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Some Great Features Of The Magento E-Commerce Website Development Platform

Some Great Features Of The Magento E-Commerce Website Development Platform

Magento is one of the most used e-commerce platform worldwide for the creation of online stores. Most online businesses use Magento because it is an open source platform and it is very powerful and has excellent features that offer users a high degree of confidence.

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Why use Magento

Due to the nature of its open source, Magento allows you to adapt any aspect of your site, making it fully scalable to the needs of the business. It is highly regarded as the best e-commerce platform for fast-growing companies and online businesses. It is an advanced solution that requires the developer’s implementation and offers flexibility and complete customization.

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The main characteristics of Magento

Magento offers everything you need to start and manage an e-commerce business. It provides tools to boost traffic, sales and customer participation.

These are some of the features to highlight that we can find in Magento, and all can be customized through the use of add-ons and extensions.

Web design

There is the possibility to choose between a wide selection of themes on the Magento platform or third-party suppliers, then customize the look, feel and functionality so that everything suits your brand, the company’s values, and your mission.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Magento has SEO configurations and tools to increase traffic and individual product pages on search results. Features include meta data for products and categories, sitemaps for Google and other search engines, and full control over URLs.

Product management

You can modify product pages with special pricing options, zoom capabilities, images, and other showcase customizations. It offers you the capacity to import, export and manage products easily from inventory or through files such as CSV.

Customer service

It provides customers with access to their purchase histories, purchase information, and tracking information for orders in the process of purchase. The private management of customer accounts also allows users to save products on their wish lists for future purchases, saving their personal payment information more quickly and securely.

Shopping basket

Magento is responsible for paying and processing insurance payments. You have the chance to select between different payment options available on Magento or you use favorite payment method;, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, PayPal, and Simple Pay among others.

 Order management

The use of a control panel allows managing transactions, sending and validating orders, issuing invoices and much more, all from a single view.

Mobile Commerce

It uses browser detection to optimize the store responsive design of any device. This allows having a single platform for any resolution regardless of the browser. Reports show that more people are accessing the Internet with their smartphones for shopping. Do not let this source of income to escape you. Expertise in Magento development allows you to exploit the full potential of e-commerce by creating a version for your site that is perfectly adapted to smartphones. Your site will automatically detect visitors using a phone and show them the appropriate and optimized version. You can hire Magento developers by contacting top web development companies to help you with a good e-commerce website.

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Magento Multi-Store Strategy

Huge brick stores can have a competitive advantage, but in the online world, the important thing is to create a niche in the market. E-stores that offer “a little bit of everything” don’t sell much while e-stores specializing in one category do much better. To grow your e-commerce, the best strategy is not to sell too many products from a single portal. It is better for growth to be achieved by creating multiple small specialized sites in different niches. Thanks to the power of the Magento platform, top web development companies create many targeted microsites using multiple business features. Hire Magento developers for your web development.


Promotional sales, sales invitations, special prices, free shipping, and other discount options greatly increase the marketing opportunities on the online store. Cross-selling of products with reviews and comparisons, recently seen, sharing on social networks and product valuations is also available. For your web development such as e-commerce with the necessary features to make it successful, you should contact web development companies to hire Magento developers.

Analysis and reports

Web development companies can measure the performance of your website with full analysis and reports. You can use Google Analytics integration to monitor traffic. So also, you can make use of coupons, create search terms reports, inventory reports, most purchased product, and most viewed reports, shopping cart reports, detailed sales reports and much more. When you make a few sales a day, you can keep track of it with spreadsheets but it will get complicated when sales exceed your expectations. With Magento, you will have easy access to a host of information-rich features. In addition to Google Analytics integration, when you hire Magento developers, you will be provided with additional reports on taxes, unsuccessful purchases, and popular products, as well as the most used search terms.

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the market which is reflected in a direct benefit for both merchants and developers. As one of the best open source platform, it is developed and continuously improved thanks to the contributions of its community of users and developers. There is a wide variety of add-ons and extensions available to customize the platform. Therefore, if you want to add a feature to your store, it may already exist, and someone is available to help you.

If you think that Magento can help you offer a competitive advantage for your online store and you think that the time has come to implement it in your company, you should hire Magento developers for your web development by contacting top web development companies.

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What are the great features of Magento?

Easy for website design
– SEO friendly
– Product management
– add to cart
– Order management system
– Marketing tools


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