How to Market your E-Commerce Platform in Singapore

How to Market your E-Commerce Platform in Singapore


Hundreds of Singapore businesses now have an e-commerce platform that clients can access to view and place orders. Despite the relatively small market, the country boasts of a stable economy, massive smartphone penetration, reliable internet connection, strategic location in the middle of fast developing economies.

To best understand how to market your e-commerce platform in Singapore, we will look at some of the most popular platforms and the various strategies that they use to reach out to their customers.

Offer Wide Array of Products

The secret to succeeding in this country is creating a platform that will save the customers time and money. One guaranteed way of achieving this aim is by offering a wide array of products. One e-commerce platform that has managed to win over the hearts of thousands of customers using this strategy is Qoo10.

Even though the company does not have one of best website, it still manages to garner a huge number of clients. For instance, in 2015, it recorded 4.2 million desktop visitors. The sheer volume of products that it offers is one of the primary reasons it is the most popular e-commerce site in cities such as Clementi.

Focus on Customer Experience and Website Usability

Customer experience and website usability will scale up your online site in this island country faster than any other strategy. Carousell is one of the local companies that hold a big piece of the online market pie in the country. It’s the first mobile C2C market platform and continues to redefine how people sell and buy items online by revamping the listing, selling, and buying processes on the platform.

The excellent user experience and flexible policies that are customer centric continue to fuel its growth and popularity. Research done in 2014 showed that it is worth more than $6 million dollars and investors such as Darius Cheung, Sequoia Capital, and Rakuten Ventures have already invested in it.

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Create Buying Guides

Buying guides have being proven to be very effective in spurring conversion rates. It is the secret sauce to attracting new leads and converting them into buying customers. For example, if a customer is looking for a treadmill, a buying guide packed with information on the various types of treadmills available will help them make an informed decision. The buying guide does not have to be a block of text; it can be infographics with visual references and graphics.

Product Images and Videos

The first thing that you need to note under this tip is that online customers like visuals. Before making a decision to place an order, they usually shuffle through images and videos of the product available on your site. Therefore, it is important that you post videos and pictures of all the products in your catalogue along with a product description to encourage the customers to make a purchase. Nowadays, there are many free and premium online tools that you can use to create product videos. DemoUp is one such tool that you can use to come up with quality and compelling videos of your products.

Finally, blogging about trending topics such as the latest electronic gadgets in the market will increase your audience engagement levels. Blogging can also be used to teach customers how to use a particular product or to simply answer queries that you frequently receive from customers.

Finally, seek professional SEO agency services to ensure that the e-commerce platform continues to rank high on search engines and generate sales. MediaOne helps companies that have e-commerce platforms to do digital marketing campaigns. Call us today at (65) 6789 9852.

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