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The clickthrough rate [CTR] that is expected as provided by Google AdWords for a keyword to your account is an assumption that the search word matches your account’s keyword without any difference.The rating in which the search word matches the keyword varies and depends on the following factors:

Change in a bid

Changing your bid can affect your keyword expected clickthrough rate in two major ways. This is discussed below:

To start with,if you increase your bid, Google will automatically interpret this as your desire to take your ad to the first page of search results.Once you’ve increased the bid, Google will estimate the expected CTR for this page to verify if your ad is worth to be on the first page.If it does not fit then you’ll get a lower rating.

You might also opt to lower your bid. In this case, it is likely that the rate of your ad will go down. This means that your ad will get low clicking chances which will reduce the traffic on your ad.

If you want to know why some of the keywords have a lower expected CTR,you should check with AdWord and see their history changes. Look out for any bid change you might have made that may have resulted to this.

Relevancy of your ad

Maybe there’s a need for you to improve your ad so that they are more relevant to your keywords.To check this, you can go through all your ads and find out which ones have a low expected CTR and take them down from the ad groups.You can decide to write new ones that are more relevant to the keywords.Optmyzr AB Testing tool can help you with this. Try to make your ad as more relevant as possible to avoid having ads that are not adding any value to your work

Having a number of ads in an ad group

You can form a baseline for testing the performance of your ads by having more than one ad in an ad group. This can be done by measuring their performance against each other.One can expect a lower value of the expected CTR if there’s no traffic which can be caused by too many ads.Too many ads make the traffic to be divided hence ads take longer to get viable traffic. In such an instance, expected CTR may have a lower value.

Negative keywords

You should find those keywords that haven’t received clicks though if they have impressions.When you choose negative keywords,you manage bad impressions without lowering the number of clicks. This helps in increasing the expected CTR. To be able to find and use the negative words at your account level, you can use the Negative Keyword Finder.

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