Instagram Stories Can Help Singapore Digital Marketing


Instagram is the sixth most popular social media network in the world, boasting an upward of 1 billion active users.

In Singapore, it’s the fourth social network after YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp, having attracted 59% of the total population in Singapore (that’s about 3.4 million active users).

Its popularity and the rate at which it’s growing makes it a key social media marketing channel for the digital marketers in Singapore.

It’s also one of the platforms where the competition to be heard or get noticed in a slew of other content is becoming even stiffer.

So how do you make your Instagram stories more distinct and influential?  

The point is to focus on catching the eyes of your audience as quickly as you possibly can through the Instagram stories you create.

About Instagram Stories

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Instagram stories were officially launched in August 2016, and the feature spread like a conflagration. Speaking of which, in just a year, the feature had managed to attract an upward of 300 million active users.

What the feature basically does is proliferate the number of people you’re able to reach by taking advantage of the world’s fastest-growing social network, Instagram.

According to Instagram, its story feature encourages the bulk of its users to stay on the platform for longer, in addition to visiting it more frequently.

In this case, users under the age of 25 years have been reported to stay on the platform for an average of 32 minutes per day, while their older counterparts spend about 24 minutes a day on the Facebook-owned, photo-and-video-sharing network.

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Now, assuming you’re given 10 to 15 seconds to showcase your products and services to 300 million people, what would you do? You want to make sure that you’re converting the bulk of the users you attract into buying customers.

Here are some important primers on how to get started and achieve this one essential feat:

Leverage Polls with Instagram Stories

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Not long ago, Instagram made it possible to add interactive polls into your Instagram stories.

For those who’ve had a chance to use the feature before, you’ll agree the polls are complete fun and a frictionless way to engage your audience and share your thoughts on any topic.

Even better, the feature gives you the opportunity to let your followers share their point of view, which can go a long way to save your business loads of time, energy, and money when conducting a poll.

The feature looks simple, but it’s as professional as you’d want it to be. Not long ago, Airbnb decided to conduct a simple poll using the feature and the practice was outstanding and very effective to their course, as reported by them.

All that Airbnb had to do was take advantage of follower-generated content and a series of other Instagram channels.

More like killing two birds with one stone. They simply chose to engage with their followers’ content and then use the responses generated to create Instagram stories. It never becomes this simple.

Audience engagement matters a great deal in social media marketing. And one sure way to come up with engaging stories and posts is by leveraging user-generated content, which goes at length to ensure there’s accountability and that you’re getting measuring metrics that you’ll be using to boost your conversion on the platform.

So many influencers and brands have reported seeing an upsurge in their Instagram Live and Stories engagements ever since the polls were pioneered.

With Instagram Insights, many of these brands were also able to track their engagement per post, as well as their entire feed activity for a given stretch of time.

Worth mentioning are a slew of third party tools such as Cyfe, with which brands were using to benchmark their own growth against that of their competitors. That way, they were able to figure out effective ways on how to improve their Insta stories for better conversion.

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Integrate Links in the Stories to Increase Your Sales, Generate More Traffic, and Ramp up the Number of Leads

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One of the most incredible essences of taking advantage of social media is the connection it allows you to make with your followers.

It’s for this reason that Instagram and Snapchat decided to take their social media connection a notch higher, and the results were incredible.

It’s to be however noted that in order for you to fully capitalize on the benefits of connecting to your Instagram followers, you have to come up with a way to cash in on the attention you’re getting. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting the connection.

First, learn how to tag and link. If anything, that’s what sets Insta stories miles apart from Snapchat’s. While it’s possible to capitalize on the attention you’re getting from Instagram through the stories feature, Snapchat offers limited opportunities on how to work your way around it.

With Instagram, you even have the option to link your stories with your own self-hosted content or if you’re an e-commerce trader, even link it directly to your products and drive massive sales.

It gets even better if you’re using BigCommerce. With this option, you can directly add a buy button to your Instagram stories or a “add to Cart Instantly” kind of CTA. Your followers can then swipe up to be redirected to your product page to take action. How effective.

