How to Market My Business in Singapore Using Instagram

How to Market My Business in Singapore Using Instagram

Singapore boasts of superb internet connectivity, not just by regional standards, but also globally. We boast of a young, and tech savvy middle class, increasingly reliant on the internet for their day to day activities; a whopping 74% of Singaporeans regularly use social media platforms to interact and share information with friends, colleagues, and family members. Instagram is one of the newest platforms that have garnered massive traction in Singapore. More than 1.4 million people in the country have downloaded the app on their mobile devices and use it on a daily basis.

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Instagram is considered one of the fastest growing social media platforms, with more than 400 million active users worldwide. On average, Instagram users share up to 80 million images and other forms of visual content per day. Instagram also has the highest level of engagement per post, compared to Facebook and Twitter. For example, Twitter has an average of 1% engagement while Instagram scores 4% engagement per visual content posted on the platform. All these statistics make Instagram an ideal tool for all marketers and entrepreneurs here in Singapore

Some of the companies that are reaping huge profits by marketing their products on this platform globally include:

  • Nasty Gal Fashion Line
  • GoPro
  • Warby Parker
  • FIJI Water and the list continues

Here are expert tips on how you can use Instagram to market your business in Singapore.

1# Use Actionable Hashtags to Build a Community

Actionable hashtags are instrumental in helping companies to build a community of prospective customers on other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Twitter. Successful companies that use Instagram as one of their marketing channels such as GoPro, have proved that it is possible to use the same hashtags to attract more followers. For example, Nike’s hashtag #chooseyourwinter has enabled this leading shoe company to gain a huge number of followers on Instagram to the extent that Instagram management team do recognize Nike as one of the brands with an inherent ability to start a movement and achieve their set goals.

Your company can also reach the same success by using actionable hashtags. Ideally, the hashtag should be related to the products or services that you are offering. They should also relate to the target customers and motivate them to take action.

You should also use general hashtags in your posts to increase the chances of your products appearing in search results. For example, if you have a coffee shop in Novena, tags such as #coffee and #latte can make an image of your brand delicious latte visible to a larger audience.


2# Monitor your Brand Hashtags

Ideally, the consumers will be using the hashtags to connect and interact with your brand. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor them just like you track Twitter Mentions and Facebook Page tags. Also, respond to concerns and comments posted by the audience quickly to enhance your credibility and build good relationships with customers.


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3# Partner with People/ Organization that Root for your Brand’s Values

Some brands have come up with an ingenious way of popularizing their products by not directly marketing their products to their customers. Instead, they partner and support people and organizations that root for their brand’s values. A good example is SweetGreen, an international company that serves healthy salads, fro-yo, and soups that are made using organic ingredients from local their trusted partners and farmers. They recently partnered with FoodCorps, a non-profit organization whose principal objective to empower children with information about healthy living.

This ingenious marketing tactic has helped both partners to gain massive popularity from the ever increasing number of Instagram users. Go ahead and support an organization that supports your company’s values and objectives. Make sure that you mention the partner when writing a photo caption.

Note that unlike Twitter which is strict on character limit, you have all the freedom to make the photo caption interesting; however, always keep your caption short and to the point. The caption should be catchy, entertaining, and relevant to the audience and post.

4# Find the Beauty in your Brand

One of the main reasons why most B2B companies in Clementi are reluctant to use Instagram as one of their digital marketing channels is because they find the platform unusable for their business. They are of the idea that since they do not sell food, clothing, beer, or other common products, a photo-sharing application will not do their business any good. For instance, a company that sells software finds it hard to come up with photos that are attractive to the Instagram audience.

Nonetheless, there are countless other ways that you can use Instagram to market your software. You do not have to directly post photos of your products on the platform to get sales. For example, with the new Instagram Go-Live feature, you can show the audience a sneak peak view of how you create and monitor the software. You can also set up and post animated videos on the platform indicating the benefits of the products you are offering.

5# Make Use of All Tools Instagram Offers

There is a broad range of filters, editing tools, and special effects that you can use to beautify your photos. Your creative team can help you perfect the photos before they are posted to ensure that they garner the most visually compelling results. Other the top rated and popular filters used by companies to improve their photos are X-Pro II, Low-Fi, and Valencia.

Instagram just released a new suite of tools that are tailored to help business analyze the performance of their posts. These tools are ideal for all types of businesses. Now, you can get account insights such as engagement, reach, and impressions. Two other premium tools that are only available for paid advertisements are ad insights and ad staging. Ad Insights is a tool that is designed to give advertisers more details about brand analytics to ensure that each campaign is a success. On the other hand, Ad Staging allows multiple businesses to collaborate to preview, save, and work together on their ad creative.

6# Showcase Beautiful Experiences that are Related/Relevant to your Brand

Showing the beautiful audience experiences that are relevant to your company will create a buzz that will, in turn, result in more sales. If you thought wind turbines are photogenic, think again. General Electric has mastered the art of showing how their products impact the world positively by taking fantastic photos of their wind turbines. It is this kind of photos that elicits positive reactions from target customers by showing that the company is not only focused on making money, but also impacting the lives of people positively.

7# Make Use of Instagram Sponsored Ads

Visual content communicates and relates to the audience better than verbiage. They express ideas, sentiments, emotions, and even thoughts. Instagram sponsored ads will help you win over more customers by painting a professional image of your brand. One of the benefits of a sponsored ad is that you can laser target it to a particular segment of customers. All Facebook targeting tools are at your disposal, and so you can identify your clientele base using parameters such as interests, tastes, behaviors, and preferences. Once you do the segmentation, you will be able to come up with visual content that best resonates with the audience. This will, in turn, result in more responses and sales in the long run.

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the best social media networks that you can use to market your products to a larger audience without spending a fortune. Go an extra mile and support your campaign with professional SEO services as well as SEM consultancy. These two services will help your website rank high on search engines and increase the popularity of your products online. For example, SEM will make sure that your ads are shown on SERPs. Since most SEM is hinged on a Pay-Per-Click model, you will only pay when someone clicks on your ads or takes the specified desired action. If they don’t, you will still benefit from the free exposure without having spent a penny.


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