How to Market My Business in Singapore Using Snapchat

How to Market My Business in Singapore Using Snapchat

According to a Bloomberg report published recently, a staggering 150 million people across the globe use Snapchat on a daily basis. Market My Business using Snapchat. The same report went on to state that at the present moment, Twitter has less than 140 daily users across the world. Clearly, Snapchat has overtaken Twitter as one of the most popular social media platforms. And even closer home, things aren’t much different; available data on the French Chamber Singapore website shows that 37% of social media users in Singapore prefer Snapchat, compared to other networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Which begs the question, why Snapchat? What’s special about it that it has taken Singapore and the larger world by storm? To understand better, here are a few things to note;

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  • In the last two years, the number of people who use Snapchat and Instagram in Singapore has continued to rise drastically.
  • Businesses, both local and foreign, have realized the tremendous opportunities that these two platforms offer, in terms of engaging with potential customers at a personal level. Forget about the good old Newspaper ads or TV commercials; brands are finding it easier to post the best photos or info about themselves on Snapchat, and being sure that they’ll reach millions of users.
  • An ordinary teen looking for the best Pizza inn in the heart of Singapore is unlikely to rely on traditional electronic media; it’s easy as Googling it on their Phones, or asking a friend to recommend a place. Next, he or she will be sharing photos of the joint on Snapchat, and before you realize it, the dynamics of traditional marketing have shifted!

Welcome to the digital age, where Snapchat is eclipsing all the traditional forms of business marketing. All that you need is a well thought out strategy, to help you make the most out of Snapchat as a marketing tool. In this article, you’ll find some effective tips to start you off and keep you going.

Consider Using Snapchat Takeover

Snapchat Takeovers is a new marketing strategy that has gained massive traction among brands that are keen on capitalizing on social media platforms. It entails giving a third party control of the brand’s Snapchat account for a specified period. The third party can be an influencer or celebrity who has a huge following on the platform. By giving him or her the privilege to run the account, he/she will connect your brand with his followers thereby expanding your clientele base and exposure. The target customers are more likely to engage and seek your services if they see one of their favorite celebrities try out the product.

Wet Seal, a popular women’s clothing retail store hired MsMeghanMakeup who has over 250,000 followers to run their account. Her influence helped the clothing store gain more than 9,000 new connections in a span of only two weeks!

Come up With a Marketing Campaign Based on a Major Event

Using trending cultural events to come up with a marketing campaign is another powerful way of promoting your company and increasing followers on Snapchat. Ideally, you will be aligning the target customers to the event and using its exclusivity, popularity, and hype to scale up your brand interest and awareness in the market.

Give Followers Exclusive Reviews

Acura, a renowned automobile manufacturing company, created a huge buzz online and offline by providing its 100 new followers with a Six-second long video of their newest speed luxury car. As a result, the company was named a finalist in the 6th Annual Shorty Awards for its successful incorporation of Snapchat into its campaign. The company crowned it all by applying the same strategy to increase its popularity on other social media platforms such as Vine, Twitter, and Instagram.

Offer Coupons, and Rewards

Just like consumers from other parts of the world, we Singaporeans love doing business that rewards loyal or repeat customers with coupons and rewards. Thus, you can boost your social media marketing campaigns by using Snapchat’s inherent ephemeral nature; by offering temporary contests and deals to the existing and new customers. This strategy not only spurs engagement by creating urgency, but also gives the target audiences a reason to continuously engage with your brand and stay updated with your content to ensure they don’t miss out on any offers.

Frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles was one of the first brands to use Snapchat to offer coupons to its customers. As a reward for its effort, this brand gained new clients by promoting stores in particular locations and times. Customers were required to take photos of themselves or colleagues enjoying the delicious and healthy 16 Handles yogurt in any of its outlets to qualify for a 16%-100% coupon code. The also had to show the cashier the photo within 10 seconds after taking it. You too can think of coming up with a unique Snapchat promos and coupon codes.

Create Unboxing Videos and Informative Product Reviews

With more and more consumers opting to purchase their goods or services online, it is imperative for brands to provide them with firsthand information about their products and services. Help them make a quick decision by creating entertaining videos and posting them on your Snapchat. You can also hire one of the many social media influencers in the country to write a product review and share it on their account.

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Amazon used Snapchat to explain how one of their new products, Amazon Echo, works. As a result, this reputed e-commerce company garnered more than 6,000 mentions in four hours! The takeaway is that you can use this social media platform to explain how a new product works. While there, request interested customers to ask questions and be sure to respond to them quickly and politely.

Treat Customers to Behind-The-Scenes Footages

In the past, photos from international fashion events such as the Singapore Fashion Week would take weeks to trickle from photographers to the fashion magazines and finally to the newsstands and consumers. Thanks to Snapchat’s innovative live features, you can give your followers a rare view of the fashion products as they unfold instantly. You can use this strategy to launch a new product into the market by holding a live video on Snapchat.

Recognize your Followers

GrubHub, a well-known online and mobile food ordering company, came up with its first Snapchat marketing campaign back in 2013. They were named the finalist in the 7th Annual Shorty Awards by posting user-generated content, promotions, and giveaways on their account. All these efforts helped the brand to increase its number of followers by 20%.

In summary;

Even as you focus on Snapchat, the first thing you must ensure is that your website is fully optimized and mobile friendly. Snapchat is a mere appetizer; once audiences have liked your brand and wish to learn more about it, purchase online, etc, they’ll have to visit your websites. Get a professional SEO consultant to help fix and optimize your website so that it always ranks top on major search engines. On the same breath, consider incorporating SEM (search engine marketing) methods to supplement your Snapchat marketing efforts. Basically, SEM entails posting ads on search engines to increase your brand awareness and popularity online.

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