The feature also allows marketers to link to lead-generation forms using a wide range of email marketing software. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to grow your email list and get even more of the followers you attract to take action.

The only limitation with this feature is that it’s only limited to business profiles with an upward of 10, 000 followers. So before you even think of taking advantage of it, it’s important that you start by working on your profile first.

Also, while at it, you have the option to use a shortened URL or redirect your users to a link on your bio, which has proven to be an even more effective option.

Run Instagram Contests

Ever thought of hosting a contest? Well, look no further than Instagram stories. They are absolutely fun, right from the announcing part to the part where the contest will be going live, all the way to the countdown leading to the winner announcement.

Instagram makes contents more entertaining and effective. It does this by adding a lot of value to it, all with the sole aim of getting your audience hooked in right from the start to the end of the contest when you’ll be announcing the winner.

However, before you rush to start an Instagram contest, it’s crucial that you dedicate a few minutes to understanding the basic rules of running one. Otherwise, there’s the risk of wasting your time and effort in setting up the contest, only to have it taken down by Instagram for violating some of their rules and policies.

In quick highlights, Instagram demands that the contest be accompanied by all the rules, terms and eligibility requirements for participating. Also, the platform demands that you make it known that the contest is in no way sponsored by Instagram.

Instagram contests don’t get flagged down so often, but you’re better off erring on the side of caution than taking unnecessary risks.

That being said, here are some pointers on how to make the contests you run on Instagram more effective:

  • Use Branded Hashtags

Every contest you run should be accompanied by a branded hashtag which will be helping you track conversations and giveaway entries.

Whatever you do, simple logic demands that you avoid using generic hashtags such as #contest, which makes it impossible to track your entries as there’s a stronger possibility of there being thousands of contests using the same hashtag.

  • Use them both

A perfect example of a catch 22 – while using generic hashtags makes it quite impossible for you to track your contests, you might want to use them because they help to increase visibility. You want your contests to show up whenever someone searches for them online. So why NOT use both of them?

All you’re required to do is to separate them from brand-specific hashtags using line breaks. You can start by listing your contest-related info, perfectly blending it with your branded hashtags, after which you can go ahead and list all your generic hashtags at the nether-end of the post.

  • Using Stunning Graphics, Photos, and Videos

Instagram promotions do so much better with stunning visuals. Whatever you do, use your creativity to make the graphics you use more engaging and eye-catching.

Poorly done graphics like those made with Microsoft paint aren’t going to draw in more followers. So make a point to invest in a good graphic designer if you lack the technical expertise to pull one off.

  • Give Out Relevant Prices

The price you give must be directly related to your brand or industry of operation. Don’t settle for a prize simply because you’re convinced it will be attracting more entries.

The point is to attract high-quality entries, NOT just entries. You want to make sure that the entries you attract are somehow interested in your brand or the products or services you’re offering to consider taking an action at the end of it all.

  • Make the Entry Process a Cinch

You want your users to have an easy time entering the contest. So start by cutting off all the unnecessary requirements in a bid to give many of your brand followers a chance to participate in it.

  • Use User Generated Content for Entry

Cut the entry requirements of your contest by simply opting for User Generated Content where users are only required to produce a piece of content as a requirement for entering the contest. Nothing out of the ordinary, something simple like the users submitting a photo of anything that’s related to your brand. For instance, they can take a photo with your logo in it or with one of your products and so forth.

  • Be Succinct  

Don’t run the contest for far too long. If anything, a week is enough to get more people to discover the contest and participate in it. Anything longer than that is more likely to bore your users or leave the bulk of your followers to procrastinate until the end, with a stronger possibility of them losing interest along the way.

  • Take advantage of Stickers

Stickers are the simple photos that you pin on your photos and videos. They are meant to add an extra dimension to them, thus making them even more interesting.

The best part is that there’s nothing complicated about adding them to your photos or videos. On reflection, all you have to do is upload the photos or video the usual way and afterward tap on the folded smiley at the top of your screen. The sticker menu will pop up for you to select your choice of sticker.

