How to Market My Brand Consultancy in Singapore

market your brand consultancy in Singapore

There is an increase in the number of new businesses across Singapore. This is largely due to the widespread use of the internet. The internet has had a huge impact in the lives of human beings. A few years ago, it was quite difficult to start your own business but with the emergence of the internet, you can easily start and promote your business. This has led to the rise of brand consultants whose purpose is to help companies grow. In this article, we will talk about some strategies to market your brand consultancy in Singapore.

There is a high number of businesses in the country but only a few manage to achieve their financial goals. As you promote yourself, you must ensure you convince businesses that you will help them become industry leaders. There are so many things brand consultancies get wrong when reaching out to potential clients.

Using the wrong marketing approach

You may be the best consultant in the city but if you are employing the wrong marketing approach, you won’t land any customers. Considering the large number of internet users in Singapore and around the world, digital marketing is highly encouraged.

This doesn’t mean that all digital marketing techniques produce results. If you don’t do it the right way, you will incur losses. Study the market and find out which marketing techniques can help you reach out to and land long term clients.

Know your target audience

The success of your band consultancy, or any other businesses for that matter depends on how well you know the target audience. If, for instance you are going to work with a new business, you have to analyse their industry in order to find ways to help them grow.

Having adequate knowledge about your potential clients will make it easier for your brand consultancy business to grow. If you know the problems facing the target audience, you can easily come up with solutions and offer your help. Most businesses will be willing to work with you once you show that you care about them.

With this I mind, let’s now discuss tips to market your brand consultancy in Singapore.

Partner with other service providers

It’s a fact that you’ll need to constantly look for clients so that your brand consultancy business stays afloat. There are times when there are plenty of customers seeking your services and there are times when you land only a small number. What do you do when you are getting a few or no clients?

Make partnerships with other services providers. Do not make the mistake of partnering with your competitors. Look for companies which offer related services to potential clients and make a deal with them.

 A good example is when you work with a content creation agency. When a certain company uses its services, they’ll recommend your brand consultancy. You also do them same when working with a particular company. The good thing about partnership is that they provide win-win situations, where bother parties benefit.

Leverage video marketing

We are living at a time when content marketing rules. The content you create for the target audience can make or break you. If you are planning to use video marketing to promote your services, start with video. Remember this is a generation where a large number of people would rather watch a video than read a long post.

The video needs to be of high quality. They should focus on catchy title such as “mistakes to avoid if you want to grow your business”. Share the videos on platforms such as YouTube and LinkedIn.  

Do not make just any other video – shoot or create one that is interesting and hooks the potential customers. When internet users search a term on the internet, your video could be one of the results. Great videos will bring more customers to you.

Build a site for your brand consultancy

Creating a website or your brand consultancy is one of the most important steps to take when you want to establish a presence on the internet. There are so many Singaporeans who can find you through search engines. Have all your details in the site and explain your consulting services to the visitors. Make it a simple one and improve user experience.

After creating a site, you will discover that there are hundreds of rival websites on the internet. There are two ways you can improve the visibility of your site on the internet:

Search engine marketing (SEM) – this strategy enables you to advertise on major search engines such as Google. What happens is you bid on keywords that the target audience is likely to key in to search engines when looking for your services. If they do, your ad will appear with the normal search results. The advantage is, you only pay when users click on your ad.

Search engine optimization (SEO) – this is a strategy to improve your sites ranking on search engines. Start by making the site mobile friendly as a vast majority of Singaporeans use mobile devices to access the internet.

Another technique is the inclusion of keywords in your posts. They should be placed in strategic places such as headings, subheadings and in the first paragraph of your posts. Acquiring backlinks from other trusted websites is also another surefire way to increase your site’s rankings.

Use retargeting to lure potential clients

Many Singaporeans spend their free time browsing the internet. This is the main reason why you need to focus on building a solid online presence. Retargeting is becoming one of the best ways to market your services. Most big brands use this technique.

Let’s say a user searches something relating to your services. When they move on to the next web page you follow them. Some people will find this as irritating but it is a great way to convince the users to use your service.

Be active on social networking platforms

Nearly all internet users in Singapore are active users of at least one social media platform. You will be doing your brand consultancy a great deal of good by establishing a presence in these platforms. Some of these social networks include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.

These platforms should be used to engage users by publishing interesting and beneficial content. Each platform is unique so don’t post similar content on all platforms. If you’re using Twitter, focus on putting your point across using the least amount of words.

Facebook allows you to create targeted ads which help you reach a specific group of people. If used well, social networks will help your attract more clients and grow your business.

Attend local events

Do not focus on the internet and forget about other vital marketing strategies. Start by joining the local chamber of commerce. Your goal is to reach out to other businesses and potential clients and telling them about your services.

If, for instance you get an opportunity to attend an event, do not hesitate to talk about your business. Showing expertise in what you do is a great way to land new clients. Start looking up events in your area and network more.  

Use brochures, fliers and business cards

Many people consider marketing tools such as brochures, fliers, and business cards old school. These tools can help you attract a large number of potential customers. Issue them when you attend events or when you come across individuals/businesses you can work with.

All the marketing strategies discussed on this post will help your grow your brand consultancy in Singapore. If you need any help with SEO and SEM, feel free to contact MediaOne, the number one online marketing agency in Singapore.

November 17, 2018

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