Discover 15 Unique Instagram Ideas To Elevate Brand Identity

Discover 15 Unique Instagram Ideas To Elevate Brand Identity

Instagram is practically a playground for brands. It celebrates stylish visuals, sparks conversations, and caters to all kinds of interests, making it the perfect platform for any business.

And let’s not forget the best part — people absolutely love it. With over a billion users, you’ve got a massive, eager audience waiting for your branding campaigns.

What really makes Instagram stand out for branding, though? Its users are incredibly open to businesses. Instagrammers are willing to follow and cheer for you if your content shines. Need proof? Check out these eye-popping internal Instagram stats:

  • Did you know that 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account?
  • Have you ever wondered if Instagram helps bridge the gap between you and your favourite brands? Well, 2 out of 3 users say it does.
  • And here’s a fun fact: if an Instagram ad catches their eye, half of the users become more interested in that brand. Talk about making a lasting impression.

Now, let’s talk about brand identity.

Building your brand identity is all about showcasing who you are. Think of it as your chance to shine and let the world know what makes you unique. Want to be seen as an expert? Are you dreaming of becoming an influencer in your field? Then, nailing your brand identity is the way to go.

In this article, we’ve got 15 super practical Instagram Ideas To Elevate Your Brand’s Identity. Plus, we’ll share some inspiring examples to get your creative juices flowing. So, let’s dive in and make you stand out:

So, What’s Brand Identity?

Many brands wrestle with understanding the concept of brand identity, but here’s the secret: it’s all about how your business looks and feels with every social media post you share.

A strong visual brand identity lets your brand’s personality and values shine through without uttering a single word. That’s your moment to tell your brand’s story. Is it fun and lively? Clean and minimalist? Young and rebellious? The colours, fonts, and images you choose can create a vivid picture in seconds.

On a bustling platform like Instagram, where competition is fierce, powerful visual branding can decide between gaining a loyal follower or being scrolled past.

Why Brands Prefer Using Instagram to Elevate Their Brand Identity

Are you second-guessing your decision to market your brand on Instagram? Hold on a second! You’re not just missing the boat—you might be swimming in the wrong direction. Let’s pump the brakes and take a peek at the awesome perks that come with your choice. Instagram isn’t just another social media platform; it’s the marketer’s playground.

Before we dive into crafting a killer visual brand identity, let’s check out why Instagram has won the hearts of marketers everywhere. Trust us, you’re going to love what you find:

  • Did you know that up to 80% of Instagram accounts are personal profiles? Imagine a bustling marketplace where millions share their lives, interests, and passions daily. For brands, it’s like striking gold! This platform offers a unique opportunity to connect directly with the end consumer, forging genuine relationships and sparking authentic engagement.
  • With such a rich tapestry of users, brands can tailor their marketing efforts to be more relevant and practical, hitting the sweet spot every time.
  • Instagram boasts a staggering 1 billion active users. People flock to the app to pass the time, catch up on the latest trends, and view trending posts. New marketers have a tremendous opportunity to grow their brands and attract fresh followers.
  • Every day, Instagram users tap the heart button up to 4.2 billion times. With a billion active users, that’s a lot of love. So, imagine this: what if your brand could snag just a few thousand of those reactions? You can turn this potential into a reality by engaging with your followers.
  • Use a mix of content formats to attract, engage, and convert your Instagram followers into potential buyers. Did you know? Half of Instagram’s users—500 million people—watch stories daily to be entertained or learn something new from their favourite brands.
  • Nearly 90% of leading brands are on Instagram, connecting with Gen Z and Millennials. If you’re not on Instagram, you’re missing out and falling behind the competition.
  • Instagram is a favourite among influencers. That gives you a great reason to join the platform. By tapping into influencer marketing, you can really boost your brand.
  • Boost your brand’s engagement by creating fun challenges. Remember the egg post that went viral? It smashed records with over 53 million likes.
  • Using hashtags on Instagram is a fun way to connect with like-minded people and build your own community. Remember how Apple nailed it with #ShotOniPhone? You can do it too.

15 Ways You Can Use Instagram to Elevate Your Brand Identity

You already know what visual brand identity is and why your brand needs to be on Instagram. So, let’s get to the good stuff.

These tips are your step-by-step guide to optimizing your brand’s identity on Instagram.