After you select a sticker the next thing you do is pinch it to either increase or reduce the size. You can then move it all around your screen and press it until a pin button appears. Tap it and ta-da! You’re done adding a sticker to your Instagram stories.

  • Add Highlights to Your Instagram Stories

Highlights are the stories you select so that they can stay beyond the standard 24-hour lifespan you’ve set.

There’ll come a time when you’ll create a story you certainly love. This is a story that you want to stay for longer. By highlighting it, not only will you be extending its lifespan, you’ll also be making it simple enough to be seen.

To highlight a story, just create an Instagram photo or video the usual way. Once done, go ahead and add it to your story, after which you can open it and tap on the HIGHLIGHT feature at the bottom-right corner of the page. The next thing you do is press NEW and name the content before adding it to reel on your profile.

Best Practices for Engaging with Followers via Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories should be at the centre of your Instagram marketing campaigns. Creating such content may be difficult for first-timers, but you are off to great success once you learn the basics.

Using Instagram To Improve Ecommerce Sales

Here are eight best practices for engaging with followers via Instagram Stories.

  • Educate and Empower Audience Using Tutorials and How-tos 

It’s imperative to feed the target customers with all the information about your brand and offer to encourage them to convert. Tutorial and How-to Instagram Stories will help you achieve this objective by providing step-by-step guides and explanations.

The bit-sized educational videos achieve more engagement than the conventional blog post and videos, as noted by Equinox recent Insta Stories.

Add text overlays to help the customers understand each step. Select a font colour that contrasts the background for easier readability.

  • Use Instagram Stories for Announcements

In the current fast-paced digital business world, you need to create unique and captivating ways of conveying information to target customers. With attention spans reducing every day, you cannot afford to announce a new product by writing a lengthy blog post.

Sure, a blog post or YouTube video can get the job done, but creating an Instagram story about the new product will lead to even higher engagement and sales.

Please take a look at Freddy’s recent Instagram stories that creates a buzz about their new locations when they open. The strategy has helped the brand grow fast and compete effectively with similar stores.

  • Engage Them with Questions, Polls and Quizzes

Earlier on, we mentioned that Instagram stories could hold polls and surveys. The information collected will enable you to make smart decisions that positively impact your business. However, you need to engage with the audience consistently. As the saying goes, “out of sight out of mind” ensure they remember your brand by posting quizzes and questions on your Instagram Stories.

For the best results, post questions and quizzes related to your brand or industry. Highlight some of the hilarious or best responses to start a conversation with your followers.

Benefit Cosmetics is a successful brand that engages customers to understand their preferences using quizzes and polls. 

Offer incentives such as freebies to the best answers to encourage participation. Be sure to announce the winners in the Stories to show transparency and credibility. You could also request the winners to take photos holding your product and post them on their profiles to foster brand awareness.

  • Use Instagram Stories to Highlight Latest Posts

Not all Instagram users are fond of scrolling their feed. Some head straight to Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels, as the two often have more engaging, informative, and entertaining content. 

Posting a picture on your profile is good and will give your brand more visibility on this social media network. Go the extra mile to highlight the post on your Stories to get more views, likes, and comments. This hack will also increase your reach and help you get more buying customers.

Be careful not to come out as too needy or aggressive. You should only excite two or three posts per week. Gauge the level of engagement to know if you should change the strategy or content format. 

Currently, verified Instagram accounts with more than 10,000 followers can add swipe up links for announcements. Confirm that the link is active and directs the followers to the right website or Instagram page. 

  • Create a Hype of Upcoming Products or Services

Creating a hype or buzz about upcoming products and services will make your launches more successful. 

Post teasers such as a snip view of the new product or video of how the product works. It should be brief and shouldn’t reveal too many details. There is no harm in using text overlay to highlight one feature or benefit, but keep the main unique selling points a secret until the official product launch day.

If you reveal too many details, the competitors could get a hint and improve their products to level the playing field and compete effectively with you. 

