Why Selecting Laravel As The PHP Framework Of Choice For Your Next Web Development Project


Nowadays, web developers make use of myriads of tools and platforms for developing websites. Still, a majority of websites are made using PHP. There are several PHP-based CMS applications and tools that can be used for developing functional, complex websites. However, Laravel remains a top choice among PHP developers across the world. Almost 135000 websites have been made using this popular PHP framework. You may very well choose Laravel for developing your brand website or application.

Why is using Laravel for PHP web development a prudent choice?

It is not without strong reasons that Laravel has raced ahead of competing PHP frameworks in a short time. It has become the first choice for a majority of PHP development services. Listed here are the major advantages of using Laravel for PHP development:

  • MVC Architecture ensures excellent support and optimal performance 

Laravel framework is based on model-view-controller or MVC architecture. It is quite easy to use and so building small or large-scale applications using it is not hard. One big headache for PHP web developers is coping with plenty of unstructured code, more so in large-scale projects. Thanks to the MVC architecture of Laravel, developers deal with simplified coding. MVC support also ensures you can locate files in logical directories, and that can be bliss for teamwork. 

  • Template Engine is ideal for Outstanding Layouts. 

Programming tasks in a PHP framework may necessitate the usage of a template engine. It helps in handling textual data. Laravel is powered by the Blade templating engine. This lightweight, powerful template engine makes creating layouts a breeze, and it streamlines the development process to a large extent. The Blade template engine does not impact the performance and speed of the application adversely. With it, you may develop a master template and then create a simple layout for further customization.

  • Artisan CLI ensures blazing fast development and extensive customization. 

Veteran PHP developers choose Laravel mostly for its Artisan CLI. This powerful and versatile command-line interface ensures the overall development process is easy and fast. This is actually a strong Symfony Console component that eases application creation. It also comes in handy for database management and data migrations. Using it, developers can set up skeleton code. Owing to Laravel’s Artisan tool, developers can evade tiresome and repetitive coding processes. It also eases the process of database migration.

  • Eloquent ORM makes Interaction With App Database simpler 

PHP developers can improve business application performance through Models in Laravel. It has Eloquent ORM, using which building and customizing models becomes simpler. With Eloquent ORM, performing database queries using simple PHP syntax is easier. So, developers need not engage in developing complex code in SQL, and precious time is saved.

  • Ample App Testing Features 

Any PHP development company needs to carry out extensive testing while developing a website or application, regardless of the PHP tool or framework used. The nice thing about the Laravel framework is it comes laden with a specific set of features to execute unit tests on mobile and web applications. In fact, Laravel lets developers run multiple unit tests simultaneously. So, the end application becomes devoid of errors and bugs.

  • Object-Oriented Libraries help speed up the development process 

To develop any web application, developers need to use libraries in the tool. A library is an assortment of resources useful in the coding and application development process. Using libraries helps speed up the development process. Laravel consists of pre-installed and object-oriented libraries. So, developers can utilize these libraries to accomplish tasks faster during coding and development. 

  • Authorization features and inbuilt security tools boost safety levels. 

Maintaining website and application safety is a prime requirement. So, the platform used for developing web applications should have inbuilt authorization options. One big advantage of laravel framework development is that non-authorized access can be thwarted easily. Laravel’s authorization feature is well planned, and it works flawlessly. The framework is designed to resist SQL injection attacks, too. It also makes use of data encryption and uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm for passwords. This makes Laravel web development much desirable for security-aware clients and users.

  • Plenty of resources and online community support 

When using a PHP framework, developers may need assistance or access to resources. This can be required when working on large projects, in particular. For Laravel developers, getting access to additional resources is not a problem. They benefit from extensive documentation, to begin with. The newbie Laravel developers can also access the huge online support community. They can use the online support groups and forums and obtain tips and inputs from veteran PHP developers. This helps in evading development hurdles and delays, eventually.

  • Routing is where Laravel outshines rivals 

When a server gets a request, a specific action takes place to address it. This is referred to as routing. When it comes to routing management, Laravel outshines other PHP frameworks quite well. Laravel’s code for routing happens to be intuitive, clean, and simple. Laravel supports HTTP middleware as well. It helps developers optimize the communication between a PHP application and the webserver. They do not need to deploy any third-party tool for routing. 

  • Open Source flexibility 

Laravel is an Open Source framework. This helps in keeping development costs on the lower side. The developers can involve new modules as well as plug-ins. The scope for application customization is much more when Laravel is used. So, Laravel is suitable for a wide range of businesses seeking secure, flexible PHP application development. 

  • Automated task execution reduces workload 

When using a PHP application, developers need to be mindful of so many issues. It is better if they get to use a framework that reduces some of the workloads. That is where Laravel fits in very well. It comes with an automatic command scheduler using which the developers can execute repetitive tasks. 

  • Enhanced website and application performance 

When Laravel is used for application and web development, performance enhancement is not an issue. Laravel’s inbuilt features make it easy for the developers to deploy performance-enhancing measures. They can use its default caching feature to enable fast website loading, for example. It also has database indexing and memory use reduction features, which come in handy.

Importance of hiring the apt Laravel development company

While the benefits of Laravel development are too big to overlook, you also need to hire an apt Laravel development agency. There are many agencies offering Laravel web and application development services, and you can also find freelancing PHP developers offering such services. While comparing and assessing such agencies, you have to analyze aspects like tenure in the sector, portfolio, client base and reviews, industry accreditations, and certifications, etc. 

Summing it up

Laravel is a robust and popular PHP framework that is preferred by thousands of web development professionals, and the reasons are numerous. It offers a number of advantages that small to large-sized businesses just cannot overlook. Its inbuilt features and modules help Laravel take a huge leap forward. Laravel website development is also inherently secure, and testing is easy to deploy. Just ensure you hire a professional and reliable Laravel development agency.

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