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How to Market My Car Workshop in Singapore


Today, every type of business needs marketing to succeed. And as we know, the marketing game has significantly changed over the last few years: radio and TV ads have given way to social media ads, mails have changed into emails, and now, you have to follow Google’s terms and conditions to be found online. However, many auto repair businesses are still doing the same thing: low-budget TV ads, direct mail, and billboard or radio time.

Of course there is a place for these things. However, there are ways for you to standout from other car workshop in singapore. Here are marketing strategies that you must implement to standout from the many car workshops in the city:

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Connect with your customers

Singapore has one of the most active consumers of social media in the world, which means that you are likely to connect with your potential customers through social networking platforms. The question that you should ask yourself is: what should I do to get these people when they are online?

You need to share updates every day: satisfied customer reviews, good information about car repairs, contests you are organizing, news about your car workshop, photos of your staff and satisfied customer feedback. You also need to provide engaging content on your website and your customers will start to interact and tell others about your car workshop in Singapore.

Educate people

The fact that you are in the automobile sector means that you know about cars. If a car owner doesn’t know the importance of getting his air filter changed, then he is less likely to do so. In addition, many people have had unfortunate experiences with mechanics who incorrectly diagnosed the problem or charged more than it is required-show your customers that you are not only a pro but also fair and honest in your car workshop business. Share information through social media and email on the importance of car maintenance. Talk about the different problems that are likely to arise, what they mean and what it costs to repair.

Build a review base

A significant number of potential customers will want to read reviews before making a purchase. Therefore, you cannot underestimate the importance of reviews. You need to have as many reviews as possible and you can achieve that by encouraging customers to write them. You shouldn’t also be afraid of negative reviews since they give you a chance to turn the experience of the customer around.

Marketing is a game that is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up sometimes. However, many people in the automotive industry are stuck in the old days. You can rise above your competitors by making a few tweaks to your marketing strategy.



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