Instagram has elements such as countdowns and stickers that effectively evoke positive anticipation emotions. 

  • Popularise Time-Sensitive Deals and Offers

When running a promotion, it’s wise to create a sense of urgency to encourage the customers to take action when they come across the ad immediately.

Instagram Stories are ideal for popularising time-sensitive deals and offers. Both eCommerce websites and brick-and-mortar stores can use them to lure customers into taking advantage of the offer before it expires. 

Include a countdown and use colour contrast to highlight the time left. That way, customers will know outright that if they don’t take the opportunity to purchase the product at the discounted price, they will have to pay the full fee.

  • Post-Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Customers want to feel as though they are part of the business. Show them that you care and are transparent by posting behind-the-scenes footage. One highlight of Instagram Stories is that you don’t have to edit and polish the footage before posting.

Today, some of the most successful brands post unfiltered stories and often use a smartphone for recording. Take your followers through the product design and creation process using Instagram Stories and watch your sales numbers break the glass ceiling. 

Note the footage doesn’t necessarily have to be marketing oriented. Videos showing your daily routine at the office can enhance your connection with the customers and put you on the map. 

  • Post-User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content effectively convinces potential customers who are not sure whether they should complete the purchase or abandon the cart. They often turn to UGC to get a clearer perspective of the products/services and the brand’s overall feel.

Posting user-generated content such as customer photos and tagging followers will help you get more sales. Consider creating a dedicated slideshow with the best UGC to prevent cluttering the feed page. 

Also, transforming such content into Stories is more straightforward and convenient than the medieval methods of re-gramming. 

3 Tips for Maximising Instagram Stories

The above Instagram best practices will supercharge your online business by increasing its visibility. Here are three tips on taking full advantage of this Instagram feature.

  • Create a Publishing Calendar

Consistency is essential when doing Instagram marketing. Once the audience gets used to seeing a new Instagram Story on a particular day and time, you have no option but to meet that need. 

Create a publishing calendar and stick to it to engage with the audience continuously and consistently. Sticking to the frequency from day one will cushion you from bombarding them with multiple Instagram stories every day.

There is a connection between audience engagement and Instagram Stories published. The most successful businesses that actively use Instagram to post more than fifteen Instagram Stories per month.

Adjust your schedule accordingly to have enough time and resources to prepare and post the Stories. They should complement your regular posts and be vigilant not to sacrifice quality and credibility. Even though we mentioned Stories are meant to be consumed raw, make sure they portray a positive image of your brand. 

  • Leverage Instagram Smart Tools, Formats, and Features

Over the years, Instagram has increased the number of features, tools and formats. The platform consistently rolls out new features for Instagram Stories to enable you to get the most engagement. 

Be on the lookout for new features and other updates to find new opportunities to engage with the audience and keep up with the trends. If a competitor is using swipe-up links and you are yet to incorporate them in your Stories, convincing new followers to visit your website or landing page will be an uphill task.

TikTok is one of Instagram main competitors. The two platforms have millions of active users, and a majority of them have both applications on their smartphones. Whenever Instagram introduces a new feature, TikTok quickly follows suit. 

One feature that has garnered massive popularity is the ability to add trending music to Instagram Stories. You can now also cross-post some of your top-performing Reels to get more visibility.

Quick update: Instagram doesn’t like it when users cross-post content from TikTok. The platform bot can identify posts and Reels that contain the TikTok watermark. Such content is often downranked to reduce its visibility and impact.

  • Monitor Instagram Stories Engagement Levels

Stop shooting in the dark, expecting to hit the target. Regularly check the Instagram analytics page to know how your followers engage with the content posted. 

Instagram Stories analytics reports will give you insights on;

    • Which type of Stories get the most replies, engagement, and views
    • Ideal posting frequency
    • Your total audience degree of attention vs. Stories viewers

All this information will point you in the right direction by posting content that resonates with the followers’ needs and expectations. 