Step #1: Define Your Brand Values

First things first, figure out precisely what you want to say and who you’re talking to. Pretend you’re a toy maker wishing to make your brand the next big thing on Instagram. You’ve got some seriously awesome toys, and it’s time to show them off to the world.

But it’s not just about flaunting your stuff; you’ve also got to help parents choose the perfect toy for each child, considering their age and what they like.

Here’s a perfect example from Porsche’s Instagram feed.

Porsche’s Instagram Ideas Feed

Just like the snapshot above, Porsche’s posts are all about the cars, capturing the hearts of car enthusiasts everywhere. They cleverly use stunning locations, but the star of the show? Always the car.

These posts ooze class and elegance, showcasing exactly what it feels like to get behind the wheel of a Porsche. It’s not just about driving; it’s about experiencing luxury and performance all in one sleek package.

Step #2: Create Branding Guidelines for Your Instagram

Step #2- Create Branding Guidelines for Your Instagram

Never underestimate the sheer power of solid documentation. Good brand guidelines are like an anchor for your branding, graphic design, and marketing efforts. They ensure everything stays consistent and cohesive. Imagine everyone being on the same page about how to portray your brand—no confusion, no mismatches visually.

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Sure, it may require some time and effort to put together. But think of the long-term benefits! With all the essential details in one place, you’ll save heaps of time down the road. Plus, it’s a hallmark of professionalism—no more endless back-and-forth emails to exchange files or instructions whenever you’re designing something new.

Curious about what to include? Let’s break it down by looking at some fantastic branding examples. You’ll want to cover:

  • The overarching theme of your brand.
  • The unique feel and philosophy of your company.
  • Catchy taglines.
  • Font styles and typefaces to use.
  • Rules for using your brand logo—size, placement, etc.
  • The colour palette that represents your brand
  • Tips on crafting your imagery.
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Step #3: Breathe Life into Your Audience with Personas

The next step in your visual branding journey is all about pinpointing your target audience. Think of it as getting to know who you want to vibe with on Instagram. The more specifics you nail down, the better your connection will be. Take millennials, for example.

If your audience is millennial women, dive deep—what tunes are they jamming to? Which brands catch their eye? How do they unwind on weekends? And what social issues matter to them? Crafting these detailed audience personas will seriously amp up your branding game, making it feel genuinely personal and spot-on.

You might even end up with a few different target audience personas for your brand—each one unique and fascinating in its own way.

Step #3- Breathe Life into Your Audience with Personas

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After you’ve nailed down your brand values and sketched out these personas, keep them front and centre as you dive into the design process. It’s all about making sure every decision resonates with who you’re speaking to.

At every step, pause and ask yourself:

  • Is this in line with my brand values?
  • Will this appeal to my target audience’s personas

Think about what your audience loves and expects from you.

Remember, consistency in values and audience alignment drives success.

Step #4. Decide on Your Colour Scheme

Now, the real fun can begin! Imagine the endless possibilities for your brand’s colour palette. Each colour combination tells its own story, bringing out unique emotions and associations.

Step #4. Decide on Your Colour Scheme

Don’t underestimate the power of different shades, either. Picture this: a soft pastel blue evokes a sense of calm and youthfulness, like a serene spring morning. On the other hand, a rich navy blue speaks of royalty, stability, and authority, commanding respect and attention.

Colour choice is more than just aesthetics; it’s about conveying the right message and genuinely connecting with your audience. So, let your creativity fly and paint your brand’s story vividly.

Even seasoned designers can spend ages mulling over colour choices, their meanings, and how to pair them for a unique vibe. So, if you find yourself in a colour conundrum, don’t sweat it.

Instagram colour conundrum

Thankfully, you’re not alone in this colourful journey. There are plenty of awesome resources out there to guide you—for instance, Colours.Cafe on Instagram is a treasure trove of colour palette inspiration.

Each post features a beautifully curated palette, complete with color codes to make your design process a breeze.

Instagram - Pantone

PANTONE is considered the go-to expert on colour worldwide, and they even offer custom colour consulting services. But hey, did you know their Instagram feed is a goldmine for inspiration, too?

Don’t limit yourself—explore colour ideas from the images you’ve chosen in Step #1, your travel photos, or even Instagram screenshots that vibe with your brand. Seriously, inspiration is just a click away.

PRO TIP: Ever used the colour select tool in Instagram Stories? It’s a game-changer! Just grab a colour from any image, create a swatch, and then save it to your camera roll. You can open this swatch in a design app like Over or Adobe Photoshop to find the exact colour codes.

