How to Market Home and & Office Cleaning services in Singapore

market home & office cleaning services in Singapore

Keeping your business premises or your house clean has numerous benefits. Contrary to that most people think, regular normal cleaning isn’t as effective as it may look. The good news is, more people are embracing cleaning companies. We are going to look at how you can market home & office cleaning services in Singapore.

You obviously want to start a cleaning company because you realize the need in today’s world. The problem is, thousands of other entrepreneurs like you are starting such a company too. A startling statistic is that only a small percentage of these companies survive more than two years. There are so many things you could be doing wrong.

  • The ever changing marketing landscape

There have been so much technological advancements in the past decade. This means that the marketing world has also undergone so many changes. If you want to succeed as a business person you must learn not to overlook these changes. If you can identify what has changed in the past five years, you can easily adjust your marketing techniques.

First, traditional forms of communication such as print, radio and TV are less-used these days. With the emergence of the internet, businesses have shifted their attention to other forms of communication.

Nowadays, a significant number of individuals spend a few hours on social media platforms each day. Cleaning companies which have built a solid online presence are able to reach out to more customers. If you do not have a social media account for the company, you are missing out on so many opportunities.

Another thing to consider is how people look for cleaning companies. Most people will search cleaning services on search engines at the comfort of their houses. You need a site where these people can land when typing into a search engine. In short, you need to understand the changes in the industry in order to grow.

  • Wrong branding techniques

Some large companies such as Nike and Puma built reputable brands and maintained an industry-leader position for decades. Many cleaning companies fail because they do not consider creating a brand that will help grow the business.

Many business people think that branding involves creating the perfect logo. While a nice logo is an important part of the branding, it is just one of the mainly things you need to consider when building your brand.

 Your brand should portray the values of your company and the customer service. It has to differentiate your cleaning company from others. If for instance you care about the environment, your company has to show that through its activities.

  • Using the same old marketing techniques

Some cleaning business can’t move forward because the marketing team employs the same unproductive techniques. There is no specific way to market a cleaning business. One has to analyse the market then find strategies that are most appropriate. If you identify these techniques, try them out to see which one works best.

Smart entrepreneurs usually find their way around these challenges. Here are some of the marketing techniques to use.

  • Building a website

The number of internet users in Singapore has increased over the past few years. According to an IndexMundi study the total number of internet users in Singapore was 4.6 million as of 2016. This number shows that there are lots of opportunities online.

We mentioned earlier that most people will search for a cleaning company online. You would probably want to be one of the cleaning companies that appear when a prospective client performs a search. A website should contain all the details of the organization. These details include contacts, list of services, staff and price-range.

When someone lands on you site they should be able to find exactly what they are looking for. You must ensure that the site is easy to navigate and is optimized for mobile devices since most people access the internet from their phones/tablets.

If you want to appear on the first pages of search results, employ SEO strategies such as acquiring backlinks from reputable sites. Building a website for your company is a simple task. If you can’t do it on your own, you can seek the services of a web developer/designer.

  • Social Media

A few years ago, people would watch TV or read books/newspapers to pas time. Nowadays, people would rather spend their free time on their favourite social media platform. Some even switch between multiple social media accounts.

Knowing where your target audience hangs out is vital. Your cleaning company should have a strong presence in social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Instagram.

 Facebook ads, for instance, makes it easier for you because you can target people who are likely to use your services. If you engage your target audience by responding to their queries and making regular updates, you will attract thousands of social media users.

  • Fliers and business cards

Business cards may seem out of outdated but they are highly effective. If someone shows a genuine interest in your cleaning services, how will you get them to contact you? If you have a business card with you, simply give it to them.

Fliers and handouts work just the same way. When you attend an event where you think there will be potential clients, you can carry some fliers and handouts with you. Some local businesses usually have advertisement boards where you can place your flies.

You could also place them in strategic locations on the street. The goal is to get as many people as possible to have your flier.

