How Do I Market My Event Entertainment Services in Singapore

How Do I Market My Event Entertainment Services in Singapore


According to a recent study, the media and entertainment sector in Singapore has grown by more than 150% from 2010 to 2016. It contributes to more than S$33.1 billion revenue to the economy and more than 76, 400 people work in the industry. One of the most sort-after services in this industry is event entertainment services.

Today, we look at three tips on how you can market your event entertainment services in Singapore.

Connect With Corporate Companies

Government incentives such as tax rebates and favorable business environment have led to an increase in the number of foreign companies that are setting up offices and warehouses in the country. Most of these businesses hold outreach and in-house events on a monthly basis and require entertainment services to entertain their guests and employees. Networking and pitching your services to these corporate companies will help you to get more contracts and compete with other providers.

Use Printed Materials and Outdoor Signage

Printed materials and outdoor signage will complement your digital marketing campaigns by helping you connect with customers at a deeper and more personal level. Make sure that the design of the materials is professional and the information printed on them is accurate. Marketing materials such as flyers and brochures can be distributed to potential customers at trade fairs and conferences.

Finally, you need to be actively involved in online marketing to reach out to millions of Singaporeans who use mobile devices and computers to access the internet. Hire a professional SEO and SEM service provider that has a proven track record to help you plan, execute, and monitor your online marketing campaigns.

MediaOne is a top rated company that helps businesses that offer event entertainment services to market their services online in Singapore. For example we have SEO-ed Adrenalin Events to 10 out of 10 for all their important keywords. Find out how we did it! Call us at (65) 6789 9852 to learn about our search engine marketing and optimization services.

April 29, 2017

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