How to Market my Business in Singapore Using LinkedIn

How to Market my Business in Singapore Using LinkedIn



Singapore has some of the most ardent social media users, not just regionally but also by world standards. Over the last 10 years, social media has revolutionalized much especially in terms of challenging traditional business marketing methods. Today, social media is not just a platform for entertainment and sharing photos with families and friends; it is a highly effective method for businesses to make themselves noticed. Most companies are now using these platforms as their primary marketing channels as they allow them to interact directly with their clients and market their brand cost effectively.

One of the most popular and effective platforms for marketing your business in Singapore is LinkedIn. Conservative and unconfirmed figures indicate that there are more than 1.73 million LinkedIn users in Singapore. While a majority of these users rely on LinkedIn to network professionally and search for jobs, some clever and innovative businesses are tapping into this market segment. How? By selling their services and products in ways no one would have imagined. The thing is, if you want a platform where business deals and connections are made, deals go down, and leads are generated, then you need to commit more time to LinkedIn.

Here are some tips on how to set up a LinkedIn marketing strategy and reap profits from it. Note that these tips may not apply to Facebook and Twitter.

Create a LinkedIn Group

A LinkedIn group is pretty much similar to a Facebook fan page, but more efficient in promoting engagements and generating leads. One of the benefits of having a group of potential customers is that you get an opportunity to get business leads from high-end clients and decision makers. Come up with a group title or name that resonates with the nature of your business or industry, before sending out invitations. Below are additional wise nuggets to help you expand your group;

  • Include high-value keywords in the group’s description to increase its search ranking
  • Include keywords in the title to make it easier for Google and other search engines to index and display it in search engine results page
  • Add a link to your official business website or blog to drive organic traffic to the site. The members will be able to seamlessly access your site by clicking on the link instead of spending time searching for it on Google
  • Make sure that you add a blog RRS feed to the group, so that all new articles that you publish are automatically indicated on the home page of all group members.
  • Commit yourself to sending at least one weekly message that is packed with valuable information to the group members. Doing so will not only help you to build credibility but also drive traffic to your website
  • Interact and connect with people in the group more often to understand their needs. In the process, introduce your business and the products you are offering

All these wise nuggets will increase your chances of generating leads for your company. Concisely, come up with a group that meets a need for the audience you are targeting. Therefore, you will need to carry out a feasibility study before creating the group.


Build Credibility and Ask Questions

Thousands of Singaporeans use LinkedIn Answers to look for facts related to their jobs or courses. It is one of the most trusted platforms to get answers from the top-rated experts in the various niches and from across the globe. The success of any business is dependent on its credibility and reputation in the market. If the targeted customers identify your company as an authority in a particular niche, they will confidently purchase your products and seek your services repeatedly.

The most successful Clementi-based software development company spends almost two hours a week answering questions from other LinkedIn users. This simple tactic gives the company at least five new clients per month. Here are three tips on how to increase your chances of getting leads by answering questions;

Step 1: Carry out a background research on the person who asked the question to understand their background. Then, come up with an ingenious way to link the response to some of the information posted on their LinkedIn profile.

For example, if you get a question related social media marketing from a company director research the company to know the products or services that it offers and use that information to come up with a personalized response.

Step 2: Do not shy away for sharing resourceful links to websites and authority blogs that contain additional information. You can also recommend an expert who is more experienced and knowledgeable on that topic.

Step 3: Keep the conversation going by requesting them to reach out to you privately if they need additional help. Doing so will give you an excellent opportunity to share more information about your products and services.

Host Events Regularly

Just like other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn has an intuitive events platform that allows users to create host events for free. For instance, if you intend to hold a social media sensitization campaign in three cities, Bukit Batok, Novena, and Tampines, you can create the event and then proceed to promote it to get as many attendees as possible.

Anyone who comes across the event and indicates that he or she is attending, that information or notification will be immediately posted on the home profile of all the group members as well as the people that you have connected with. This will, in turn, give you free exposure and triple the chances of the event ad going viral. As you promote the event, be sure to send out personalized invitation messages to people are would be interested in it based on niche and region to get the best outcome.

Carry Out an Advanced Search of the Market

LinkedIn has a power advanced search function that allows a user to find and connect with the exact prospects they are going after. All you need to do is click on the “Advanced” tab located on the top right side of the home page right next to the search box. You will be transferred to a new page where you can use industry, company names, titles, and keywords to look for the exact information that you want. There are also niche-specific filters that you can use to target a particular group of people in your niche.

Finally, we all love receiving personalized information from organizations and local businesses that we’ve purchased from. Once you locate leads, send professional, personalized messages to them. Any expert LinkedIn marketer can attest to the fact one of the surest ways of making a sale on this platform is by connecting with the prospective customers on as many personal levels as possible. Spend time going through their profiles to gather as much information as possible to help you come up with the most personalized message possible.

Last but not least, you’ll need to also focus on SEO and SEM. The two will catapult your business to greater heights, considering that you’ll be available on the top pages of major search engines. Get an SEM and SEO Singapore consultant, let them optimize your site and make it ‘favorable’ on search engines. While at it, they should also ensure that it is mobile friendly; this is the newest trend or trick in the world of SEO.

In Summary;

Over 90% of internet users rely on mobile phones and other hand held devices; having your site modified to reflect this reality should be your priority.




February 08, 2017

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