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Making Social Media Insights Count

Social media insights are important to give a window into how viewers are receiving one’s posts. The following is a list of the plethora of ways that social media statistics can give windows into consumer preferences:

Highlighting The Most Successful Posts

If one does not look at these insights, then the person does not know which type of posts are most successful. This is vital because the social media audience can be fickle.

Quantifiable Analytics on Consumers

Certain type of posts may not be appreciated by the viewers. The social media insights, such as engagement, reach, mentions, and trends on this platform may then demonstrate that the platform is starting to lose subscribers.

Lost Advertising Revenue

Most importantly, advertisers might not want to continue their sponsor ships if their company is not receiving a significant return on money that they have invested into your platform.

The Ability to Know When Posts Go Viral

All of the types of social media insights are important to the social media host personality or business. Social media insights allow the user to know when/if their postings are going viral.

Continuous Statistical Feedback

Social media insights are as professional as business charts are in the corporate world. They display the same numerical data as return on investments (ROIs), however in figures that help social media gurus to make money off of advertising, sponsorships, and charting which type of content gets attention.

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The site owner might decide to take a blog in a certain new direction, but if the pool of readership drops significantly, then this change might have been a mistake if the site owner wants to get readers to visit the site continuously.

 Without the statistical feedback of social media insights, the social media platform owner does not know the direction in which to take their site in order to satisfy advertisers and fans/consumers alike. Social media insights allow the director cannot tailor content and comments to suit the viewers.


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