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How Do I Market Chiropractor Services in Singapore


Hard tissue injuries are some of the hindrances to an active workforce in Singapore. In a survey done recently, general physicians diagnosed over 500 cases of hard tissue injuries in the first quarter of 2017. Patients have at least three options, taking medicines, massage therapy, or procuring chiropractic treatment. 51% of these cases opted to go for massage therapy and Chiropractor Services since they incorporate a hands-on approach with minimal or no use of medicines.

The chiropractic sector has seen a boom in the number of professionals offering these services, and it is best to be innovative in your marketing strategies to get the lion’s share. Here are the top three strategies for marketing your chiropractic services in Singapore.

Network with Doctors

Hardly will you find a healthy person looking for chiropractic services, however, when the need arises, they trust their doctors to recommend and refer them to a chiropractor. Armed with your license, rate card, and expertise, join a medical practitioner’s forum on social media, and offer knowledge about hard tissue injuries. After making a connection with a few doctors, follow up the initial engagement by physically visiting their hospitals and clinics for a formal introduction and discuss working together in the future.

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Join a Professional Body

You would be surprised at the lengths patients will go to ensure they are in the hands of a qualified caregiver. Join The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) to show patients that you are qualified, licensed, and experienced. The Association maintains a record of all qualified chiropractors who meet the educational standards of the Council on Chiropractic Education. If a patient misses your name in the list, be sure that they will seek the services elsewhere.

Hold Chiropractic Camps

Many Singaporeans self-medicate with over the counter painkillers, yet they could be suffering from hard tissue injuries that require a professional diagnosis. Conduct chiropractic camps to educate people in Clementi or any other city that you operate it about the symptoms, the effects of hard tissue injuries, the treatment options, the costs involved, et al. This is one of the best public relations strategies that medical practitioners use to build and cultivate trust with their patients.

In conclusion, you cannot do without digital marketing. Employ the services of an SEO company to handle your digital marketing campaigns and popularize your chiropractic services to the target audience. MediaOne helps chiropractors in Singapore to connect with clients through the internet by offering quality SEO services. Get in touch with our digital marketing team at (65) 6789 9852.


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