  • Email marketing

This is another crucial marketing technique that most cleaning companies in Singapore overlook. Building a strong relationship with the target audience is vital. If you notice that you are getting more customers on social media, encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.

The newsletter doesn’t always have to be about promoting your services. You could offer tips on how the clients can keep their houses clean. You need to ensure that newsletters are sent regularly to your clients.

Additional Tips for Marketing Home Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

It is essential for cleaning company investors to incorporate digital marketing strategies for Yoast optimisation. Maintaining your house or business clean has many benefits. Different from what most people think, routine cleaning is not completely effective as it might look.

But the good news is that people are tremendously realizing this and embracing the use of professional cleaning companies. Here is an exclusive look at the top cleaning companies and how you can market home and office cleaning services in Singapore.

Ways of Promoting Your Cleaning Business

With the cleaning needs in the world today, you probably plan to start a cleaning company. However, hundreds of other entrepreneurs in Singapore are establishing such cleaning companies. According to statistics, only a few cleaning companies survive in the market for more than two years. Some of the things that might facilitate the failure of a cleaning company in Singapore include;

  • The Constantly Changing Marketing Landscape

The past decade has seen a lot of advancements in the last decade. The market has similarly gone through a lot of changes, and you have to be able to overlook these market changes to be successful. If you can identify the changes in the past few years, you will be able to make adjustments to your marketing techniques.

With the increasing popularity of the internet, traditional communication forms such as TV, radio, and print, and less effective today. Today, a vast number of people spend time on the internet hence cleaning companies that have established a significant social media presence reach out to more clients.

Also, many people are searching for cleaning services in the comfort of their homes. You hence need a website for potential clients to land; otherwise, you will be missing out on a lot of opportunities. Generally, you should understand the industry changes to succeed.

  • Use of Wrong Branding Strategies

Most companies and businesses fail because they do not create a brand to assist them in growing. Successful companies such as Puma and Nike have built reputable brands that have helped them maintain the top position for decades.

A perfect brand should depict your company values and excellent customer service that differentiates your cleaning company from others. For instance, if you care about the environment, your company should show this through its activities. A good logo is also essential in your company branding.

  • Use of Out-Dated Marketing Techniques

Some of the cleaning companies cannot grow because they employ the same old unproductive marketing techniques. For you to market a cleaning company successfully, you have to conduct market analysis and come up with the most appropriate methods.

Smart entrepreneurs always find the most productive marketing technique by trying several of them to find one that works best. Some of the best marketing techniques to use are:

  • Creating A Website

The number of Singaporeans accessing the internet has tremendously increased over recent years, signifying increased online marketing opportunities. In 2016, the total internet users in Singapore was estimated to be about 4.6 million.

Most of these people will search for cleaning companies from the internet, and having a website gives you the chance to appear on the search. The website should include all the company’s details, including; services, contacts, price range, and staff.

For you to appear on the first pages of search results, you should make sure the site is optimised for mobile usage and employing SEO strategies. Creating a website for your company is easy, but if you cannot do it on yourself, you can seek web designer or developer services.

  • Business Cards and Fliers

Business cards are very efficient in marketing cleaning companies. Simply give your business cards to individuals who show great interest in your cleaning services in case they need to contact you. Handouts and fliers are also similarly effective, and you can take some handouts and fliers with you while attending events that might have potential clients. Some cleaning companies have advertisement boards where they put their flies. The aim is getting as many people as possible to have your flier, and you could even place them in a perfect location on the street.

  • Social Media

In the past years, Singaporeans would read newspapers and books or watch television during their free time. Today, most people spend their leisure time on various social media platforms. It is hence, essential to find out the platforms that your target audience mostly hangs out. Establish a robust presence in social media platforms by engaging your target audience, making regular updates, and answering to their queries. This will see your company attracting thousands of potential clients from social media.

  • Email Marketing

Most of the cleaning companies in Singapore overlook this vital marketing technique. If you are receiving many customers on social media, its important to encourage them to sign up for your email list to build a strong relationship with the target audience.

