Benefits of Managed Hosting for Businesses

managed web hosting

Businesses that outsource managed web hosting services don’t experience the stress that typifies server management. After spending considerable time and effort creating a website for your business, the last thing that you certainly wish want to worry about is your servers and everything else related to them.

Typically, servers require a lot of attention to ensure their optimal functioning. Since the server forms the foundation of your company’s website, the availability of the site depends on your server’s website. Note, the web hosting company should be aware of the goals and objectives of your web design team from the word go. You can make massive losses if your server malfunctions. Here’s why you should hire a web hosting services provider.

Server Security is Guaranteed

The normal functioning of your server depends on how secure its server is. Therefore, you should always prioritize server security. Needless to say, you may not have the expertise to run security audits regularly, scan viruses, configure software firewall, undertake OS updates, and spam filtering.

Providers of managed web hosting services have the necessary tools and expertise, and therefore, they can professionally deal with all security issues that relate to your server. They can scan the server and its system to identify and fix any security vulnerabilities. This prevents the server from getting attacked.

Managed Web Hosting Companies Provide On-Demand Support

Managed hosting should be supported by high-end IT solutions and services. On-demand support makes this possible. Managed hosting service providers can offer you on-demand support. Rather than hiring them to be part of your IT team, these experts will be an extension of the team. Indeed, no one wants to cut short quality time with their loved ones just because their site has gone down.

A managed hosting provider will do this for you, thus allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of your business. Moreover, support teams sent to you by your hosting provider have broad expertise in matters relating to servers. Your in-house IT team can learn from the experience of the support team. This provides you with the knowledge and capabilities needed to safeguard your server.

You Benefit from Backup and Recovery Plans

Often, managed web hosting companies offer data backup and recovery plans. This means that in the event of a breach, there won’t be any data loss. Some managed web hosting companies even go ahead to offer enterprise-level backups as well as top-notch data restoration. As a result, all individual files and whole data sets get recovered when a breach occurs.

With such capability, there’s an assurance that your in-house IT team won’t get overwhelmed during a breach. Managed web hosting typically leverages remote data centers that feature several redundancy layers for ensuring storage, seamless network connectivity, and minimal chances of failure. Websites of companies that hire managed web hosts rarely experience lags since there is always a dedicated team of experts whose work is to handle website restoration and data backups.

Data Storage

Managed hosting companies in Singapore provide storage services. As your company scales, so does the volume of data that you handle. You will need more bandwidth and disk space to accommodate your storage needs. Moving and storing your company’s data can lead to a myriad of problems especially if you run your servers on your own.

With a hosting partner, there won’t be any shortage of space, wasted space, or even some leeway. Therefore, you get to store, transfer, and manage your company’s data affordably and cost-effectively. Similarly, your database will be tailor-made to suit your needs.

Your Server and Website Can Easily Get Customized

Companies have different needs. To serve your clients better, there’s great significance in ensuring that your website server is customized to address your company’s needs. Professional hosting providers don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach when serving clients. Instead, they work to come up with custom-made solutions that address your needs.

It is easy to negotiate with a managed web hosting company to choose a package that best suits your needs as well as those that are critical to you. Similarly, it’s easy to pick web hosting services as per your budget.

Reduced Business Costs

If you are a small business owner, chances are high that you are already overwhelmed by lots of business expenses. Hiring an in-house team of system administrators to undertake database and server management saves you the added cost of hiring and paying in-house IT staff.

It is more sensible to outsource hosting partners since they already have the expertise, equipment, and workforce to manage any server-related issues that you may have. This ultimately translates to reduced business expenses in the long run.

Similarly, focusing on tasks related to server management rather than other core aspects of your business is likely to distract you from realizing your objectives. By outsourcing hosting partners, you will only focus on growing your company.

Real-Time Server Monitoring

Failure to monitor your server round the clock puts you at risk of potential issues and vulnerabilities. You may not have the time, skills, and resources to monitor your server 24/7. When this service gets relegated to hosting partners, your server will be monitored continuously, onsite and remotely.

With managed web hosting, there is a guarantee that the experts you bring on board will use their expertise to ensure excellent server uptime and network availability.

Hosting Partners Offer More Than Just OS Management

Managed web hosting involves more than just managing your server’s operating system. It also involves the provision of other critical services. These include database management, which requires the expertise of database administrators rather than general system admins.

The database management services provided to you by managed hosting companies ensure that your server and website function optimally. You will work with proficient database administrators who possess sufficient knowledge that can support and grow your database environment.


When you outsource managed web hosting services, you pay the hosting fee while mandating the company to handle your server on your behalf. By looking beyond the initial cost of hiring these experts, you will realize that working with a hosting partner makes sense in the long run. 

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