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Google AdWords Now With More Quality Score Insights. How Do They Benefit Marketers And Website Owners?

Running PPC campaigns require you to measure key performance indicators or KPIs. Measuring KPIs lets you see if your campaign is effective or not. It also gives you a heads up whether you should continue with your campaign or tweak it. The better you monitor your PPC campaigns the more you understand which investments are giving you the right returns.

However, it may be confusing to use Adwords initially. It can be difficult to figure out which key performance indicators should be measured. Not to mention working around your budget. Before looking into KPIs in Google Adwords, it is important for people to understand:

  • KPIs refer to quantifiable measures within the campaign metrics. They are used to evaluate campaign performance based on business goals and budget.
  • The most crucial KPIs are based on the Adwords strategies you choose.

Anyone who uses Google Adwords will find that there are a multitude of KPI metrics they can use to monitor PPC campaigns. For small to medium sized businesses, it can be tedious to sift through these metrics and see which ones add value to their enterprise. The following should give you an idea which KPIs are popular and most useful:

  • Click through rate or CTR– this is one of the most important KPIs for PPC campaigns. It is measured per percentage. CTR refers to the total of clicks per ad impressions. It also gives you an idea of the quality of your ads. It tells you which ads you should look into to encourage better traffic.
  • Conversion Rate – this does not just cover sales and conversions. It is also a KPI of your landing page, ad and keyword quality. By integrating conversion tracking goals in Google Analytics with Adwords, you can monitor the conversion rate of any call to action. This will tell you if you keyword choices are right.

You can also use Cost Per Acquisition but most marketers do not use it once they work with Conversion Rate. There are other KPIs. You should look into your goals and check which metrics help you better gauge the performance of your campaigns.

January 30, 2015

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