Other than promoting your cleaning services, you can use the newsletter to give cleaning tips to your clients. Always ensure you send regular emails to your clients to maintain a healthy relationship.

  • Get in Front of Clients Via the Side Door

Do not just make cold calls to residential clients or knock the doors of commercial properties. Use the side door to get in front of potential clients through real estate agents and home builders. Most of the real estate provides their clients with complimentary cleaning services as part of the sale, which might bring you more business. Homebuilders deploy home cleaners to the homes once they are built, and it might be your opportunity.

  • Use of Referral Programs

Recommendations provide a great way of getting more business int your way. You should consider making a refer-a-friend program to give your customers an incentive to recommend your cleaning services to their family and friends. The program should reward the clients after every successful referral, such as giving twenty percent off in their next cleaning fee.

  • Staying Unique from Others

Regardless of your marketing strategies for your cleaning company, its essential to focus on the unique selling points that differentiate you from others. For instance, concentrate on eco-friendly cleaning with all-natural ingredients or positioning yourself as a low-cost service cleaner. Having some form of liability insurance is also a great idea as clients know you are insured in case anything unexpected happens. Such things are what will make you unique and set you aside from others.

  • Earn Online Reviews

The online customer reviews about your company have a massive significance in other customers on whether to choose you over the other competitors. You hence need to invest your efforts in improving your review ratings on online forums, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp. You should check on ways of amplifying the five-star rated reviews, such as responding to each review.

If you utilize these tips and strategies, you will not have a hard time growing your business. If you are yet to master the art of digital marketing, many companies in Singapore can do it for you at an affordable rate.

Best Cleaning Services Companies in Singapore


Services: Mopping, Dusting, Interior Window Cleaning, Cleaning oven, Fridge Cleaning, Ironing, Wiping, Tidying Beds, Disposal of garbage, Vacuuming.

Address: 70 Anson Road, Singapore 079905

Tel: +65 8598 4399



Helpling is a global cleaning company operating in various countries, including; Italy, Germany, Australia, UAE, Ireland, France, United Kingdom, and Singapore. The company launched its cleaning services in Singapore in 2015 and has since gained tremendous popular.


Services: mopping and vacuuming of floors, wiping and dusting, ironing, changing bed linen, cleaning, and drying of all ceiling fans and lights, washing and disinfecting (kitchen and toilet), emptying of trash, ironing, cleaning grills and windows.

Address: 50 Tagore Lane, #05-04, Singapore, 787494

Tel: (+65) 6388 1329



The company won an award in 2010 for its excellent and outstanding cleaning services. It assigns clients a legal Singaporean and PR cleaner within 24 hours upon your confirmation. Their employees are well insured and experienced to guarantee a sparkling clean residential and commercial services.

NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service

Services: windows and grilles cleaning; doors and gates; Exterior of all furniture including kitchen cabinets; Balcony; All bathrooms; Vacuum and mop all floor areas; Interior of offices; Glass surfaces; Kitchen area; Interior shelving.

Address: 75 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189557 NTUC Income Centre

Tel: 65 6788 8788

URL: www./


The company is popular for the provision of one-off and weekly services. Their cleaners go through extensive training before starting to work hence known for being efficient, respectful, and professional. The company requires the client to provide the cleaners with cleaning tools, including; detergents, vacuum cleaner, brushes, ladder, window wiper, and more.

Home Cleanz

Services: Spring Cleaning/Pre-Moving Cleaning, Sofa Upholstery Cleaning, Mattress Upholstery Cleaning, Housekeeping, show flat / Office cleaning, Window Maintenance, Steaming & Sanitization Services, Curtain washing, Carpet Shampooing, Floor Scrubbing, Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Collection

Address: Singapore 419807, 332 Changi Road

Tel: +65 6440 3342



Home Cleanz is among the top best cleaning companies in Singapore. The company does not only deal with basic cleaning, but they also provide home improvement services to leave your home looking brand new. Clients can provide them with their cleaning needs for them to make a customized quote for free.