Also, consider using a third-party tool such as Sprout Social for monitoring your Instagram marketing campaigns. Compare the reports generated by such tools and Instagram analytics to grow your brand’s presence on the platform.

5 Common Instagram Stories Mistakes You Should Avoid

Small mistakes could behold you back from growing your online business. Here are five common Instagram Stories mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

  • Inconsistency

Instagram stories are perfect for enhancing brand awareness and visibility. Posting Stories with different images and product logos will confuse the audience. Avoid that by ensuring that details in your posts are consistent across all your Instagram accounts (if you have multiple). Consider your brand’s inherent aesthetics when creating the Stories to achieve consistency. 

  • Using Duplicate Content

Reposting saves time and helps channel much-needed attention to a particular product or service. However, things can go wrong if you excessively duplicate content on different Instagram Stories. 

Strive to give your followers a new experience by creating fresh content for each campaign or ad as they interact with your brand. Think outside the box and desist from copying your competitor’s content ideas.

  • Having Too Much Text Overlay

Instagram Stories are supposed to be visual, not text-based. Too much text will reduce engagement and overshadow the primary message or intention. Remember that Stories are visual mediums, so the text should be short and straight to the point. 

Each Story frame has 10 seconds, so too much text will overload the frame, making it ineffective in conveying the intended message.

  • Typing to Tell Different Messages in One Story

Promoting more than one product in an Instagram story is counterproductive. You confuse the viewers – each Story should be focused on one product or one promotion. Doing so will prevent your Stories from being disjointed and increase engagement. 

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Maintain a consistent and clear narrative that the followers can relate and engage with smoothly.

The Stories are set to disappear after 24hrs automatically, so there is no need to cram everything in one Story. The extra product or information can be featured in tomorrow’s Insta Story.

  • Not Optimising Instagram Stories

Anyone can create an Instagram Story, but its success is determined by how well it’s optimised to match the brand’s image and customers. If there is a disconnect between the brand image and what the Story portrays, the results will be below.

Also, maximise the available screen space by hiding the hashtags and tags behind the reply bar. That way, the Story will still be linked to the hashtags but won’t eat away the available space. The highlights of your Story shouldn’t be obscured by the Instagram features or icons.

You actually don’t have to include any text in the Stories. Create short video that focusses on best features of the product or service. If it’s a promo, you can post a banner and include trending music to pique the audience attention. 

Confirm that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes before posting. Because the text is short, it will be effortless for the audience to spot such errors. Even though unintended, the errors will hurt your reputation. 

Liking someone's Instagram story just got a little less weird | Trusted  Reviews

10 Instagram Story Ideas to Engage Your Audience Better in 2022

Instagram Story is one of the widely used features on Instagram today. 70% of Generation Z and 59% of millennials watch stories daily, and more than 500 million active Instagram users post stories daily. 61% of Instagram users view their followers’ stories.

If you have been doing Instagram marketing by posting banners and sponsored ads, you also need to leverage Instagram Stories to get more results. Here are 10 Instagram Story ideas on how to engage your audience better in 2022.

  • For News and Announcements

Keeping your audience in the know is one of the best ways of consistently engaging with prospects. Use Instagram Stories to announce new products and services. The announcements will create a buzz around your brand, thereby promoting your brand awareness efforts.

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The quality of the visuals will determine your story’s ability to pass the intended message to the target customers. A still image won’t get the job done; it’s recommendable to animate your post to grasp potential customers’ attention.

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You can also go a step further to create a short video that highlights the promotion details or any other announcement. Add animations with colours that elicit positive emotions to make your posts more appealing.

If you decide to use Instagram Story to make a sale announcement, add a voice-over, music, and sound effects to pique the audience’s attention and move them to the next sales funnel stage.

  • Engage the Audience by Asking Questions

Maintaining and profiting from an Instagram marketing campaign is largely dependent on how well you interact with followers. Use Instagram Stories to ask your followers questions to drive up engagement levels.

For example, you can ask them what they think about a product or service that you recently launched. Use the question sticker in the pre-post settings to encourage the audience to participate in the poll. By applying this sticker, the audience will be able to submit answers directly to you.

