How Do I Market My Health Insurance Consultancy Services

Medical Care Products

Health insurance is one of the most important policies that you need to have to cushion yourself from high medical expenses. Companies also need to have a medical insurance policy for their employees. The problem is that most of the businesses in Singapore find it difficult to deal with the various nuances of health insurance. As a result, the demand for health insurance consultancy services is at an all-time high in Singapore commercial world.

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Here are some tips on how you can market your health insurance consultancy services in Singapore.

Organize Awareness Events

As mentioned earlier, most people are unaware of the various medical plans available in the country. Holding awareness events and conferences in the Central Business District or the areas that you are targeting will help you to connect with your customers better. For example, you can rent a conference room in Raffles Place and use it to hold an awareness campaign about health insurance.

Billboards and Print Materials

Billboards and print materials such as brochures and placement of ads in the most popular magazines in the country are still effective in reaching out to customers. The billboards should be strategically located along major highways such as the AYE to gain mass brand visibility and awareness in Singapore.

Online Marketing

Virtually all homesteads in Singapore are connected to fast internet connection and use it to access information. The country is also known to have the highest smartphone penetration with most citizens owning at least two smartphones. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to use digital marketing to reach consumers quickly and in a far more cost-effective way.

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Therefore, marketing your health insurance consultancy services online will help you to connect with more Singaporeans than any other medium. MediaOne is an accredited digital marketing company that helps health insurance consultants to popularize their services by using digital marketing best practices. Call our team today at (65) 6789 9852.



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