How Do I Market Baby and Children Products in Singapore

How Do I Market Baby and Children Products in Singapore


In 2016, baby and child-specific products in Singapore recorded an average growth rate of 6% and hit S$45 million. One of the factors that fuel the growth of this industry is the increase in birth rate and high economic growth rate. Johnson & Johnson PTE LTD is one of the leading companies in this niche with a market value share of 63%.

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New players in this industry need to have a well-orchestrated marketing strategy to benefit from the increase in demand for these products. Here are insights on how to market baby and child-specific products in Singapore.

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Leverage the Networking Power of Moms

Mothers are the most influential advocates for new products. Attend parenting seminars and conferences to interact and network with this segment of customers. During the interactions, pitch your products and encourage them to visit your website or come to your store to see the products.

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Form Partnership with Influencers

Getting one million fans on social media platforms is a daunting task to most people. You can cut the chase and save money by partnering with influencer marketers. Concisely, the influencer will post a link or an advertisement of your store on their social media accounts in return for a commission for every sale made through the link. You can also agree to other terms of payment such as a monthly fee for posting your ad per week on their social media accounts.

Finally, 8 out of 10 savvy customers read online reviews before deciding to purchase a baby product from a particular store. Therefore, you should encourage customers to review your store and products on Yelp and other renowned platforms to expand your clientele.

Your website also needs to be SEO optimized and user-friendly to convert visitors into buying customers. MediaOne help stores that sell baby products in Singapore to leverage the lucrative online market. Call us at (65) 6789 9852 to learn more about the broad range SEO solutions that we offer.

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