How to Market my Business in Singapore Using Pinterest


Pinterest is undoubtedly the best social media platform for showcasing products and marketing them as it focuses on things rather than relationships and messaging. It can be especially effective for businesses that target women as most users tend to be women than men, are highly educated and therefore likely to have a high income.


Pinterest Marketing Trends in Singapore

Most Singaporeans are not early adopters of social media platforms. However, Pinterest marketing is doing well here, especially in Singapore city. A good example is the success of Prestige Singapore, which is a lifestyle magazine for the affluent and influential. In Singapore, Pinterest is driven mainly by an aspiration (designers, travel, weddings) or specific projects (renovation, house decorations). Most Pinterest users tend to be female, and a large proportion of them are in visually related lines – design, luxury products, photography, illustration, and advertising.


Pinterest is 19th widely used social media platform in Singapore accounting for 0.7million users. Recent research also points out that 46.2% of Singaporean first research product information, reviews, and user experience through social media including Pinterest. Although Pinterest marketing is not as widely used in Singapore as other social media platforms like Facebook, there is a surge of users notably in Bedok and Alexandra.


The first thing marketers should ask themselves is the usefulness of Pinterest in getting their word out there. If you are not already marketing yourself on Pinterest, you must understand its marketing value and how to monetize your presence there. To begin with, know the kind of users that Pinterest attracts. With a logo that resembles an apple pie, Pinterest appeals to moms especially those with young families. These women are ready to spend since they do their household shopping and use Pinterest to research products and services.


In terms of value, it is clear is that Pinterest reinforces a brand, drives traffic, increases community, builds consumer interest and promotes your business in an organic way. Pinterest niche is picture sharing, and many brands that develop unique products and that have stunning imagery may benefit immensely from this platform. Some of the businesses in Buona Vista and other places in Singapore that can leverage on Pinterest include;

  • Architecture
  • Apparel
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Interior design among others.


Marketing your business using Pinterest

Create the content that attracts your audience

Content on Pinterest lasts very long, and you can use the power of the platform algorithm to go viral. This means your quality content must be tailored for your audience. However, keep in mind that your content is not the only thing that matters; you need to be an informational hub for your fans. Use Pinterest Analytics and other ways to understand the interests of your audience and then provide that which is hard to find and valuable to your audience. If your products are not photogenic or you do not have a physical product, create quotes and share them to have a branded experience for your followers. You can borrow tips from websites and articles, to drive traffic back to your products.


Pin your videos

With Pinterest announcing that they offer an opportunity to pin a Vimeo video, it is in your best interest to do so. For a business dealing with products or machinery that you may need to enlighten your customers on, you can create a “how to” instructional video. In the past, these videos could only be pinned directly from YouTube.


Partnering with guest pinners who are influential

Using Pinterest’s group boards gives you a chance to include guest pinners that can potentially bring new interests to your boards. When you invite influential users to contribute to a board, their activity will be shown both in their followers’ feeds and your followers feed. This increases your likelihood of attracting new fans. Form strategic partnerships with influencers using group boards but do not have too many contributors to each board as it is better to allow each partner curate his/her board.


Tell the human story of your brand

Slick imagery on Pinterest is good, but the story behind the images can also be engaging. You may have heard an interesting journey to where you are, and your fans would want to know about it. You may include aspects such as ‘history’ and ‘the people behind the pints’ to communicate a sense of your wider mission and reinforce your loyalty to your fans. Your relationship with your followers can be enhanced by celebrating your company, staff, and customers through humanizing your brand.


Create a constant stream of traffic from Pinterest

A smart feed is the one that has high quality, and that is timely (pins that show recent postings). When you understand your audience interests, you are a winner. Create relevant categories to help your pins get seen. Your images should be top notch and remember to share more pins to ensure that more are viewed. Be keen to understand what drives traffic to you and bear in mind particular style of pins that excites or makes your fans want to buy from you. You can share examples with data on top shared pins and find relevant group boards by searching them using keywords.


Create an events pinboard

If you plan to run an event for your business, whether it is a regular event, annual, or a “one-off,” it is nice to create a board highlighting the speakers and attendees so as to crowd source your marketing. When you talk to the attendees and the speakers, they will share the same before and after the event and this, in turn, add to the virality of your content and brand.


Refine everything

Ensure you have replaced old content with new content and create redirects for products that are no longer available. The essence here is to clean up everything and ensure that you are monitoring; fix a mistake when you find it. When products are sold out, you can utilize rich pins to inform pinners. Ensure you have correctly spelled your words and that the images are marked well.



Social platforms like Pinterest can drive referral traffic and generate brand awareness through increased community on the platform which is indexed by Google and therefore a vital part of a marketers’ social media SEO strategy. Some companies in Singapore, like Singapore GP Pte Ltd and Zalora Singapore an online fashion destination have discovered great success in using Pinterest for marketing. SEM strategies are aimed at making a site compliant with search engines regulations so as to increase its ranking should be embraced.


Your site should not only be attractive, but also it should be adequate regarding SEO requirements. It is important for a company to engage a SEM specialist since multilingual paid search campaigns, international SEO and localization services involve language skills and a flexible approach to different countries and market contexts. Other SEO expert strategies such as content marketing, link building, and search engine advertisements also play a crucial role in increasing traffic and building a brand name.


Planning and developing an online marketing strategy is a difficult assignment whose success depends on how these services get integrated into the business processes management as a whole.




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