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How to Market your Bakery in Singapore

Maison and PAUL significantly redefined the baking landscape in Singapore when they arrived in the country in 2012. Currently, PAUL has some branches strategically located in high traffic areas such as Changi Terminal 3 and Paragon. The target consumers’ busy lifestyle has led to a sharp increase in demand for healthy and convenient baked products such as sandwiches that can be consumed on-the-go.

Here are lessons about how to market your bakery in Singapore that you can learn from the industry leaders, PAUL, Maison, and Angelina bakeries.

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Authenticity and Uniqueness

PAUL and Maison brands offer unique specialties that appeal to the food-obsessed local customers. Some of them unique offerings such as Opera Cake and hot chocolate are imported. They also work smart to come up with products that blend with the local culture to net more customers. So far, provision of authentic and unique baked products have helped the two brands to get a firm footing in Singapore.

Quality Control

With so many bakeries entering the market and offering quality goods to the consumers, competition is bound to become stiffer in the coming years. Local and foreign brands can, however, get ahead of the competition and profit from the existing lucrative market by having robust quality control measures. Aim to offer the same exceptional experience to customers year round.

Broaden Your Menu

Angelina bakery is one of the most successful foreign brands in the country. By expanding their menu offerings, the company has being able to endear themselves to more local customers. Their classic savory offerings such as duck foie gras terrine and traditional crusted onion soup are favorites to thousands of customers.

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