Avalon Services

Services: Vacuuming, Marble Floor Polishing, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Dusting, Mopping, Surface Areas & Equipment Dusting, Waste Management

Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3 #04-22 Singapore 408868

Tel: +65 6570 9633



This is one of the licensed and accredited cleaning company, assuring you that you are working with a company that has some of the highest standards. Their professional cleaners have been trained accordingly to offer a wide range of cleaning services to leave you with a hygienic and fresh working space. Regardless of your cleaning needs, the company customizes its services to fit in your plans.

A1 Facility Services

Services: Pantry Cleaning, Baskets Cleaning, Glass Panels & Doors Cleaning, Sweeping & Vacuuming of Carpeted Areas, Stairway and lift landing Cleaning, Wastepaper Bathroom Cleaning, General Washing of Rooms, Tiled Areas Mopping, Furniture Dusting.

Address: 50 Serangoon North Ave 4 Singapore 555856

Tel: +65 6570 1874



A1 Facility Services is NEA licensed, and everybody can hence count on their honesty. More so, their workers are perfectly skilled and furnished with the essential knowledge and skills to do the cleaning work to satisfaction. The company is punctual and always deliver quality cleaning services on the set schedule.

Metro Cleaners

Services: General Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Service, Regular Cleaning

Address: Block 18 Sin Ming Lane Singapore 573960

Tel: 65 6735 4454



The cleaning company was established in 2003 as a small office at Manhattan House. The company has since grown to a top brand due to its good ethical standards, excellent customer care, and upholding its integrity. In 2015, they were awarded as one of the top outstanding enterprises in Singapore. Metro cleaners have a great desire to contribute to a clean environment.

Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services

Services: One-Time General Cleaning, Window Cleaning Professional Handover Cleaning, Handyman Service, Disposal Service, Printing Services Pre-Moving Cleaning Service, Steam Sanitation,

Address: 213 Jalan Besar #03-00 The Attic Singapore 208897

Tel: 9789 6361



This is a trustworthy and reliable cleaning company for consistent upkeep and cleaning or your residential place in Singapore. Their professional employees offer the highest quality services, cleaning every cranny, and nook meticulously while maintaining effective communication with the client. They also provide air-con servicing and handyman services.


Services: cleaning apartments, pest infestation restoration, lifting and moving of furniture, color restoration and removal of stains, collecting or shifting garbage, cleaning of out of reach areas such as exterior windows or ceiling, cleaning garden or car garage, replacement of window grill and other residential and commercial cleaning services.

Address: 50 Chin Swee Road, Singapore 169874

Tel: +65 81228113



The company offers one of the best cleaning services in Singapore. The cleaners undergo a thirty ours training by the Japanese and Taiwanese partners where they are taught how to handle harmful and dangerous chemicals as well as outdoor cleaning. They also offer pest infestation and pet-related dirt cleaning at a separate rate.

KMAC International

Services: Office Cleaning, Hotel Cleaning, Commercial Services, Residential, Church Cleaning.

Address: 2 Venture Drive Singapore 608526

Tel: +65 6909 3822



KMAC International was established in 2010 and has risen to be a top leading company in corporate and residential cleaning services in Singapore. They offer personalized and modern services in Singapore to any of your cleaning needs.

Final Thoughts

If you consider the strategies outlined above, you won’t have a hard time growing your business. Using digital marketing techniques such as SEO and SEM is necessary for your success. For those who have not mastered the art of digital marketing a company like MediaOne can do it at an affordable fee.

Keeping your business premises or your house clean has numerous benefits. Contrary to that most people think, regular normal cleaning isn’t as effective as it may look. The good news is, more people are embracing cleaning companies. We are going to look at how you can market home & office cleaning services in Singapore.

Get in touch with us for professional digital marketing services. We will help elevate your cleaning business to the next level of success.

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