Is It More Cost-Effective To Use Freelancers or Professional Website Design Agency in Singapore?

website design agency in Singapore

Whether you are a start-up or a mid-sized company, finding the ideal professional to accomplish website design agencies in Singapore can be tricky. At this point, you are probably wondering whether it is appropriate to hire a freelance designer or a professional agency.

Hiring freelance web designers in Singapore seems more natural and cheaper, but it could get messier if they fail to meet your requirements. A professional agency, on the other hand, will take all the necessary steps to ensure you get value for your money.

Before making your final decision, you need to pose a few questions concerning the current project;

What is the end-product for the project?

How much can you spend on the project?

How complicated is your project?

website design agency in Singapore

That said, here are the main reasons for hiring a professional website design agencies in Singapore instead of a freelancer:

  1. Integrity
  2. Value for Your Money
  3. Provide High-Quality Services
  4. Possess the Latest SEO requirements
  5. Resources

Professional Website Design Agency in Singapore vs. Freelancers


As an entrepreneur, you may be skeptical about spending your money online to cater to website design in Singapore. All this time, you are wondering whether you will be getting your money’s worth.

Knowing the reputation of the person or the agency you are hiring is paramount. When hiring a freelancer, it will be difficult to judge their professional background because you rely on word of mouth. Are you able to trust this person enough to grant then access to your company’s sensitive information?

When working with a website design agency in Singapore, there is an additional level of accountability. This will bring a sense of ease when it comes to trust between both parties. Both of you know where to find each other when the need arises.

Should they happen to plant a bug or leak any sensitive information, you will know who to blame. Fortunately, agencies that specialize in web design in Singapore won’t risk tainting their image because of this.

Value for Your Money

One problem with start-up entrepreneurs is that they tend to think spending little on the initial investment is a good idea. While it may be cheaper to hire a freelancer, but you will need to look at the bigger picture. For example;

Freelancers usually don’t have information about SEO, content marketing, or professional webdesign trends and templates. Even if they have, they will be too profit-driven to deliver quality content. You cannot begin to imagine the losses you will incur for a poorly-designed website.

Because every website requires regular maintenance to guarantee optimal performance, you will need around-the-clock website design in Singapore agency to ensure it remains relevant. Also, they will recommend the best themes and plug-ins for more-straightforward navigation for your website.

Provide High-quality Services

website design agency in Singapore

Website designing is a complex project that needs to be well planned and executed. Professional agencies specialising in website design in Singapore have always followed an established protocol based on their experience. A typical workflow procedure is illustrated as follows;

  1. Strategy- Planning based on empirical research sets the foundation for the project.
  2. Design- The website’s general outlook is defined and customised elements are also created.
  3. Build- A web design professional in Singapore converts the blueprint into real designs. Developers build core features and addition content.
  4. Verification- Designers will test the site’s performance on different browsers and devices.
  5. Unveiling- The site goes through final touches before it is launched to the live server.
  6. Evaluation- Site builders, will monitor the site’s performance to detect any irregularities and correct in good time.

A freelancer may follow all these steps, but they may still fail to customize quality content to fulfill your needs. A professional web design agency in Singapore can deliver bug-free, user-friendly, and easy-to-use content increase traffic for your website.

Possess the Latest SEO Requirements

Do you know the impact Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has on your website? If yes, then you must realize the importance of hiring a web design professional in Singapore. Not only are they aware of the latest SEO requirements, but will also ensure it gets the most attention from the target audience in the shortest time.


A webdesign agency in Singapore has access to world-class resources that ordinary freelancers don’t have. They include; tools, web development kits, and add-ons that make it possible for web design in Singapore to thrive.

Get ready to enjoy the latest updated technology to keep your website up to date, running up to speed, and getting visually-appealing designs. Also, they will eliminate any bug likely to attack your site. Remember, you will spend more if you get on your own, but a web design agency in Singapore will allocate the cost among all their clients.

What to Consider Before Hiring either a Freelancer or a Professional Agency

These five factors are enough to convince you to hire a professional website agency. If not, you will need to consider the following parameters;

  1. Content management system
  2. Open-source software
  3. Page layout
  4. Responsive designs
  5. Security protocols

Content Management 

Website design in Singapore may seem easy, but it still needs to ensure it performs according to your standards. People who have opted to hire inexperienced web designers may be forced to deal with petty issues that could affect their sites’ performances.

A professional web designer will know what to do when it comes to customising the images to suit the visual functionalities. Never ignore the red flags when it comes to  image layout. Not only will it cause bugs in your website, but it will also affect its performance.

Open Source Software (OSS)

When it comes to open source software, specific source code should be released under a valid license according to the copyright holders. When you hire a third party to design or develop your website, it means you are giving them rights to research, customise, and distribute software to anyone.

A professional agency that is certified to conduct website design in Singapore should obey the open-source software policies. At no point should it disclose their client’s information to any person. The client can sue for negligence if their data is released for scrutiny.

OSS users are privileged to improve the software by detecting and eliminating errors in the code, thus updating the software to embrace the new features. Now, you can rest assured everything on your site is up-to-date.

Page Layout

Did you know that a website layout lays a solid foundation for its structure? Not only does it align the information present on the sire, but it also eliminates any miscellaneous data. In the long run, it will accentuate the most essential elements in the website, increasing your viewer’s usability.

A webdesing agency in Singapore has all the required resources to ensure all the pages are correctly aligned. It will also ensure all the errors are eliminated before they cause unnecessary hitches when navigating the pages.

Responsive Designs

Website design in Singapore can only be considered responsive if its interface is compatible with most browsers and other portable devices. Not only does it offer an intuitive experience for all your visitors, but it also improves the website’s performance.

Professional web designers in Singapore know how clients react to each site they visit. If they respond negatively, then you will have little to no following for your website. To prevent this from happening, the expert will create a responsive website design to ensure it continues to function effectively.

Security Protocols

What makes an organization unique is the security protocol it uses to ensure it safeguards all the sensitive information it may be having on their website. A typical one involves a channel of operations to ensure protection of data.

Hiring a freelancer may seem harmless because you will assume they don’t have access to all your data. However, you may not have any idea of how they conduct their operations. Some may be out to hack into the website to retrieve sensitive data, only to use it against you in the future.

A web design professional in Singapore remains accountable for all the work they are doing in their line of duty. They will ensure the security of your website isn’t breached by customising the protocols. Not even your employees will hack into it once it has been put in place.


Website design in Singapore remains a viable business owing to the number of benefits it continues to present. For some, hiring a freelancer may seem like a sustainable action because they want to cut on costs. However, you will feel robbed after evaluating all the five reasons to hire a Singaporean web designer.

If you aren’t able to afford a professional from a reputable firm, you can still look for the one with the best quote. To avoid getting duped, you will need to do your due diligence. Find out if the said company is a viable option before you hire it.

With this information at hand, you can go back to the drawing board to ensure you get the best website design services in Singapore at the best price. 

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