When You Know You Need An Expert SEO in Singapore

Singapore business owners can get a return on their investment by hiring an SEO expert.

It can be tempting to take care of your own SEO. This is especially the case when you consider how much a professional agency can cost. However, there is often a point at which you may need extra help. And the success of your business relies on your ability to identify this point. Here are a few signs that you need an expert SEO.  


1. You assume that SEO is a one-time deal


There are a lot of Singapore business owners who understand the importance of SEO, however, they underestimate how much work actually goes into this process. In fact, many assume that search engine optimisation is something that you need to do only once.  And this is a problem.

Sure, there are certain SEO tasks that can be taken care of in just one day. But you must remember that SEO is an ongoing process. In fact, even the results can take months to come to life. This is because optimsation requires a considerable amount of tweaking and adjustments. You must do a lot of testing to find out what actually works for your particular industry and business. So if you think that SEO is a one-time deal and expected to see immediate results, then call in an SEO consultant so that you can learn more about the process.


2. You’ve been penalised


It can be terribly frustrating to receive a penalty from Google. And this is specifically annoying if you are following all of Google’s guidelines to the best of your ability. Here’s the thing, even the most ethical business owner can be penalised by Google. It’s easy to make a mistake with Google, but it can sometimes be difficult to recover. While one manual action may not be the end of the world, if you find that you are constantly being penalised for something, then it’s time to seek help from an SEO expert. They can figure out what’s causing the problem and help you fix the things that are hurting your rankings and traffic.


3. You think SEO is just about content

With all of the talk about using the proper keywords and keyword research, it’s easy to assume that SEO is all about content. Many Singapore business owners think that the more content they create, the higher their rankings will be. Yes, content is a crucial part of SEO because it helps you to engage your audience and communicate with the search engines. But it’s not the only factor there is.

SEO is composed of three key elements: on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, and technical optimisation. And each of these areas come together to create your overall SEO strategy. If you are a business owner who only focuses on one of these elements, then it’s a good idea to consider working with a professional. They can demonstrate how to efficiently work on each.


4. You lack the time or interest


SEO is not something that you can learn overnight. It has a really steep learning curve. It involves basic HTML and CSS, a keen understanding of usability, knowledge of how to optimise the site for both desktop and mobile, an understanding of how to earn and build links, and a knowledge of email and social media marketing. You could always learn these skills on your own SEO, but many entrepreneurs prefer to spend their time working on the parts of the business that they are the most passionate about.


Another aspect is that SEO is often changing, which means that you need to be able to put in the time required to monitor all of the trends. It requires constant research that you may not be willing to put in. If this sounds familiar, you should call in the professionals.


5. SEO is not your first priority

According to research, most online marketers rank SEO as their number one priority. In fact, many consider even more important that their blogs and content creation.  These companies realise that in order to remain competitive, they must keep a close eye on ranking factors and constantly work to make their site better. If SEO is not something that you view as a necessity, then why not let the pros handle this aspect of your business?



6. You’re not seeing results

So you have the time, the interest, and the budget, but despite how long and hard you work on SEO, you’re not seeing results. You know that SEO takes time and you have patiently waited for months, but still, nothing. If you’re not seeing an increase in traffic, rankings, or conversions, then there may be a deeper problem that takes a more advanced eye. So hire an SEO agency and starting getting a return on your investment.



7. You know enough to be dangerous


There are many Singapore business owners who know the basics of SEO. They understand how on-page optimisation works and they know how to build links. The problem is their knowledge often ends there. These strategies may seem pretty harmless, but if used incorrectly they may do more harm than good. Several businesses find that their site is penalised as a result of duplicate content issues, buying links, linking out to low-quality sites, and keyword stuffing. The good thing about working side by side with an expert is that they can steer you clear of all of these things.

8. You own a local business but have no local optimisation experience


Basic SEO is pretty easy to grasp, however, local SEO is an entirely different animal. If you want to rank for local queries, then there are a few special strategies that you need to be aware of. For example, you should first register for Google My Business. Searchers will be able to find a map, your business hours, and contact info and rate your business.



9. Your keywords aren’t working

When it comes to finding a keyword tool, there is an endless amount of choices. Tools like Google Keyword Planner, HitTail, and Keywordtool.io are pretty useful for finding relevant phrases. And while they can provide you with keywords that are high-valuable, this doesn’t mean that you should rely solely on free tools.


In fact, there are many paid keyword tools that can make your business more competitive. These tools will often assist you in finding keywords that are even more lucrative. Unfortunately, these types of programs usually come with a hefty price tag. Professional SEOs already have access to them. This means that you can get all the benefits of excellent keyword research without having to spend your entire budget.

Final thoughts

Every business has its own special needs and goals. And this means that what works for one business may not always work for the next. However, what most businesses do have in common is the need for search engine optimisation. More specifically, they have a need for quality search engine optimisation.


The best way to ensure that you’re getting a return on your investment and that your business is getting the most out your campaign is to invest in SEO services. Whether you’re not entirely sure about what SEO is or you just want to delegate the responsibility to someone else, hiring a professional can be extremely beneficial.


Author Bio

Tom Koh

Tom Koh is the CEO of MediaOne, a leading Asia digital agency. He comes packed with 2 decades of international digital marketing experience. In his spare time of maybe 20 minutes a day, he loves coaching, blogging about all things digital and trying to figure out how to make his dog do the roll.

June 14, 2018

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