How to Market My Corporate Gift Shop in Singapore


Giving corporate gifts to business partners, clients, and employees is one of the guaranteed ways of establishing formidable working relationships. The gifting industry in Singapore is estimated to worth more than $400 million. The large number of companies and individuals looking for quality novelty gifts motivates entrepreneurs to establish gift shops in the country.

As a new gift shop in Singapore, it is important that you come up with strategic plans for marketing the business to get the best results. Here are three tips on how to market a corporate gift shop in Singapore.

Dominate the Industry by Resolving a Problem

There are some challenges that clients who purchase novelty gifts in the country face frequently. For instance, some of the companies take even weeks to send a quote. GiftMarket capitalized on this problem by creating a website with a special feature which allows customers to select the number of gifts required and the price in seconds.

Once this information is sent to the database, a list of recommendations is generated to guide you through the selection process. The customer selections are relayed to the team to initiate the designing process. Having such a feature on your website will help you to net more customers through the internet. Be sure to hire a team of experts who can design gifts as per the requirements of your clients to earn the trust and loyalty of the customers.

Join Gifts Association Singapore

Gifts Association Singapore was launched in 1997 to boost and support the gift industry in the country. Members enjoy better visibility offline and online, more business opportunities, closer unity, and cooperation. The closely-knit network of customers and suppliers helps new and already established shops to grow. Consider joining this kind of an association to get a firm footing in the industry. Be sure to network with other members to get insights on how to grow your business in the country.

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Dominate Online Sphere

Proper SEO (Search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine market) will give you the muscle you need to dominate the online sphere. The two will also boost your other digital marketing campaign thereby giving you value for the money and time that you invest in marketing. MediaOne is a renowned Singapore company that offers digital marketing services to businesses in the gift industry. Call our support team at (65) 6789 9852.


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