1 in 3 Instagram Stories results in some viewers sending a direct message to get clarification or additional information. Ensure that you respond to the messages promptly to show the readers that you care. In addition, a direct message is a sign that the follower is genuinely interested in your brand. Take advantage of this opportunity to convince followers to visit your website and shop.

  • Highlight Solutions and Statistics

Competition is one of the market forces you have to cope with when doing digital marketing on Instagram or any other social media marketing platform. One of the sure ways to get a higher cutting edge is by highlighting the solutions your product or service offers.

Prospects need to be sure that the product will amicably solve their problems. Don’t just post solutions in the Instagram Stories. Go a step further and include statistics to win their trust and convince them to buy. Present the statistics in an easy to remember format to achieve this goal.

Increase conversion rate by showing leads that they need your service or product. Otherwise, if the target customers feel they can do without your service or there are better alternatives, they won’t bother to buy even if it’s discounted. 

Use the infographic template to share the statistics and solutions with potential customers. Please include a clear CTA button and link it to a landing page or website page with additional information.

  • Use Video to Respond to FAQs

As your community of loyal followers grows, more prospects will want to learn more about you and your services or products. Show them that you are the best option in the market by being as transparent and authentic as possible.

Sure, you can respond to FAQs using text, but with most Instagram users preferring and engaging more with video content, it won’t be easy to convince them to convert using text.

We recommend using videos to respond to the questions. Instagram Story Video should be 15 seconds max, so strive to answer the questions in a straightforward. Instead of being verbose, include a link that the viewers can click on to get additional information.

Answering your Instagram followers’ questions promptly using video will show them that you care about their opinions. Do everything possible to prove they will get utmost value for money from your products. 

  • Share Behind the Scenes Footage

Generate more traffic to your website and foster brand fidelity by sharing the behind the scenes footage as an Instagram Story video. The video should depict your company’s values, culture, and people than the products and services.

Unlike other promotional videos, behind-the-scenes videos will make your products more memorable by personifying your brand. Customers will feel your brand is approachable and different from those that appears like robotic businesses.

Consider creating a series of 15-second videos of each employee or business partner explaining their roles in the company. Please give them the freedom to share personal stories to establish a deep connection with the customers.

Note that these videos don’t have to be fancy and drawn out. However, they should give prospects an authentic look into your company’s daily activities. More importantly, increase the effectiveness of your behind the scene footage in compelling Instagram followers to convert by leveraging storytelling. 

Here is a detailed article we recently wrote about the art of storytelling to point you in the right direction. 

  • Share UGC (User-Generated Content)

User-generate content is more effective in encouraging prospects to buy than branded content. Engage with your followers differently by serving them content generated by your followers. Preferably, this content should be in the form of a video showing them using your product.

We have also noticed a sharp increase in unboxing videos on Instagram Stories. Encourage your followers to create such content by giving them discounts and freebies.

Concisely, showcasing your followers by unboxing or using your product will help you win customers’ trust who are yet to convert. Don’t limit yourself to Instagram Stories; go ahead and share the content on your website and via your email marketing campaign.

  • Show Previews of New and Upcoming Products

Launching new products is not easy due to the stiff competition for customers online. Very few things and strategies generate hype more than posting a sneak peek of upcoming or new products on Instagram and other social media platforms such as Facebook.

Hire a professional photographer to capture high-resolution images of the new product, then share them as Instagram Story posts. For example, if you sell shoes online, you can post photos of an influencer or model wearing the new shoes.

Excite your Instagram followers by giving them a taste of upcoming products. If well-executed, some of them will pre-order the products. 

Tesla is one of the companies that have mastered using this strategy to create hype. Some of the clients order Tesla models one year before the official launch after watching snippets shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Ask Followers for Suggestions

Coming up with great content continuously is not easy as customers’ interests change over time. Getting new followers and buying customers via Instagram marketing will be difficult if your new photo or video doesn’t resonate with the followers.

