How to Market a Beauty Salon in Singapore

market a beauty salon in Singapore

Beauty salons are literally everywhere in Singapore, and there are many more popping up all over our island even as you read this. Starting a business is challenging enough but with the intense competition in the beauty salon industry, starting your very own beauty salon will prove to be even more taxing. The key to bringing success to your beauty salon is in innovative marketing in order to draw focus on your services.

Businesses that have the best marketing strategies undoubtedly perform better. Since there are so many people offering the same services, how you promote yourself is crucial to your survival. Before we start discussing marketing strategies, let’s first look at things to consider when starting and subsequently running a beauty salon in Singapore.

Understand changes in the marketing world

Before you start marketing your beauty salon, you need to look at the marketing strategies used over the years. Are there some which are no longer effective? Can you identify new ones that guarantee success?

When you are developing a marketing strategy, you have to ask yourself such questions. A good example is the rise of online marketing because there are many internet users these days. Once you have identified these changes, it will be easier to promote your beauty salon.

Establish your brand

One of the best ways to succeed in any particular industry is to develop a strong brand. A strong brand is not only defined by a memorable logo but also elements such as customer service. If you look at all the big brands you will notice that they are known to produce quality products/services.

Always ensure that clients step out of your beauty salon satisfied. Find ways to make them come back. If you get new clients, strive to offer the best customer service. If you do this, your brand will become stronger over time and you will become an industry leader.

Marketing Your Beauty Salon

Reaching out to your target audience

  • Instagram

As one of the more popular social media platforms in the market, Instagram can help you reach a wider audience if you use it well. Instagram is all about beautiful visuals which is perfect for your beauty salon because you are also in the business of creating beautiful things. Be consistent in posting photos of your beauty salon and of your beauty therapists, highlighting your services and professionalism, as well as the location and interiors of your shop.

Involve your clients in some Instagram fun by posting before and after photos of them (with their consent, of course). You should also encourage them to post photos and testimonials of their experience at your beauty salon accompanied with hashtags and a check-in status of your premises.

  • Facebook

It is essential that you create a Business Page for your beauty salon on Facebook with the relevant contact details, address and operating hours. Remember to regularly post the latest news on industry trends and the latest products on the market, and keep followers updated on the latest promotional offerings.

You can also look into increasing the number of followers on the Facebook page for your beauty salon by investing in Facebook Ads to promote your business.

  • Video marketing

As most people now have easy access to the internet, researching any business is hassle-free and quick. When it comes to something as important as one’s appearance, you can bet that your potential clients will want to know whether or not your beauty salon is reliable and if your beauty therapists are skilled. 

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An effective way to showcase your services is through the use of videos. Create short clips of the various services that you offer (eg. facials, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, French manicure, hair colouring, style and cut) and post them on a dedicated YouTube channel or on your business website.

  • Celebrity endorsements

Top beauty brands have been and continue to bank on top celebrities to sell their products. Well-loved celebrities add value and reliability to a brand, and also increase consumer confidence in the service or product. There is no doubt that getting a popular celebrity to endorse a brand instantly creates buzz and publicity for them, both of which are crucial in pushing up sales.

Of course, you will need a substantial amount of money to get a celebrity to endorse your beauty salon, and this is difficult to do, especially if you are in the starting up stages of your business. Once you do have sufficient funds to invest in celebrity endorsements, you can be sure that it will be advantageous for you in the long run. 

  • Word-of-mouth

If a client gets a great haircut from your beauty salons, they are likely to tell other people about it. As you concentrate on internet marketing, remember that word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective marketing methods.

What gives you an edge over your competitors is your service. If you do a thorough job, you are likely to succeed using this method. If you are just starting out, you can encourage family and friends to refer other people to your salon. Do not forget to ask your clients for referrals as they walk out of your salon.

  • SMS marketing

Many beauty salons in Singapore don’t use SMS marketing but this is a great way to up your marketing game. In order to use SMS marketing, you need to collect the phone numbers of your clients.

You will find that you can easily ask your customers for their phone numbers by having them fill up a client loyalty card the first time that they visit your beauty salon. With the list of phone numbers that you have collected, you can send text messages to your clientele informing them of promotions and any special events. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your customers and encourage them to come back.

  • Set up a website

Today, it’s almost impossible to grow your business if you don’t have a website. Add important details such as you location and contacts to the site so that potential clients can easily find you.

To improve the visibility of your site on search engines, you need to employ search engine optimization techniques (SEO). There are various SEO strategies. One way to do this is to ensure your site loads faster and is easy to navigate. Content on your site should be fresh and have the relevant keywords.

Another way to drive traffic to your site is the use of search engine marketing (SEM). Here, you pay to advertise your beauty salon site on search engines. Links to your site will appear above the normal search results.

  • Form partnerships

This is another marketing tactic that most beauty salons overlook. Chances are there other businesses around you that you can partner with. One of the businesses you can form a partnership with is nearby gyms. You can drop your business cards and flyers at gyms around your salon.

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Another way is to place posters of your beauty salon in these gyms. As people work out they will come across your beauty salon and some will get in touch with you. These partnerships cost nothing. You only need to look around you and identify businesses you can work with such as manicure shops, facial shops, spa and massage shops.

  • Engage in charitable activities

Engaging in charity is one of the best ways to grow your business. You can attend a fundraiser, offer your service and donate all or some of the cash you make that day. Attending such events gives you exposure and increases the number of clients.

Provide value-added services

  • Allow online reservations

With services like Chope, Quandoo SG, Booking and Expedia, it is evident that the simple act of making reservations is slowly migrating online. Afford your clients the convenience of being able to book a time slot at your beauty salon without even picking up the phone. The entire process of online booking is seamless and quick, and your customers will most definitely be grateful for it.

  • Referral discounts

When a client enjoys your services, it is very likely that they will share it with people around them. That is free advertisement for your beauty salon so why not reward your clients for that? You can start a campaign whereby you encourage new clients to inform you if someone had recommended your salon to them and then send a friendly email or message with a referral discount for their next visit. Your clients will be more than happy to endorse your beauty salon with this added perk and you benefit too as your clientele increases.

  • Selfie station

You see it at pop-up stores, special events and weddings, and the ones who actively participate in it never fail to have fun. Yes, selfie stations are all the rage these days and setting one up at a beauty salon is more than appropriate as everyone wants to record the time when they are all dolled up and looking like a million bucks.

A great way to promote your beauty salon with a selfie station is to encourage users to post their selfies on social media with a hashtag of your brand. You should also print customised stickers to place on the selfie station props so that your brand name is visible in every photo taken in the selfie station. Your beauty salon benefits from this free marketing and everyone has fun!

  • Loyalty programme

A loyalty programme is a fantastic way to retain long-standing customers and, of course, to increase loyalty in your brand. Offer customers 1 free service after their 10th visit, and so on and so forth, for their subsequently visits. It shows that you treasure your devoted customers and that you always look forward to their return visits. This will also help you bond with your customers and build a solid clientele.

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