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JobPlus Employment & Recruitment Agency

See how MediaOne – Singapore’s top SEO agency was able to help Jobplus recover from technical penalties to rank highly for its important keywords.

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The Situation

JobPlus Singapore Recruitment agency has been established since 2003 and is a leading recruitment agency in Singapore licensed by the Ministry of Manpower. With strict adherence to the highest standards of professional ethics and practices, they have represented a wide spectrum of clients ranging from both local Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)s to Multi-National Corporations (MNC)s across a range of industries.

Despite being highly accredited and fostering great relationships with major job sites such as Job Street and Job DB, JobPlus search rankings took a large dip.


The Challenge

Despite actively building links with major sites, having booster links and mastering content creation, JobPlus search rankings were not reflective of their excellent practices. This left JobPlus puzzled as they had almost 93,000 links from 203 different domains.


Actions Taken

As we delved deeper to fix the problem, we discovered the irony behind JobPlus excellent practices. Google was mistakenly suspicious of the high number of links emanating from these domains and deemed it as spam.

Upon recognizing Google’s likelihood of deeming JobPlus’ links as spam, we recommended JobPlus to delink its company site from its working job listing site. This would allow them to receive the links according to Google’s algorithm appropriately.


The Results

JobPlus heeded our advice. With that one simple move, JobPlus search rankings recovered spectacularly. From swinging around in page 2 to 4, JobPlus search rankings shot up to occupy both Page 1 and 2!

MediaOne would not merely provide a temporary fix like sending in more booster links or engage in black hat tricks but instead, strive to reveal the root of the problem to provide a solution. Moving forward, MediaOne is dedicating a team for technical auditing client sites aimed to fix technical issues. Additionally, it’ll provide qualitative assessments to ensure our clients’ websites are optimised for mobile through Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages.









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