The Legal and Regulatory Obligations of Digital Marketing in Singapore

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in Singapore is regulated predominantly by two legislations- the Spam Control Act (SCA) and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). When marketing your brand online, you need to observe the relevant regulations including:

Advertising messages

While advertising, you must ensure that any branding, quote, or statement is not false or misleading.

Direct marketing vs Digital Marketing

With direct marketing, you ought to follow the spam privacy regulations. Under the spam act, it’s prohibited to send unsolicited marketing messages without consent. Under the privacy act, you ought to take caution when collecting, securing, and disclosing customer’s information.


A DNC registry allows people to opt out of receiving commercial messages. Thus sending messages to individuals in the DNC list is illegal.

Pricing regulations

When you price your brand, you need to observe the pricing principles and display the price accurately and clearly.

Intellectual property

When you use another entity’s intellectual property, you must follow intellectual property (IP) guidelines such as trademarks.

The digital marketing legislative requirements in Singapore are straightforward and comprehensible. They can help you to develop or enhance your mindset and strategy of digital marketing.

May 01, 2017

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