What is a Keyword and How to Research Useful Keywords



Some website owners are under the impression that if they build a website that provides valuable content, then visitors will flock to it. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. Sure, your website needs to contain valuable information, but if users cannot find your website, they will never even know that the information exists. That is where smart use of marketing on the Internet comes in.

Getting Found On Search Engines

The only way users will know that your website exists is if they find you through the search engines. And the only way to be found on the search engines is to communicate with them. You see, search engines place every website into categories. They identify which category your website belongs in based on the words that you use in your content. Specifically, they consider your keywords.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are words that are most closely associated with your niche and industry. These are the words that people are most likely to type into the search engine to find information about your niche and industry. For example, if you own a fabric store, users are most likely to type in words like ‘sewing’, ‘seams’, ‘sewing machine’ or ‘patterns’. The websites that have valuable, keyword-rich content will earn higher search engine rankings, meaning you will be one of the first options that users find.

Finding The Most Useful Keywords

As you can see, by using the right keywords, you can get traffic that is more defined. This leads to higher conversion rates. So you must be very diligent and mindful about the words you use on your website. This requires a little detective work on your part. Find out what words your competitors are ranking for; use analytical tools like SEMrush or manually type certain words into the search engine. You can also use Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

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