If you find yourself running out of ideas for new Instagram Story posts, ask your followers for suggestions. Posting on Instagram Story is a fast and convenient way for followers to submit suggestions instead of mobile messaging and email.

Based on the fact that your Instagram community comprises of people who have interacted with your brand or used your services or products in the past, they may give you insightful and thoughtful information than a focus group.

Don’t fret if this is your first time asking followers for their input. Start by creating a simple Instagram Story post asking the audience what they would like you to share more. The post does not always have to be a still image or static text. You can animate the post to encourage more followers to submit their suggestions.

In a nutshell, giving your Instagram followers a chance to share their opinion and thoughts directly with you will provoke them to think deeply about your products and services. This type of organic interaction with prospects will help create a community of loyal followers.

  • Provide Helpful Tips and Hacks

There are probably perks and hacks that some of your customers don’t know. Yes, you can publish a detailed article highlighting the tips and hacks, but the number of people who will read it is limited. 

Share such information by creating Instagram Story videos. The video should only be 15 seconds, so you may have to create multiple videos for each hack or tip. Schedule them such that the followers learn a new hack every day to engage with them continuously.

Include a link in the video that the followers can click to visit your website for more information. This kind of video will spark their interest in your brand and increase organic traffic to your website. Consequently, you will get additional opportunities to convince them to buy once they land on your website.

According to a recent report by Google, how-to videos get more attention than any other types of videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. People spend watching morning routine videos posted on YouTube have tripled in the last two years.

So, if you sell coffee makers, you can create morning routine videos to connect with customers who enjoy drinking coffee in the morning. Include a CTA button that the followers can click on to order or find more details of your coffee maker.

If you want to grasp your audience’s attention, create instructional videos showing the different steps users should take to get maximum utility from your product.

Note that even if the audience doesn’t own the product or is not ready to buy it immediately, the video will convince them that the product works. Also, loyal followers who own the product may decide to share the video via their personal social media profiles.

  • Increase Newsletter Subscription

Increasing the number of potential customers who subscribe to your newsletter will help scale your business. The newsletter should also contain CTA buttons and links to your website.

Use Instagram Story to post links to your newsletter subscription page. Use the subscriber’s details, such as name and email address, to create a robust email marketing campaign.

Ensure that every newsletter you send out contains valuable information lest the subscribers decide to unsubscribe or mark your email as spam.

Also, please don’t send the newsletter too often to avoid overwhelming them. The newsletter subscription form should have a field that subscribers fill to specify how often they would like to receive the newsletters.

Go the extra mile to turn the email addresses into revenue by using them to create custom email marketing campaigns.

Personalise the email copy by mentioning the recipient’s name. Monitor the campaign’s performance using tools such as Mailchimp to push the needle.

Which Instagram Story Template Should I Use?

Instagram offers templates that you can use to engage with your Instagram followers without breaking a sweat.

Use them to start connecting with them at a deeper level. The chances are that your competitors use the same templates to engage with the same audience you are targeting. Thus, it’s recommendable to use custom or premium templates to stand out from the crowd.

Canva is one of the best sources of Instagram Story templates. Experiment with different templates to find one ideal for this purpose. Customise the selected template by adding elements such as your brand’s logo to help the audience recognise you quickly.

Let’s Wrap Up it All Here

Instagram stories aren’t fading away in the near future. They’re here to stay, for the foreseeable future on the very least.

As a brand, you might want to leverage the platform’s popularity so you can drive more customers and find more advocates for your brand. Use it, and while at it, make a point to make the most out it.

Instagram Story offers brands with endless opportunities to engage with followers. Carefully decide the type of content that you share as an Instagram Story to get the most results. 

MediaOne Marketing has a team of experts with vast hands-on experience in running Instagram marketing campaigns. Get in touch with us for more details about this and other social media marketing services that we offer. 

To those looking to take their Instagram stories to the next level, why NOT make good use of the talented team at MediaOne?

All you have to do is contact them with your query and they’ll be glad to respond to your request. Simple huh… let’s chat.

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