How Do I Market My Auto Parts Shop in Singapore

In spite of the fact that the automotive manufacturing industry in Singapore is not large as compared to the United States and Europe, it is still the choice location for most of the global auto assembling companies. They have spare parts distribution facilities as well as warehouses to facilitate production of high-quality car parts.

The strict environmental laws implemented by the government in a bid to curb the release of greenhouses gasses into the environment reduced the number of cars on the roads. For instance, car owners are required to sell their cars after ten years of use and can take advantage of Singapore compensation scheme to register a new car at a reduced registration fee.

However, auto parts shops in the country still enjoy a significant flow of customers who require high-quality parts of their vehicles. Due to the low number of people who own cars in the country, there exists a stiff competition among the auto parts shops.

Here are digital marketing tips that you can use to get ahead of the competition.

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Get Reviews from Customers

When a client purchases a product through your website or from your store, request them to review you online on various forums such as Yelp, Google, and even on social media. Note that even neutral customer feedback is better than none. With more than 4 million Singaporean citizens accessing the internet on a daily basis, the reviews will increase your chances of winning over new customers without spending money additional marketing channels.

Grow Your Existing Network

Expanding your current pool of clients in the country will help you to get recognized in the auto industry as an authority. After a transaction, give the customers a business card with your personal details such as email address and phone number on it to establish a relationship. Go an extra mile and request them to refer you to their colleagues and friends to expand your clientele base.

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Whenever a new customer is referred to you, reward the person who made the referral with a personal thank you note or an Amazon gift card. It will give them more reason to refer customers to you.

Finally, dominate Singapore online business realm by complementing your digital marketing campaigns with professional SEO and SEM services. MediaOne has been helping auto parts companies grow by providing SEO and SEM services by helping them get effective search engine optimization for their websites. Get in touch with our support team through (65) 6789 9852.


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