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How to Market Building and Construction Services in Singapore


A study conducted by Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority showed that in the 4th quarter of 2016, real estate developers completed 7,877 housing units, compared to 7056 units that were launched in 2015. The study also found out that more than 7,972 private homes were sold compared to 7,440 units in 2015.

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These statistics are clear proof of the increase in demand for modern housing. This upsurge has resulted in an increase in demand for professional building and construction services in the country. Today, we look at expert tips on how to market building and construction services in Singapore.

Visual Aids

Explaining how a particular construction project was completed can be an uphill task due to the many aspects that need to be put on paper. Save time and money by using visual aids. For example, pictures showing the construction site before, during, and after completion of the construction project will give prospective clients a clear perspective of your services.

The pictures can be organized in a picture frame and displayed at trade fairs and conferences. Be sure to include the company name and contact information in the frame for clients who may be interested in the services.

You can also offer a gift certificate to the client after completing the project to sell the brand to other prospective clients. JL Building Products and Services PTE Limited Company is one of the enterprises in this niche that has managed to expand its clientele base by using pictures frames.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that you can use to target specific groups of customers affordably. Studies show that 11% of all online sales recorded can be tracked back to an email marketing campaign.

If you are new in the construction industry, you can rent an email database from one of the reputed companies in the country such as Ninja Emails. Go an extra mile and invest in email marketing software to send out the emails to clients. Headquartered at 27 Pandan Crescent, the KTC Group is poised to accelerate its growth by using email marketing and other new era digital marketing strategies.

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