How to Market Corporate Gifts in Singapore

ways to market corporate gifts

The number of companies in Singapore goes up every year. This is due to the fact that traditional jobs are reducing and many people are having a go at entrepreneurship. For many years, businesses and organizations have used corporate gifts to improve relations with staff/customers. Since most companies use this strategy to build their brand and increase sales, the corporate gifting industry is highly competitive. This post contains tips on how to market a corporate gifts company in Singapore.

Corporate gifts companies operate just like any other business you can think of. If you want to get into this industry, you have to consider the following factors.

Study your potential clients

Your job will basically be to sell, market and distribute corporate gifts. It isn’t a new concept so you don’t have to do a lot of explaining to prospective clients.  What you need to do before reaching out to potential customers is to understand their businesses first. You can’t just get the same corporate gifts for all your customers.

Gone are the days when the commons corporate gifts were items such as pens and notebooks. Nowadays, coming up with a unique gift for the staff/customers does a great deal of good to a company’s brand.

Focus on providing value

There are many companies in the industry which offer little value to clients. Your business will do much better is you are offering more than your competitor. Approach your potential clients with the goal of helping them achieve their goals.

You can provide potential clients with a list of corporate gifts they can use and reasons why. Most companies will want to understand why they need to send their customers certain corporate gifts. Act as a consultant and help businesses grow.

With that in mind, let’s now discuss some marketing strategies for corporate gifts companies in Singapore.

Work on your timing

Companies don’t just send their customers/staff gifts all the time. There are specific occasions when most of these companies see the need to give out gifts. A good example is when the year is coming to an end. During the festive season, many people will exchange gifts.

If you what to help a specific company with corporate gifts, timing is key. If your plan is to help distribute gifts during the Christmas period, the best time to reach it to business/organizations is in October. This way, you will help these companies prepare and deliver the gifts in time.

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Attract more customers by customizing gifts          

There is one thing companies do wrong: send the same gifts to their employees or customers. Nowadays customizing gifts for various clients/members of staff or attendees of an event is advantageous. Most big companies don’t worry about the amount of money they will spend on corporate gifts. What they care about is whether or not the effort will have a positive impact on their businesses.

When you get a customer a personalized gift, you are communicating to them that you understand what they want. Crafting the perfect packaging design for a gift is also part of the customization process.

Target local in your local area

As we said easier in the post, the corporate gifting industry is highly competitive. Chances are many organizations and businesses around you aren’t exploiting the full potential of corporate gifts. Most local businesses have a reputation of supporting each other.

Another great way to network with other companies is to join the local chamber of commerce or Gift Association Singapore. This way, you won’t have to struggle as much especially if you are just starting out.

Promote your products to the online community

Today, running a company without the internet is a daunting task. Almost every adult in Singapore uses the internet regularly. If you aren’t promoting your business to the online community then you are losing out on many opportunities.

Many smart entrepreneurs first ensure that they have a website for their businesses. This is to make sure that if any potential client looks up a gift company, they can find you. The site needs to be simple and should include your contact details.

Improving your site’s visibility on the internet

If you want to improve your site’s visibility on the internet and attract more visitors, you have to use a variety of digital marketing strategies such as search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). SEM is a process where you pay to have your business advertised on search engines.

On the other hand, SEO is a long term process that webmasters use to improve a site’s rankings on search engines. Some SEO strategies include improving your site’s speed and using keywords in your content.

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Another great way to improve visibility on the internet is to be on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Facebook, for instance, allows one to create targeted ads and reach out to a specific group. Post regularly in these platforms and engage users to better your results.

Get in touch with past clients

If you done’ get in touch with clients who have worked with you before, you will soon run short of customers. When you run out of customers you make less sales and struggle to keep up with your competitors. When you land a client, ensure your provide the best customer service.

For instance, you can create a packaging design that is unique to the different groups of people a company you are working with wants to gift. If your job includes delivering gifts to the intended individuals, do it efficiently. When you send proposals to work with former clients, they will have a reason to choose you again.

Leverage blogging to increase your client base

At any point in time, there is a high number of corporate gifts companies clamouring for attention. Most companies will choose to work with you if you prove to be useful to them. One way to successfully do this is to run a corporate gift blog.

It is a section that should be dedicated to talking about corporate gifts. There is a myriad of topics you can talk about – “corporate gifts ideas for an IT company”, “how corporate gifts can build your brand” et.c. When company decision makers visit your site and find such useful information, a significant number will want to work with you.


By now you understand the benefits of corporate gifts for your business partners, employees and customers. With the right strategy, it shouldn’t be difficult to market a corporate gifts company in Singapore. Try all possible tactics to see which ones work for you. With the high number of internet users, you will definitely set aside a budget for online marketing. Get in touch with us to promote your business through digital marketing.

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