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How Do I Market My Cyber Security Services in Singapore

In 2015, the Ministry of Home Affairs reported a 4% increase in crime in the country. Cybercrime is one of the factors that led to the increase. As a result, the government came up with a National Cybercrime Action Plan (NCAP) that highlights the specific steps that will be taken to protect businesses and individual Singaporeans from falling prey to cybercriminals.

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The demand for cyber security services in the corporate sectors has increased by more than 30% since 2010. If you are expert in this field, you can reap maximum profits by offering these services in the country.

Here are tips on what you need to do to market cyber security services in Singapore successfully.

Attend Singapore Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security Conference

Singapore (ICS), Cyber Security conference, gives internet security services providers, vendors, and ICS/SCADA an opportunity to discuss the various issues that affect the industry. Attending this conference will give you a chance to understand the local cyber security issues, plausible solutions, and network with the existing industry leaders. The information you will gather during the conference will help you come up with ideal service packages. Also, the connections will help you to expand your market reach and establish your brand as an authority in this niche.

Schedule Meetings and Seminars with Prospective Customers

First, you need to carry out a thorough market research to know your potential clients and their concerns. Once you have this information at hand, reach out to them and organize a meeting or a training seminar to discuss the topic in detail.

If you intend to hold the workshop in Serangoon, Bukit Batok, and Tampines, place ads on social media as well as billboards on the main roads in these cities to get maximum attendance. If you have the email addresses of the customers, send them an email or a postcard with details of the seminar.

Online Marketing

It is estimated that more than two million Singaporeans access the internet on a daily basis using laptops and mobile devices. Therefore, marketing your cyber security services online will help you connect with this group of customers well. MediaOne helps cyber security companies to sell their services in Singapore by providing high-value SEO services. Call us today by dialing (65) 6789 9852 to learn how we can assist you to scale up your business affordably.


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