How to Make People Trust Online Reviews in Singapore

make people trust online reviews

In this day and age, almost 90% of the population is online, obviously, this has transferred into the commercial sector and in extension, online reviews have become a crucial part of this process. It goes without saying that consumers trust online reviews. Thus, if a potential customer is thinking about buying a product or hiring a business they are likely to base the decision on the reviews they find online. Research has found 91% of people often read online reviews and about 84% of those believe them to be true. Some even value these recommendations more than a professional review and to some extent more trustworthy than a friend. Though it should be noted that a small percentage also found it less trustworthy than an acquaintance. Even from normal life, one can’t rely fully on a friend’s recommendation on every purchase because the user experience is different.

Thus, most people like varied views from multiple sources who have encountered the product or business. It should be noted that some companies don’t take this as serious as they should because of online reviews matter. After reading about 8 reviews a massive 68% of people form an opinion. It is paramount for people to trust reviews and for companies to take their customer review section with even more seriousness.

What does a good review entail? Research shows that people are more likely to trust the reviews if they actually have useful content instead of when filled with emojis and unnecessary punctuation. A mix of good and bad reviews also seems to actually make them appear more credible, the number of reviews also has an impact as it’s directly proportional. More people reviewing a product will make it seem more attainable. Therefore, people are advised to continually review the products they’re into and using. There is a moderate percentage of those who were surveyed that admitted to caring for the credibility of the reviewer.

Companies can actually boost the number of reviews they get. They can email a customer satisfaction survey. This is a great way for them to actually get to know what customers think and their experience with a product, and it’s the best way to improve your product, though, not all your customers will answer your survey which is okay. If more people are being sought after there can be a link to direct them to just quickly review the company or product online.

Bad reviews are actually a platform to grow, and not as daunting as you might think. All it means is that now you have something to work on from that feedback and, therefore, be constantly improving. If it’s possible customer service can actually reach out to the unsatisfied customers. One must first listen to the complaint and make sure they have a deep understanding of the problem, to reduce customer frustration and ultimately it will improve the companies people skills. Once the problem has been resolved or is being worked on, the customer can ultimately change their mediocre review to a great one.

Logic states that the more people who make online reviews and then the companies actually take note and work on the problem the better services will be, thus with this strategy people will end up actively trusting online reviews. With just a simple search customer will find all the negative ratings, therefore, one must careful with reviews and should keep an eye on them. Moreover, research has shown that ratings vary by culture. Scores tend to fluctuate based on this simple fact the region one comes from greatly affects simple things such as work ethic and quality of service. One person’s excellent is another’s average even when the product is the same, this is due to different cultural norms.

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So, to make people gain confidence in online reviews, the negative comments should have an impact on making the product better. Such as to show that the voice of the consumer actually matters. After reaching out to the customers’ providers should talk about the experience and even ask questions to gain clarity then subsequently resolve the customers’ problem. Eventually, the provider should work on fixing the underlying problem. Reviews should be a process of helping customers connect with providers to help make their products the best. This boosts integrity and makes the whole review process trustworthy.

People want transparency

One of the two main reasons that people trust online reviews is that they want transparency from the providers. No one wants to have the wool pulled over his or her eyes, obviously. With reviews, they have the tools at their fingertips to find out as much information as possible, especially if they have doubts about the business.

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Shopping trends are essential

The second reason is that people usually rely on the opinions of others to influence what they do. It’s the whole backbone of having trending items that everybody busy. Therefore, it’s safe to say that when more people are using a product, then others are more likely to want to buy it and use it as well.

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The bottom line is, people have different reasons for doing certain things and we may never truly understand why they trust the reviews. Nonetheless, we can conclude that part of the reason is, for them to get a clear understanding of their businesses so that they can have the most of out of their customer experience. Not to mention it also assist buyers to be able to validate their own purchases and learn what’s in, on the trends, as we all know everyone likes to remain trendy. Either way, online reviews are a crucial part of the commercial sector. Therefore, customers need to be encouraged to leave reviews of their experiences, whether great or not to help shed a light for others who might be interested. It’s also great for companies to also get real-time feedback to help them make the best of their products. Therefore, from whatever end you’re coming from, online reviews are an important and much-needed portion of any sector.


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