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Looking for tips on how to thrive in digital marketing in Singapore? This is the prime time to jump-start your career as a digital marketer. Whether it’s shopping, paying for bills, or planning for a vacation, we’re at that point in time where people turn to their laptops or mobile devices for almost everything. Which goes on to explain why digital marketing is fast emerging as one of the most lucrative careers around.

Begins with the internet exploding, bringing with it a great number of new opportunities for companies looking to expand their market base to start pulling in new businesses via the super-competitive cyberspace.

So as an aspiring marketer, how do you go about jumpstarting your career in the digital landscape?

Here’s a simple guide to help you out:

Enroll for an Online Class

When it comes to learning just about anything, the internet is your oyster. You have resources aplenty, most of them free.

In the online trenches, you can dig for just about any new skill you wish to learn, and you’ll be presented with an endless list of advanced online courses to enroll for. Even better, you get to implement what you learn as you proceed. And at the end of it all, be awarded a certificate to include in your CV for better chances of landing a digital marketing job in future should you find it fit.

One of the best digital marketing courses to undertake is the Google Academy for Ads. Here, you’ll be taught everything there’s to learn about, from Google Ads and Google Analytics to the sound principles of digital sales and web designs.

For SEO, you have several courses to undertake at SEMrush or head to HubSpot Academy where you can learn about inbound marketing. Mind you, both of these courses are offered gratis.

For coding, your starting point should be with Codeacademy, followed by even more advanced courses at Udemy. Much better alternatives, and which happen to be absolutely free, are solo learn and code avengers.

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Goes without mentioning Lynda, which boasts thousands of courses for almost any imaginable skill you wish to include in your knowledge base.

As an aspiring digital marketer looking to excel in your newfound career goal, you have to make a habit of absorbing every useful piece of information you find online. Whether or NOT it adds any value to your line of specialization, don’t let an opportunity to learn something new, and which may one day come in handy in your future digital marketing endeavor, slide by.

Stay On the Loop

Digital marketing is ever evolving. So at no point will you have learned enough to put an end to expanding your horizons.

Plus there’ll always be something new popping up. And one way to make sure that you never miss out on anything important is to be keen on observing new updates and news.

At the top, we have all the big boys making necessary tweaks and adjustments on their algorithms. So make a point to subscribe to their news source to be updated on their latest adjustments for judicious calibrations.

Here’s a list of sites to subscribe to for updates on anything important in the digital marketing sphere:

. – For SEO, you have MOZ, Search Engine Land, Distilled, and SEO Gadget to name a few. Goes without mentioning MediaOne for those that want to narrow down the list further to Singapore SEO.

. – For PPC, your options stretch to some of the most influential forces in the field including Search Engine Land and PPC Hero among others.

. – For Social Media, you can learn just about anything you wish to be educated on from sites such as Social media Today and Social Media Examiner to name a few.

. – Lastly, for Content marketing creation, you have one of the most formidable forces in the field to start with – and that is, Hubspot.

Network, where Possible

There’s a whole lot you can learn by simply associating yourself with likeminded people. Digital marketing is NOT an exception in this.

Look around the digital space you operate in. Is there someone worth befriending? If so, what are you likely to gain by creating new ties with them?

The people you befriend in your line of work can also double as your support system. Should you find yourself stuck, you can always reach to them with your query and get the necessary help.

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Even better, they might also help you open your mind to new ideas or doors of opportunity. This is important as some of them have been in the game long enough to understand the industry intricacies, and which could have otherwise taken you years to understand on your own.

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Start by signing up to meetups and conferences near you and make a point to attend and network with as many digital marketers as you possibly can. Be sure to attend their workshops and, where possible, schedule some facetime with some of the most influential forces in the industry and probe them with your questions.

Apply What You Learn on Personal Projects

There no better way to learn by implementing the things you pick along your learning curve. No matter how much knowledge you manage to gather along the way, if you can’t actually get to try out some of them on real time projects, then there’s a lot of hands-on experiences you’ll be missing out.

Not everything you get to read about digital marketing is the gospel truth. There are a lot of grey areas around some of the concepts, and which can only be ironed out by trying them out in the clear, and by making necessary adjustments where possible until you’re sure of what to do and what to avoid.

You can start by creating a number of personal projects to test out the skills you pick along the way. Remember to test every single digital marketing discipline you wrap your head around including SEO, Social Media, PPC and Content Marketing to name a few.

Learn the Lingo

Digital marketing has its own lingo. At the core we have the common acronyms, often thrown about in online statements and conversations. Which is to say, unless you get to understand what is meant by PPC, SEO, and SEM among others, you’ll have a hard time wrapping your head around some of the technical digital marketing concepts explained.

That’s a prerequisite for a beginner. You want to position yourself favourably to grasp just about everything thrown your way. Meaning the lingo part is an important segment of learning the ropes.

At core you want to analyse different digital marketing campaigns or on the very least understand what is meant when someone suggests something. So why NOT start by understating the industry jargon?

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Establish Yourself as an Online Brand

You need to solidify your online presence to be noticed by web owners and other marketers. This is important as your clients will only trust you with their online needs after they’re sure you can deliver. And one way they can tell if you really can is if you’ve used the skill you have to establish your own online presence.

A company is likely to pick you over your competitor based on the online presence you’ve established. Is your digital status impressive enough to make company consider hiring you?

If NOT, come up with a solid plan on what you’ll be doing to cement your online presence as someone you can trust to deliver on a piece of work.

It’s a Wrap

As digital marketing grows, the more recruiters and online users become tech savvy. The only difference is with the number of candidates that can actually walk the talk. You want to be sure that you’re able to implement what you know instead of just preaching about it. So make a point to put every single aspect of what you learn to practise.

If you are looking for a great future as a career digital marketing, check out MediaOne’s various digital marketing job openings here. Once on board you will be exposed to some of the most high profile digital marketing campaigns in Singapore we are undertaking for top brands like SingTel, Maybank, ST Electronics, InterContinental Hotel, HP, Changi Airport, Fuji Xerox and many more.





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