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Do you constantly worry about finding patients for your clinic? Well, you are not alone. The medical sector is highly competitive since Singapore is one of the top medical destinations in the world. If you want to ensure that patients are always streaming to your clinic, you have to use various promotion techniques. In this post, we will discuss ways to market your clinic in Singapore and overseas.

A Bloomberg survey in 2014 revealed that Singapore, out of 51 countries, had the most efficient healthcare system. It is no wonder patients from across the globe are trooping to the country to access its healthcare services. Singapore has many highly trained medical experts and advanced technology to deal with a wide variety of medical conditions. 

Developing a marketing plan

Considering the popularity of Singaporean healthcare services, you will need to promote your clinic to both the locals and medical tourists. It is no secret that the marketing sector has undergone many changes in the last few years. Traditional forms of marketing such as print, TV and radio aren’t as effective as they used to be.

Nowadays, businesses (clinics included) are using the internet to reach out to potential clients in Singapore and around the world. It is up to you to research and find marketing strategies that will give you the best results. If you don’t do this, you will always face a shortage of clients.

Building a brand                 

Singapore as a country has established itself as a medical hub. If you do the same for your clinic, you will be on a clear path to success. It’s all about the image you portray to potential clients. There are clinics which are known to give the best medical care to cancer patients. Others are popular for building great relationships with patients. To establish a strong brand, focus on making your clinic unique.

Let’s now discuss some techniques you can use to market your clinic in Singapore and overseas.

Build a website for your clinic

The number of internet users is on the rise not only in Singapore but also across the globe. In Singapore alone, there are nearly 4 million internet users. If you are developing a marketing strategy, you have to include internet marketing. The first step is to set up a website for your clinic.

Internet users in Singapore and other parts of the world occasionally look up clinics. When you have a site, they can easily find you. Include your contact details and location. You site needs to be responsive. It should also include all information visitors may be looking for, for instance a list of healthcare services you offer.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Developing an online presence doesn’t stop at setting up a website for your clinic. You will be competing against many other medical websites so it’s prudent to apply some SEO tactics. Begin by making the site mobile friendly since most internet users use their smartphones/tablets to browse.

Search engines usually prefer fresh content so ensure that you always update your site. It is also vital to improve your site’s loading speed since no one loves to spend time at a site that doesn’t load fast. SEO enables your clinic to reach out to more internet users.

Search engine marketing (SEM)                       

When you have an online presence, your goal is to increase traffic to your site. SEM, also known as paid advertising helps you do this. Using this technique, you bid on keywords that users are likely to type into a search engine when looking for a clinic.

When they perform a search containing keywords you bid on, you ad will appear above the normal search results. If done properly, it is a surefire way to get more internet users to check out your clinic.

Give talks in other countries

Considering that Singapore is one of the top medical destinations globally, you may think that attracting overseas clients is a walk in the park. It is far from that. You have to employ various strategies in order to attract people from other countries. Giving talks is one of the best ways to do this.

It’s all about showcasing your expertise. Start by organising talks in other countries then sending some of your highly trained medical experts. They have to be exceptional at what they do. If for instance you have the best technology to treat a particular condition, highlight it and encourage attendees to visit your clinic.

A healthcare roadshow to promote your clinic

As you try to attract patients from other countries remember that most will come from Singapore. One of the best ways to do this is through roadshows. It allows you to traverse the country as you create awareness about your clinic. Tell people how they stand to benefit by coming to your clinic. You have to convince the public to choose you over other clinics in Singapore.

Leverage visiting consultations

If you own cutting edge medical equipment and have highly trained and skilled medical personnel, you’ll be in demand. This is where visiting consultations come in. Identify countries where you want offer your consultancy services. Remember you can also do it locally.

Medical practitioners sent to offer consultancy services should be experts in their fields. Patients typically go for someone who is knowledgeable about their condition. It is a great way to increase the number of patients coming to your clinic.

Partner with other countries’ medical authorities

You will be a step ahead of your competitors if you work directly with other countries’ medical authorities. Singapore is one of the best healthcare providers in the world. Healthcare here is superior to many other countries so you need to take advantage of this.

Approach medical authorities of target countries and ask if they can work with you. When they agree, you can always be assured of a steady stream of patients seeking your services. You can include incentives or an exchange program to make the deal even better.  

Organise and attend medical symposiums

When developing your marketing, ensure that medical symposiums. There is so much you will gain when you attend these medical conferences. The good thing is, they are held every couple of weeks/months not only in Singapore but other parts of the world. The first benefit you will get by attending is the opportunity to network with colleagues and businesses from all parts if the world.

If you looking to boost your credibility, symposiums will help since many of them award attendees with certificates. They are also avenues for learning about the latest technology/developments in the healthcare sector. These events will significantly boost your brand and attract the public to your clinic.

Creating An Actionable Sales Funnel

digital marketing strategy for healthcare in singapore

It all starts with a good action plan from the management team on how you want your clinic to be branded, what is the positioning you need to maintain, how do potential patients or their caregivers interact with you online and offline.

The above shows a basic actionable plan you can utilise. Core to this plan is to have a good website designed or Facebook page that delivers your unique selling points, your patient care services, network, trust, accreditation and how they can get in touch with you.

The leads is fundamentally important also as you will need clever ways of marketing such as search engine optimisation (SEO) to rank up on Google and the other search engines, search engine marketing (SEM) to cast your net wide with ads, social media marketing (SMM) which builds up your network and funnels in leads.


The strategies discussed in this post will help you increase the number of patients in your clinic. If you put enough effort into marketing, you will start to notice positive results. Chances are you will struggle with online marketing strategies such as SEO and SEM. MediaOne, a marketing agency in Singapore helps you promote your clinic online.

November 01, 2018

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