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Why You Should Invest In Visual Campaigns In Singapore

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There comes a time when a brand can’t tell the whole of its story in a single piece of visual content. Often, this occurs when the business has multiple sections, different lines of products or a very long history of innovations.

So instead of packing too much info in a single piece of infographic, the business may find it more effective to adopt a visual campaign.

Ever wondered why business are resorting to visual campaigns to tell their stories? At the very start it’s because visuals help to break their stories into digestible and easy-to-understand chunks. That way, majority of your online users can easily decode the nature of your content without getting thrown off along the way—a common case with texts.

Better, visual campaigns make it easy for businesses to target a common goal, made of multiple pieces of visual content pieced together for a more consistent look and feel.

Whether it is animation, graphic design, or interactivity, each piece is meant to help your business tell a certain segment of your campaign story, creating suspense in between to keep the reader hooked in all the way to the end. No extra context will be needed to aid with understanding as the visuals tell the entire story as is — in a clear and elaborative manner.

What happens is that: each piece tells a different part of story, thus adding a more consistent feel and touch to the entire campaign story.

Meaning you have to start by formulating a greater way to tell your campaign story. Look around for all the visual languages you’re likely to find and pick the most appropriate from the bunch you see. What should follow is you building your content around the style you’ve chosen. And consequently, connecting with even more customers, compared to what you’d have achieved had you opted for text content.

What is Visual Campaign?

As the name suggests, a visual campaign is a campaign strategy that aims to target a common goal or a set of them using visual content. At basic level, the campaign involves a series of branded media, living within a defined art direction and not requiring external explanation to give meaning. Instead, it relies on the one-glance simplicity of visual content to give context.

Usually, the information being passed across can be broken down in design graphic, interactivity, animation and so forth, all hopping to drive the main message home.

Using Visual Campaign to Create Brand Identity

Your starting point as a self-driven digital marketer looking to drive your business to greater heights of success should be to work on creating a formidable brand identity.

By launching a more successful brand identity, what you’ll be showcasing stretches far beyond your products or services, to the value you represent as a company.

One thing to note is that brand identity is more than the fonts and the colour palette you choose for your business visuals. It encompasses all the elements that together play part in determining how your customers view and feel about your business. It includes the illustration practises you settle for, the icon styles, the charts you use and so much more.

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The decisions you make towards the best visual direction you take as a business should reflect on your site and every single one of the content distribution channels you choose to use.

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Shareable Content

You’re NOT limited as to the number of ways you can integrate your visual content into various online formats. From social media and online newsletters to trade show takeaways, visual campaigns present a set of strategies that you can use to get your brand noticed.

Here’s a list of shareable content that you can adopt for your visual campaign:

Conference Materials

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Conferences are a great way to connect with customers and fellow business people within your area of operation. As a business person, this comes as an opportunity to come up with more appropriate materials for sharing memorable messages with the people you get to meet. Your options are NOT limited and here are a number of ways you can take advantage of visual campaigns while sharing your message:

  1. Printed collaterals. This includes the printed pamphlets and booklets that you get to share with the people you meet in conferences.
  2. Video Content. This includes the motion graphics and media videos that you share with the people you connect with. Works magic for booth displays.
  3. Custom presentation. Just in case you’re given the opportunity to make a presentation, make sure you have great visuals to accompany the message you share.

Product Launch Collateral

While launching your product, you want to target potential customers in the best possible way there is. And what better way do you have than to come up with great visuals that sum up everything there is to know about the products or services you’re offering?

Here’re a few components of visual campaign to consider while launching your products or services:

Explainer Videos

Shareable infographics and thumbnails. Most suited with the campaigns you run on social media

Mailer Templates for your email marketing campaigns

Blogs and Social Media

Social media campaigns are better accompanied with great visuals. Here are a few elements of visual campaign to cash in on while targeting social media customers:

  1. Blog Headers
  2. Icon sets

iii. Social assets including custom illustrations and banners

  1. GIFs
  2. Memes. One great thing about memes is that they could go viral. And you of all the people should know what that amounts to in your line of business.

Internal Content

Visual campaigns aren’t just meant to pull in external prospects. If anything, you can integrate great visuals in the content you post on your blog or website so your visitors can get to understand your business and the messages you share better.

One approach to take is to create a habit of creating annual reports so your employees can know what your business goals are.

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Also, try working on a business book that best sums up your brand standards and everything else. In the book, you can include your training, hiring and brand guidelines.

It’s a Wrap

One thing with visual campaigns is that you have so many elements to leverage and pump up sales while growing your business. Your only limitation is how far you’re willing to explore with your creativity. Just in case you ever find yourself stuck, consider aligning your business as per your core adjectives and let your campaign strategy point you in the right direction.

Any question about visual campaigns? Kindly consider reaching out to MediaOne today with your query or for a free SEO consultation.


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