Step#5: Choose the Perfect Font

Just like the colours you pick, the fonts you choose on Instagram say a lot about your brand right away. It’s definitely worth spending some time to find the perfect one. There are tons of font categories out there, but let’s break it down simply into four main types:

  • Serif
  • Sans serif
  • Modern
  • Display

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Feeling a bit lost on where to start? No worries. Have a peek at the kinds of brands that go for each type of font. Matt from Over explains it nicely: serif fonts often give off vibes of tradition, respectability, and discernment.

Check out how Harper’s BAZAAR uses its serif fonts on Instagram for some inspiration.

Check out how Harper’s BAZAAR uses its serif fonts on Instagram for some inspiration.


Modern fonts often come across as bold and chic, making them an ideal pick for innovative brands like Hulu.

On the flip side, display fonts are seen as more approachable, full of character, and downright fun—just think of the whimsical font Disney uses.

Fonts can be quite intricate, and with the plethora of choices available, finding the perfect one for your brand can feel pretty overwhelming.

But don’t fret; there’s a wealth of resources to help you out. Design tools like Over and Canva have vast libraries of pre-designed templates with ready-to-go font pairings. And if you’re hunting for inspiration, Instagram accounts like @welovebranding are a goldmine.

And if you’re hunting for inspiration, Instagram accounts like @welovebranding are a goldmine.

Step #6. Make Your Instagram Templates

If you want people to remember you for a specific colour or type of imagery—or if you want your logo to shine in the feed, not just in your profile photo—consider using Instagram post templates. These templates can be backgrounds for text posts or stylish borders around your images. They might feature your logo, brand name, or slogan. Use them wisely—not in every single post, but just enough to catch the eye.

Got a favourite quote to share? Dress it up with a template to turn a plain text post into something visually appealing. You can also add template borders to user-generated content, which is perfect if you’re hosting an Instagram giveaway or photo contest. Be sure to include the special hashtag you’re using in the template.

Mix things up, too. You want your posts to stay fresh and exciting. Change your templates every month or two, and adjust them according to the season or your latest campaign.

Step #7: Get Your Instagram Profile On-brand

Step #7- Get Your Instagram Profile On-brand

Now, it’s time to take that awesome visual branding kit and make your Instagram profile shine. First things first—let’s tackle the basics. Update your profile picture to showcase your logo, choose a username that reflects your brand, and craft a bio that tells your story. You’ve already laid the groundwork, so this should be a breeze!

Next up, it’s all about creating templates for your content. Think about designing templates for Stories, standard posts, or even photo presets. Canva is a fantastic starting point for template creation, while Figma and Photoshop are great tools if you have some design chops.

For instance, if you’re a Millennial mom brand, you might whip up a cheerful pink graphic to highlight your motivational quotes. On the flip side, a gaming brand could design an excellent Story template to announce live streams or Q&A sessions.

And don’t worry—these templates aren’t set in stone. Feel free to tweak and refine them as you go. Starting with templates now will keep your content consistent and on-brand, making your Instagram presence truly pop.

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Step #8: Get on Your Instagram’s Radar

Instagram users can’t get enough of Stories—they love creating them, watching them, and sharing them with friends. These fun snippets are super easy to put together and share, and since they disappear after 24 hours, they always feel fresh and timely.

Big brands have caught on to the power of Instagram Stories, too. Out of the 500 million accounts using Stories, a whopping one-third of the most-watched are from businesses. That shows just how crucial it is to hop on this trend if you want to stay front and centre in your followers’ minds.

Plus, one of the best things about Stories is that they don’t overwhelm your followers. You can post several a day without cluttering your main feed, keeping your content impactful. Stories also give you a chance to connect with your audience on a personal level since they often come across as more genuine and less staged.

Step #9: Stop Waiting for Inspiration: Stay Consistent

While creativity is key to building your brand on Instagram, staying consistent is just as crucial. Consistency keeps your brand popping up in your followers’ feeds, ensuring you stay top of mind.

Think about it: one viral post is great, but it’s not enough to cement your brand’s presence. You need to ride that wave and keep delivering top-notch content day after day. So, here’s the deal—mix things up.

Experiment with different types of content and posting times. Track what resonates with your audience. By doing this, you’ll be setting yourself up for long-term success and making your brand unforgettable.

