend to use to market your services and products such as journal advertisements and mailings should not be designed to resemble any other editorial materials. They should also conform to the illustrations, text, and the professional standing of the target recipients.

Any form of adult human form presentation or pictures of partly clothed models that are tailored to elicit emotional and visual responses to motivate the client to read the text or make a purchase outright should not be incorporated in the promotional materials.

Create Outstanding SEO Content

Millions of people in the country prefer buying products online. Based on this fact, it is imperative to come up with an e-Commerce website to sell the products to this select group of customers. The site needs to be designed professionally and organized to allow customers to navigate the product catalogs easily. More importantly, you need to come up with excellent SEO content to enable the customers make the right decision as they shop. You can also submit guest post articles to authority sites in the medical field to improve the relevance and domain authority of your site.

Finally, content marketing can help you scale up the number of sales generated through the website. Content marketing entails placing high-quality content on search engines to empower potential clients with information about your products. Hire MediaOne team of professional Singapore SEO experts to steer your online marketing campaigns in the right direction. Call us today at (65) 6789 9852.

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