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How To Market Your Florist Business In Singapore

Florist businesses are highly profitable under empathetic and creative management. This profitability arises from the fact that the exchange of flowers is a year-round tradition, with the occasional high season. The Singapore flower market consists of shops selling blossoms harvested from all over the world, florists who design flower packages and the clients, drawn from all walks of life. Due to the delicate nature of the product and the dynamic market, a floral start-up should ensure maximum client traffic. For this, we shall require marketing strategies tailored toward the floral market in Singapore. In this post, I shall explore three main methods to ensure maximum profitability for a florist business in Singapore.

In-Store Marketing

Visual appeal is the first thing that attracts clients to a floral shop. To achieve this appeal, we shall showcase unique floral arrangements on the display window. We shall also include large format photographs of events that utilize our service, thus creating a reputation for the shop. It is necessary to observe foot traffic immediately outside the business premises to improve the effectiveness of in-store marketing campaigns. After establishing the trends, we shall then device schedules that optimize the floral and window displays to catch the most attention. Hosting related events inside the shop- such as guided tours and workshops- also bring flower enthusiasts into the shop, raising prospects. 

Online Marketing

A proper online presence is crucial to the success of any business and marketing campaigns. This notion applies perfectly to the florist business. Social media handles help clients locate and discover the business, while posts allow for personal engagement. We shall choose social media outlets that offer the most visual appeal, as these clearly advertise eye-catching floral arrangements. We can also use social media channels to market upcoming events, get customer feedback and engage clients in informational posts such as the right types of floral arrangements for various occasions.Since people mostly use internet searches to find florists within their locale, it is wise to create a company website cataloging the shop’s products and services. Allocating part of the marketing budget to online campaigns ensures the business reaches prospects far beyond its geographical limitations.

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Personalized Marketing

Flowers are an intimate affair, and establishing a personal connection with the clients helps boost business. There are several methods available to leverage existing customers. We could use the Point of Sale (PoS) systems to gain information about the customer, which then forms the basis of targeted marketing. We could also use surveys and forms to get client contact information, preferences and such data as birthdays to develop ideas for special occasions. Such treats include: birth-month discounts, cards, handwritten notes, phone calls and ‘early bird’ sales. These strategies develop brand loyalty in existing clients, who will not hesitate to refer their colleagues to the service.


The intimacy and fragility of the floral business necessitate a three-pronged marketing approach: in-store displays to attract, online media to engage and personal campaigns to retain clients.


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