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How To Install SEO Plugin For Your WordPress Website

How To Install SEO Plugin For Your WordPress Website

WordPress combined with for Yoast optimisation is the most popular tool for generating visibility for your online business. WordPress SEO Plugin is effective in itself but adjoining it with a search engine optimization tool is a guaranteed way of ensuring your online business generates optimum traffic.

Onsite SEO is very popular in the current digital market due to the ease of operating your business with minimal hassle. Another characteristic that makes it ideal is its high success rate. Currently, successful online businesses if you care to look beneath the successes, you will find a majority are established by high traffic from SEO.

Another strategy of increasing your traffic is lacing your content with backlinks to redirect clients to your main page. However, what if you do not have to pass through all the hassle of employing different SEO generation strategies to your business for guaranteed success? With WordPress SEO plugin, you have all your search optimisation tools under one roof.

Importance of WordPress SEO plugin

It is no secret that optimising your WordPress with an SEO plugin sets you apart from your competition.

  • SEO plugins save time. Onsite SEO requires a lot of time and dedication to understanding the nitty-gritty properly. Hence, SEO plugin ensures you do not have to sweat it when launching a plugin for your website. The prompts on the SEO plugin for WordPress are easy to follow reducing the work you put in to attract more traffic.
  • It saves money. An SEO plugin is an offline tool that does not require a strong or constant internet connection to function adequately. Onsite SEO involves a lot of investment regarding money and time. You will need to pay a search engine provider to boost your online business ranking. You will also spend a lot of time researching keywords ideal for your website. Thus, onsite SEO requires a lot of investment to launch. SEO plugin is the best bet for your young business.
  • Fast optimisation. WordPress SEO plugin is advanced enabling you to increase your standing in search engine result pages (SERP). SERPs ranking is the basis for search engine optimisation campaign. High SERP rankings allow you to focus on other off-site drives like boosting the quality of product you are offering on your website.

Ideal WordPress SEO Plugin for Your Website

Search engine optimisation market is awash with very many SEO plugins. However, as a busy business owner, you are in a hurry and want a functional tool that offers you high traffic at a minimal cost and time.

This piece will focus on Yoast search engine optimisation.

Yoast is the most advanced, free SEO plugin for your WordPress currently making waves in the digital space. The open nature of the plugin and the advanced inbuilt tools present on Yoast has only reinforced Yoast’s position in the SEO market.

Yoast’s popularity owes its success to these inbuilt features:

  • Meta enhancement and title display
  • Keyword study and technical SEO advice
  • Development and incorporation of XML sitemap
  • Taxonomy development
  • Authentication from Google Webmaster tools

Yoast is among the best plugins. However, despite the stability offered by Yoast as an optimising tool, it requires a lot of patience and practice to operate effectively.

Installing WordPress SEO Plugin

About this tutorial, it is presumed that you are already familiarized your website with WordPress for easy integration with Yoast. It is paramount to ensure your WordPress is installed in advance so that Yoast is easily integrated into your site.

  1. Install Your Plugin and Activate

The first step in integrating your WordPress and SEO plugin is to make sure SEO plugin Yoast is operational. When launching Yoast, you access the plugin’s prompts and then add the plugin to the extended bar on your desktop.

After locating the plugin on the sidebar, find Yoast and launch it. The plugin is ready to be activated and to help you manage your online traffic.

You are now logged into your Yoast account and owing to the comprehensive specs, numerous settings are begging for your attention. Do not waste a lot of time in these settings. Instead, focus on the fields that will guarantee you optimise your website.

Now you are ready to go. Tap on the SEO tab on the left side of the WordPress tab to open Yoast.

  1. Use Configuration Wizard

Configuration wizard simplifies how WordPress Yoast SEO is set up. At the onset of your Yoast experience, click on the link portraying the picture of a lady with a caption displaying ‘First-time SEO configuration to launch your optimised digital experience.

  • Pick Your Status

The platform is easy to use, and your next tab allows you to choose between two types of web status. Alternative ‘A’ is the ideal choice when you are configuring your Yoast SEO for the first time.

  • Choose Your Website Type

At this point, choose the type of website that fits the criteria of the site among the options displayed on the page.

  • Select Individual or Organization

Your choice at this point will determine how your website is graded on the Google Knowledge Graph. You can either choose between person and company. Should you decide that your business is a company, you are at liberty to insert your company logo at this step

  • Insert Social Profiles

At this step, you attach the URLs of your active social media accounts. It enables you to search engine provider connect your social media followers to your site.

  • Choose Appearance of Your Website on Search Engines

The choices availed to you allow determining whether your pages and posts manifest on search engines. The best option is to let your search engine provider index your whole website.

  • Define Authorship

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It is vital to define authorship of content in your site so that Yoast SEO stop any future case of replication that might not augur well for your grading. You can either select ‘Yes’ if your website will be hosting several authors. You can choose ‘No’ if you are the sole user of your site.

  • Incorporate Google Search Console

A search console allows you to organise your website in a way it can furnish you with data on your site’s search history. However, it is not a prerequisite at this point of configuration for Yoast SEO.

  • Settle on Title Layout

A title of your website is the first impression your clients get when they search for your product. Name your site and pick the fonts you want to use.

Post and page optimisation

To start optimising your page, go the extreme bottom of the site and click on the icon marked Yoast SEO.

At this point, you can edit the entire website easily. Ultimately you can be ranked and given proposals on how to enhance your site.

In conclusion, now your website is ready to hit the road on a competitive digital marketplace. However, to ensure your grading on search engines is not influenced by your host, it is essential to do due diligence before contracting services of a credible hosting platform.


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