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How to Keep Your Website Visitors Engaged and Returning

How to Keep Your Website Visitors Engaged and Returning

When it comes to new trends in marketing practices around the world, digital marketing is at its peak currently. Digital marketing encompasses the marketing of products using digital platforms, especially, the internet. Being a constantly growing and changing the industry, it is important for all business owners to be on par with the current trends.

Digital marketing involves the creation of websites that can be viewed from devices, such as computers and mobile phones, by potential target audiences and consumers. This necessitates the need for business owners to be at the top of their game when marketing their products digitally by creating appealing Website Visitors that engage visitors and encourage them to return to your site regularly.

In Singapore, digital marketing is fast-growing. This is made possible by:

  • Having a lot of internet penetration which necessitates businesses to focus on online marketing.
  • The target audience, most people between 25-35 years of age, are using the internet daily.
  • Internet users are using mobile phones than any other devices, making it necessary for marketers to create responsive sites.
  • The vast majority prefer to shop online.
  • A significant percentage of people will look for product information online before purchasing it offline.
  • Most people have a social account which increases internet usage in the country.

As a marketer focused on achieving the main goal of marketing, it is important to transform all the one-time website visitors to your site into potential and regular customers. This means that your site should be able to engage the consumers for long periods as this increases the chance of conversion. This will reduce the bounce rate; percentage of consumers who navigate away from your site after viewing only a page.

Below are some of the ways that marketers can keep visitors engaged in order to reduce the bounce rate:

Match Your Content to the Headline

When it comes to digital marketing, marketers are always aiming for the most eye-catching headlines in order to create an appeal to visitors. However, most of these headlines are highly exaggerated and the content does meet the illusion created. It is important for the content of your site to match what your headline is highlighting. This is the first step to keeping visitors engaged with your site.

Making the Content Scannable

When it comes to viewing a website, users spend 5.59 seconds on average viewing the content. They only go through the content and pick the outstanding phrases and words. Some of the ways that make content scannable include:

  • Keep the content readable – ensure the content is easy to read for all users. This involves using a large font and enough spacing which are comfortable for users.
  • Engage visual breaks to the content – this requires the use of short sentences and small paragraphs. It will maximum scannability.
  • Creating catchy subheadings – subheadings help in creating visual breaks within your content. Well created subheadings can also create an appeal to visitors.
  • Use bullet-ins – bullet-ins help your content to be more appealing and to stand out.

All the above will help visitors take a quick check of your content while noting all the important details.

Adding a CTA

This means adding a call to action. A CTA is an image or text that prompts website visitors to do something. This could be to explore the website more, or filling out a contact info form, or simply browsing the portfolio.It is advisable to place a CTA that visitors find hard to ignore. This can be achieved by using the slide-in opt-in. It can utilize animated content that doesn’t remove focus from the page.

Customized Appreciation Pages with Useful Content

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A visitor is likely to leave page once they’ve engaged enough. Having an email subscription appreciation page that provides irrelevant content can be discouraging to visitors. The appreciation page should be more than just a confirmation. They can be used as an added platform to share or highlight important or helpful content on your website.

Use Videos

More than 75% of all traffic generated from the internet comes from videos. Visitors to different sites, mostly prefer watching a video to reading a text. You can use demos or create a number of informative videos that match the content of your site. Videos can also be a way to tackle any questions from consumers.

Minimize Loading Time

Evaluating your website loading time is crucial to successful digital marketing. Loading time, for whatever page, should be less than 4 seconds. The First Byte load time should be as less as possible as this tells how long it takes for the server to respond to requests.

There are ways to minimize loading time including:

  • Compressing the images – the size of the image and loading time are directly proportional. The smaller the image, the less the loading time on your site.
  • Using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) – a network of numerous servers that work together to minimize loading time. The CDN service to your site will access your files and deliver them to the visitor via the server closest to their device.

Using an Intent Popup for Exit

This popup can help a marketer detect when visitors want to exit from the site. When this happens, it is important for the marketer to provide a campaign to keep them on the site. They efficiently appeal to visitors without causing unnecessary distractions.

They are also an effective way to encourage visitors to carry through with their shopping. Basically, the popup can increase the rate of conversion. To make the exit intent popup engage visitors, a marketer can:

  • Encourage a visitor to contact a support agent
  • Suggest other related blogs and posts
  • Have an appealing offer to those who will join the provided email list.

At the end of the day, in order to keep visitors engaged and returning to your site, you will have to bring different features together. Whatever strategy used, it should have a consistency which helps encourage first-time visitors to stay on your site and retain the returning visitors making them their day-to-day customers.


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