How to Market My Beauty Services In Singapore

How to Market My Beauty Services In Singapore

Online Marketing for Beauty Services in Singapore

Singapore is known for its high-end salons and spas. The fast growing industry records high numbers of locals and tourists, allowing owners to enjoy multiple streams of revenue with a steady flow of customers. Just like other businesses, setting up a beauty service is accompanied by the right marketing strategy to ensure the success of the business. Here are a few tips to help you market your beauty services in Singapore:

Offer personalized promotions

Take note of any upcoming parties or weddings your customers mention they will be going to. A few days before the event, send out emails and offer them personalized discounts on your beauty service before the event

Show of the culture of your business

Use blog posts or social media to give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at your beauty business-share funny quotes and jokes, interview your stylist and reveal the right candid pictures. Your salon should be inviting enough for people to hangout and not just get a hair cut

Entice customers who come back with a value-added service

Are most of the customers coming in for hair styling or coloring, while you also offer manicures and waxes? After the first session, offer them a discount for another service for the next time they make an appointment

Partner with local businesses

Networking is a pretty scary method, especially for those who are new to town. But the good news is that those days are long gone.

You can instead harness the network power of social media. The arrival of social media means business people are willing to engage, chat and share ideas on how to network. But how do you accomplish this?

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Twitter is the best site for networking. Twitter allows you to seamlessly join other people’s conversations. It also allows you to come across local business chitchat and meet new friends. Team up with local beauty services in Singapore and help each other. You piggy-back on the teams marketing activity and seduce their customer. They will do the same.

Rank well on Google

Before we get down to ranking on Google, let’s start with these three questions:

  • What’s your website current ranking in Google?
  • Do you want your website to rank highly?
  • Do potential customers bounce from your website and don’t return?

Well, we are not really asking you to share your answers to these questions, but stick with us for a moment.

To attract new customers, you need to rank highly on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. However, ranking on these search engines is not easy. You will need to channel more time and money to ensure that your website continues ranking highly. Here are a few website essentials to help you hook in those new customers:

  • Can your website be accessed on a mobile device? You don’t want potential customers to skip your website just because they can’t access it
  • Keep the design attractive and easy to navigate
  • Don’t forget a price page-it’s the third most important page for any beauty services website
  • Make the first visit for first-time customers easy by about that Sunday or late night opening
  • Offer an online booking solution




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