How To Market My Franchise In Singapore

Singapore is well known for many different exciting things and events across the globe. Some of the more notable include its vibrant food and complementary business scene.

Singaporeans are always on the lookout for the latest food and business franchising trends because the spirit of entrepreneurship is very strong locally. Singaporeans know that they can draw local as well as international money because Singapore is a prime tourist destination.

Therefore, with the steady increases in franchise growth in recent years, consumers in Singapore tend to be very open to their local markets as well established international brands.

So, for those of you who are interested in these future changes and how to market franchises in Singapore, here is some information that you will need to know in advance.

Identify the Largest Target Audiences

In the local F&B Industry, marketing professionals can expect a huge growing target audience that they can market their business opportunities to. According to various surveys published within the last 6 years, eating out has become a popular choice for many local consumers.

Based on a national survey published by the Health Promotion Board, these statistics reflect that 6 in 10 Singaporeans are eating out on an average of 4 times a week. These numbers are also expected to increase at much higher rates, especially as franchisers reinvent themselves to stay ahead of other competitors in the industry.

One of the primary ways of achieving these and other related goals is to market more innovative and trendy ideas. These new innovations should be de designed to make sure that they are getting a larger portion of the pie.

Incorporate Tech Savvy Target Audiences with Mobile device Solutions

Once franchisers in Singapore have identified their specialized target audiences, one of their next steps is to establish what type of marketing campaign that should be deployed.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of different types of franchise marketing opportunities that people can take advantage of. Since today’s marketing specialists cater to tech-savvy consumers who have access to many of the latest technological advances, franchisers can pick and choose which marketing strategies will help to maximize their efforts and the profits that they yield.

For instance, some organizations may want to launch a promotion that reaches a mobile-based audience. Before designing this type of campaign, however, everyone affected will need to do their research well in advance.

For example, if a marketing team is making preparations to launch a local campaign in their immediate or nearby surrounding areas, they may design a unique campaign that promotes the many years of expertise that Ya Kun Toast, Old Chang Kee and Mindchamps possess.

Specifically, because these are more well-known franchises that have been around online and in the local area for quite some time now, they are usually easy to promote to a new and diverse audience.

With these types of campaigns, franchisers will also have a wide variety of successful business opportunities that they can participate in. One of which makes it much more convenient for Singaporeans to order food with the use of their mobile devices.

Also, as more convenience is an added benefit to catering this audience, people can order food from their favorite franchise, have it delivered to their business or their home within a very short time frame. In fact, there is no longer a need to leave the office or the privacy of one’s own home to buy food for themselves or the entire family.

Therefore, this is also a significant part of understanding the new role of some of the best franchises and how they are meeting present and growing needs locally within Singapore.

Utilise Common Online Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Building the perfect digital marketing strategy can be overwhelming at times. Specifically, if the marketing team has not identified which online marketing strategies or techniques are best for their purposes and needs.

So, to prevent unnecessary franchising marketing problems from occurring, the team should make sure that they are exploring a diverse scheme that has numerous facets of a marketing concept prior to launching a new digital franchise promotion campaign.

For instance, here is a brief list of marketing strategies and techniques that can be used to market a franchise from the start to the end.

1.Utilise marketing Seminars to introduce the franchise and its associated benefits.

Seminars are not only presenting the franchise but also to answer any questions of concern that a person or organization has before they can make an informed decision.

2.Make sure the site for the franchise is SEO or Search engine optimization to increase its ranking.

Optimizing a site usually takes time but it is quite worth the time and effort when the franchise appears at the top of search engines like At the top, the franchise will be more visible to local Singaporeans and others who have an interest in making an investment.

3.Investigate the need for google adwords to increase sales substantially within certain areas.

Google adwords are also great marketing strategies. Particularly, since they are placed on the site to generate revenue.

4.Use Social Media for Viral Discussions

Whenever a marketing strategy is deployed, marketing teams are looking for the ultimate results. One in which will cause the promotions to go viral.

The best way to achieve this kind of effect is using social media forums to get the word out. For instance, LinkedIn is a great place to post new franchise opportunities for Singapore professionals who are looking for a good investment.

Marketing your franchise in Singapore does not have to be difficult if the individual or marketing team does their homework first.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of information online that can help to build a successful marketing campaign locally within Singapore.

Some of the most essential include identifying the right target audiences, devising an effective mobile strategy for tech-savvy audiences, and utilizing digital marketing techniques like social media marketing, search engine optimization and Google Adwords to generate more sales opportunities and revenue.


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