Is It Time to Redesign Your Landing Page?

how to get your landing pages redesign to capture more leads in singapore

The first point is that; if you have multiple PPC campaigns, each should have an independent landing page. Otherwise, potential clients will be confused when they land on the page from SERPs only to find that the product contained in it does not resonate with what they are looking for.

Just like social media campaign that needs to be updated on a regular basis, your landing pages need to be redesigned once in a while. Here are three facts on how to know when it is time to design landing pages.

Check the Basics

There are elements that you need to include on your landing page, the most important are the headline and image. The two are the first things that a visitor will see when they land on the page.

Then, you need to go ahead and look at the quality of your text. Does it offer valuable information to the target audience? Is it in line with the searcher’s intention or needs? Ideally, the text should pass the intended message clearly and in as few words as possible. It should be concise, and that is why most Singapore online businesses use bulletin lists to describe their products unique selling points.

More importantly, the white spaces on the page help to grasp the attention of the web visitor. Based on this fact, make sure that you do not include too much text on the landing page. Otherwise, you might overwhelm potential customers thereby chasing them away to your competitors.

Optimize the CTA Buttons

If your landing page does not accurately address the basics, it is time you set aside time and resources to redesign it. Apart from having an attention-grabbing text, headline, and image, you need to make sure that your CTA buttons are fully functional. For example, instead of just saying “Submit” use “Book Your Seat by Submitting your Email Address”. Such a CTA button will give the prospect a clear idea of what they will get by clicking on the button and taking the desired action.

Check the Page Performance

If the page has not been providing the results that you anticipated for when you created it, then you need to consider redesigning it. One of the plausible reasons why it is yet to achieve the conversion rate you wanted is because it is not in line with the needs and expectations of the potential clients.

Conversion and click-through-rate vary by the season, industry, as well as the age of the landing page. Take a look at the pages past performance to know if it is still measuring up or certain elements need to be tweaked. 

In a nutshell, all Singapore businesses that have local internet marketing campaigns that target various towns such as Clementi need to make sure that the content on their landing pages is easy to digest and in line with the target audience expectations. The performance should regularly be evaluated to know if the page is still functional and meeting the set thresholds.



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