Take Kit Kat, for instance:

Step #9- Stop Waiting for Inspiration- Stay Consistent

They don’t just stop at promoting their tasty chocolates. Oh no, they go beyond by sharing fun behind-the-scenes moments and announcing the winners of the exciting challenges they regularly host. Emulate their strategy, and you’ll soon find out which types of content captivate your audience and which ones miss the mark.

Step #10. Be Creative with Your Instagram Feed View

Since you’ve nailed the colours, fonts, and imagery for your brand’s Instagram, let’s talk about curation. Imagine you’re an art gallery owner; you carefully choose where each painting goes to create harmony. The same principle applies to your Instagram grid.

Think of your feed as an endless scroll of eye candy. It should be so captivating that visitors can’t help but scroll all the way down to your very first post.

Ever checked out Bugatti’s Instagram?

Ever checked out Bugatti’s Instagram_

Their profile is pure art. Each image of their sleek vehicles makes you want to keep scrolling, soaking up the beauty. You might even start dreaming of buying your own Bugatti by the time you’re done.

And then there’s Lamborghini:

They take it up a notch by showcasing their cars in action, blending stunning shots with dynamic content. Their Instagram seriously nails that perfect visual brand identity.

They take it up a notch by showcasing their cars in action, blending stunning shots with dynamic content. Their Instagram seriously nails that perfect visual brand identity.

Instagram Reel Ideas to Elevate Your Brand Identity

Step #11: Elevate Your Brand Identity with Product Demos

Sharing product demos on Instagram Reels is a fantastic way to engage your audience and creatively highlight your brand’s offerings.

The quick, punchy format of Reels lets you showcase your product’s standout features and benefits in an eye-catching way. Need some ideas?

  • Try showing how versatile your products are with short, snappy demos.
  • Take your followers behind the scenes to unveil the magic of how your items are made or used.
  • Or, weave a story or tutorial around your product to make it feel more relatable and personal.

Brands like Sephora and Lululemon do this brilliantly—they’ve used Reels to captivate and connect with their audiences effortlessly.

Step #12: Capitalize on User-generated Content

When you highlight content made by your audience, you’re not just showcasing your brand’s authenticity but also forging a personal bond with your followers.

Want to get the ball rolling? Try hosting a fun contest or challenge that encourages your audience to create and share their Reels using your branded hashtag.

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You can then feature their unique creations in your own Reels, making sure to credit the talented individuals behind them. Not only does this increase engagement, but it also shines a spotlight on the diverse and supportive community rallying around your brand.

Step #13: Start Producing Education/How-to Videos for Your Instagram Reels

Creating educational or how-to videos is a fantastic way to offer value to your audience while showcasing your expertise.

Instagram Reels makes it super easy to produce exciting and informative content that sets your brand apart. Think about sharing tutorials, giving away handy tips and tricks, or taking your followers behind the scenes.

 By delivering helpful information and demonstrating your know-how, you’ll build trust and solidify your brand’s identity. Plus, it’s a fun way to connect with your audience.

Step #14: Keep Up with the Latest Trending Challenges and Hashtags

Keeping up with the latest trending challenges and hashtags is a game-changer for your Instagram Reels strategy. By tapping into these trends, you can reach a broader audience and boost engagement on your posts.

Curious about where to find these gems? Head to Instagram’s search function or dive deeply into the “Explore” page. By jumping on these trends and using those hot hashtags, your brand’s Reels might just make it to the “Explore” page, skyrocketing your visibility.

But remember, the key is to make sure these challenges and hashtags resonate with your brand’s values and connect with your target audience.

Step #15: Repurpose your Existing Content for Instagram Reels

Repurposing your existing content for Instagram Reels is not just a time-saver; it’s a game-changer! Imagine taking that blog post you spent hours writing and turning it into a fun, engaging reel with eye-catching visuals and animations. Not only does this save you time and effort, but it also helps you reach a broader audience, especially those who love video content.

Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  • Blog to Reel: Summarize the key points of your blog and jazz it up with some cool graphics or animations.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Use snippets from a podcast or an interview to create a reel that gives your audience a peek behind the curtain.
  • How-To Video: Take your detailed tutorial and break it down into a quick, engaging reel.

By creatively repurposing your content for Instagram Reels, you provide value in fresh new ways, helping to reinforce your brand’s identity while keeping your audience entertained and informed.

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