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How To Market Corporate Training Services In Singapore

Corporate training programs have gained a significant ground in the modern business world. Singapore’s booming economy is no different. While it offers fewer barriers to entry, successfully starting a training agency can be a painstaking and daunting task. There is an increasing demand for leadership training consultancies in Singapore, with various agencies already trying to meet this demand. To successfully market a corporate training service, we should show expertise in the topics we explore during training seminars and workshops. The first step is to identify the target market, and the problems that the training programs seek to tackle. We then try to convince the company that our agency provides the best solutions to their problems. Outlined below are some strategies with which the agency will reach out to prospective clients.


Forming partnerships with corporate bodies helps create a network for the agency. For instance, a partnership with local colleges and the chamber of commerce could get the agency its first clients. These partnerships help create a loyal customer base and offer grounds for future referrals. Partnerships with other trainers and accredited organizations also build the agency’s reputation as an accredited trainer. Other training programs could also refer their clients to our agency when their dance card is full. Thus, partnerships help market the agency by creating a network, building a reputation and building a client base.

Research, Article Writing and Case Studies

Companies looking for training programs need to know that they are dealing with experts in the field. When starting a new training agency, we should demonstrate possession of knowledge and validation that we are well-versed in the field whose services we offer. Thus, we shall write tip-filled articles about the training discipline we specialize in, and ensure they get published in industry journals, magazines and online sites. To improve credibility, we must ensure these articles are well-researched, factual and presented according to industry standards. Published articles could send prospective clients to the agency’s official site, and if any client needs clarification, we could set up a meeting to discuss the prospects of a training seminar.

Internet Marketing

Corporate bodies in Singapore are more open to the idea of webinars, that is, online seminars. The agency could develop such an online seminar and invite prospects to a session discussing our area of specialty. Webinars convince companies that the expertise, enthusiasm and methods of delivery make you best suited to offer actual seminars. Creating a Facebook business page could get clients talking about services the agency offers. Interactive posts guarantee more online traffic, thereby easier conversion into prospects. Sending targeted emails and eNewsletters offer an affordable channel of constant communication with prospective clients. These methods also help link to new posts, announce new seminars and other useful information about the training workshops.

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To successfully market a new corporate agency, we need to demonstrate expertise, build a network and create an online presence.


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