What Are Kinds of Images You Should Choose To Complement Your Content And Where To Get Them

types of images for websites

When choosing the types of images for websites, you should keep one thing in mind; that a picture is worth a thousand words. The significance of including relevant and high-quality images in your site goes beyond giving it an impressive look.

Readers’ brains perform better at processing visuals such as images compared to text. Most of the information that gets imprinted onto our brains is visual. Likewise, the brain processes visual information faster than text.

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Therefore, your high-quality text should be complemented with images so that your message resonates with the target audience. Here’s how to use images on your website to drive shares and boost conversion rates in Singapore and beyond.

Avoid Stock Images

There are millions of photos on the Internet. It may sound tempting to download these images and post them alongside your content given the fact that they are readily accessible. Stock images are easy to find even with a simple Google Images search. Downloading them is equally easy. Nonetheless, they are bland at best since they have been used elsewhere.

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Rather than using recycled stock images, you should find original photos. If you have to use stock images on your website, you should do so correctly. This entails using stock imagery that can elicit emotions amongst readers. Unique stock types of images for websites ought to be placed at the top of your content to prepare readers for the message that you are about to deliver.

Regardless of whether you are using original photos or stock images, it’s advisable that you have powerful imagery at the beginning of your content. This will draw the attention of your readers besides bringing their minds to focus.

Use High-Resolution Images

The fact that websites need high-resolution images is not debatable. According to Forbes, your content may be professionally-written, but if images used on your site are of poor quality, the website won’t appeal to anyone. You shouldn’t post pictures that have a resolution of less than 72 dots per inch (dpi).

types of images for websites

Pixelated images will drive your visitors away. Even so, you must keep in mind the fact that higher-quality images take up more space. This means that your website is likely to have higher loading times.

Image size is equally important. If your images are of high-quality but are tiny, it could mean that you are using cropped or resized versions. Therefore, you should find the original photos, or you can replace them with similar license-free images that bigger and of higher quality.

Match Your Images with Your Website’s Theme

When looking for the most appropriate types of images for websites, several factors come into play. It’s always sensible to pick those that fit the mood, style, and voice of your brand. Simply put, the images that you work with must appeal to the target audience.

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The availability of numerous databases where you can download images means that you have a limitless variety of options to choose from. Some of these images may look appealing to you, but this doesn’t mean that they automatically suit the target audience.

As a brand that is targeting clients in Singapore using your website, you should consistently pick imagery that matches your voice.

Relevant Types of Images for Websites

The most typical mistake that website creators commit is choosing images that are unrelated to the topic of their sites. If your target audience mainly comprises residents of Central Singapore, for instance, your imagery ought to reflect that.

In this regard, the images that you choose should contain landmarks located in Central Singapore rather than those found in other parts of Singapore. In doing that, your target audience will easily identify with the imagery. Converting them into paying customers will consequently be straightforward.

Use Personal Photos

To drive shares as well as increase conversion rates, consider using personal photos. This should mainly be the case if you are telling a personal story via your website. Including real-life images of people will help you forge an intimate bond between the target audience and your brand.

Research indicates that popular websites have images of real people. With personal photos, readers will relate to the story that you are telling. Those candid shots that you may be overlooking will draw the target audience to your website.

Cell phone shots can do just fine. Besides helping you connect with the target audience, personal photos add a touch of authenticity to your content and the message that you are trying to pass across. Make sure that you choose the best web design in Singapore to blend well with these images. 

Where to Get Images that Convert

You don’t need a good camera or a smartphone to take original imagery that will enable your website convert leads into paying customers. Unsplash.com is the most comprehensive database for stock images. The website contains high-resolution photos that are licensed.

Therefore, you won’t face any copyright infringement issues when you download and use stock images from Unsplash. Flickr and is also another exhaustive source of high-quality stock photos.

Getting personal photos to include on your website is hassle-free. You will have to capture these types of images for websites using a smartphone or camera. Since you are not a professional photographer, you should be careful to avoid getting hung up on quality.

If you use infographics on your site to either offer lessons or present research findings, leverage infogr.am. This free web tool allows you to quickly and effortlessly create infographics to include on your website.

To enable your audience digest large amounts of quantified data, you may need to use charts and graphs. If either graphs or charts do not exist in your analytics app’s reporting tools, you can create these visuals using Google Sheets.


The role of imagery on your website goes beyond merely adding a touch of gloss on the site. Images will entice people to read your content, thus increasing the possibility of converting them. Also, images make your content highly shareable. Therefore, you should choose relevant types of images for websites to improve audience engagement and drive sales in the long run.

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Get in touch with other website design team in Singapore for more details about the right images and visuals for your website. 



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